NAACP, ACLU Sue Again to Legalize Race, Sex-Based Abortions

Once again, it’s as if the NAACP sees itself as not having done enough to dishonor its legacy and completely ruin its reputation as a civil rights organization. In its fledgling grasps at political relevancy, the so-called civil rights organization- with the help of the ACLU- is suing the state of Arizona again in an attempt to achieve greater access to race and sex-based abortion.

Last year, the NAACP unsuccessfully sued the state of Arizona in an attempt to have the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 declared unconstitutional. In their lawsuit, the NAACP and ACLU claimed that the law was “discriminatory” because it unfairly singled out black and Asian women in regards to abortion. As a result, the groups claimed that the law violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment because it “stigmatized” black and Asian women’s “decision” to kill their babies.

U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell dismissed the lawsuit saying the plaintiffs lacked standing.

Not content with having their original lawsuit thrown out, the NAACP- again with the help of the ACLU- is now begging the San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider their lawsuit. Their argument this time- according to Alexa Kolbi-Molinas of the ACLU- is that presumably, black and Asian women in Arizona “must endure the humiliation of living under a government that views them as a threat to American values simply by virtue of alleged character flaws possessed by persons of their race.”

In other words, black and Asian women shouldn’t have to be associated with the stigma of intentionally having an abortion based on race or gender because it makes them feel bad. These women should be free to kill their black, and female preborn babies free from moral condemnation.

Fools, the whole lot.

The law doesn’t single out any ethnic or racial group; the law, as written, it applies to everyone, equally. As a result, the law isn’t discriminatory because the essence of the bill is to prevent discrimination in regards to abortion based on race and gender. If anything, it discriminates against those who would seek to discriminate against race and gender through the process of abortion.

But that hasn’t stopped the Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP, led by so-called Reverend Oscar Tillman – and by extension, the national NAACP organization since they haven’t spoken out against the actions of the local branch throughout this entire shameful process.

Again, The Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act makes illegal any and all abortions that are based on the race or sex of the mother or preborn child.  It also criminalizes anyone who knowingly performs an abortion that is the result of race or gender.  Lastly it criminalizes anyone who engages in physical or verbal coercion that leads to a race or sex-based abortion.

But the NAACP still isn’t content with the disproportionately high numbers of abortion in the black community; it wants more of them and will sue repeatedly to make it happen. Now, if a predominately white, conservative organization endeavored to sue a state in an attempt to rescind a law that prohibits race and sex-based abortions because they sought to increase the numbers of black babies aborted, it would rightly be called racist and one knows that the NAACP would waste no time letting America know the racist intentions of this racist organization, which they would also argue is a direct reflection of a racist America as a whole.

Yet the NAACP, again, is engaged in this very same practice, which clearly indicates their hypocrisy and broken moral compass. The NAACP is actively supporting a position- through word and deed- that will in theory increase abortion in the black community.  Doing so effectively undermines the association’s credibility (with many questioning if it has any left?) when it comes to being an advocate against racism.  Who should take seriously any organization that protests and demonstrates against racism while at the same time advocating a form of racism itself?

Since racism as a comprehensive obstacle to black advancement has been overcome, the NAACP no longer has any moral or cultural relevancy. It should therefore drop the pretense of being a civil rights organization (because in this case, civil rights don’t extend to those in the womb) and admit what it has become -and what many Americans already know- that it’s a political advocacy group that seeks to advance progressive political causes to the highest bidder.

For example, the NAACP is at odds with many black Americans on a number of issues. Blacks overwhelmingly support school choice; the NAACP doesn’t and has sided with teacher’s unions- responsible for delivering piss-poor, substandard education to poor black children- against school choice advocates, many of them being poor black parents.

The NAACP also supports same sex marriage; many blacks oppose it. The NAACP should be creating and implementing strategic initiatives that would encourage and increase marriage rates in the black community- which would increase the numbers of children born into two-parent homes. But it would rather march with “pride,” supporting the redefinition of marriage.

The NAACP is against stop-and-frisk, proactive policing techniques; many blacks, particularly those who live in neighborhoods plagued with violent crime, support these techniques. The NAACP and other black “intelligentsia” argue against stop-and-frisk, calling the practice racist. They also actively prevent these measures from being implemented or maintained. But that only increases the numbers of poor, law-abiding blacks who become victims of violent criminals, many of them being black themselves since crime is largely an intra-racial phenomenon.

The NAACP supports increasing the minimum wage as an effective economic policy to decrease income and wealth inequality. Yet many blacks realize that increasing the minimum wage prices many in their communities out of the workforce because the wage is higher than the skillset many blacks, particularly black men, have. Unfortunately, on top of receiving poor quality education, many blacks have low job skills. This combination has lead to disproportionately high and sustained levels of unemployment among blacks. To have an opportunity to develop work skills and increase their economic value, many blacks prefer expanded economic opportunities that allow for participation in the workforce. Increasing minimum wage only benefits those fortunate enough to be employed, not those who aren’t.

None of these issues, as they relate to blacks, matters to the NAACP. They are chiefly concerned with maintaining cultural and political relevancy, literally at the expense of those they claim to represent. For this very reason, the NAACP should cease self-identifying as a civil rights organization, change their status from a 501(c)(3) to a 501(c)(4) and be done with it already.

Then they can whore w/o lying.

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

Frederick Douglass on 5 July 1852

Occasion: Meeting sponsored by the Rochester Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society, Rochester Hall, Rochester, N.Y. To illustrate the full shame of slavery, Douglass delivered a speech that took aim at the pieties of the nation — the cherished memories of its revolution, its principles of liberty, and its moral and religious foundation. The Fourth of July, a day celebrating freedom, was used by Douglass to remind his audience of liberty’s unfinished business.

He who could address this audience without a quailing sensation, has stronger nerves than I have. I do not remember ever to have appeared as a speaker before any assembly more shrinkingly, nor with greater distrust of my ability, than I do this day. A feeling has crept over me, quite unfavorable to the exercise of my limited powers of speech. The task before me is one which requires much previous thought and study for its proper performance. I know that apologies of this sort are generally considered flat and unmeaning. I trust, however, that mine will not be so considered. Should I seem at ease, my appearance would much misrepresent me. The little experience I have had in addressing public meetings, in country school houses, avails me nothing on the present occasion.

The papers and placards say, that I am to deliver a 4th [of] July oration. This certainly sounds large, and out of the common way, for it is true that I have often had the privilege to speak in this beautiful Hall, and to address many who now honor me with their presence. But neither their familiar faces, nor the perfect gage I think I have of Corinthian Hall, seems to free me from embarrassment.

The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, the distance between this platform and the slave plantation, from which I escaped, is considerable — and the difficulties to be overcome in getting from the latter to the former, are by no means slight. That I am here to-day is, to me, a matter of astonishment as well as of gratitude. You will not, therefore, be surprised, if in what I have to say, I evince no elaborate preparation, nor grace my speech with any high sounding exordium. With little experience and with less learning, I have been able to throw my thoughts hastily and imperfectly together; and trusting to your patient and generous indulgence, I will proceed to lay them before you.

“May [the reformer] not hope that high lessons of wisdom, of justice and of truth, will yet give direction to her destiny? Were the nation older, the patriot’s heart might be sadder, and the reformer’s brow heavier. . . . There is consolation in the thought that America is young.”

This, for the purpose of this celebration, is the 4th of July. It is the birthday of your National Independence, and of your political freedom. This, to you, is what the Passover was to the emancipated people of God. It carries your minds back to the day, and to the act of your great deliverance; and to the signs, and to the wonders, associated with that act, and that day. This celebration also marks the beginning of another year of your national life; and reminds you that the Republic of America is now 76 years old. I am glad, fellow-citizens, that your nation is so young. Seventy-six years, though a good old age for a man, is but a mere speck in the life of a nation. Three score years and ten is the allotted time for individual men; but nations number their years by thousands. According to this fact, you are, even now, only in the beginning of your national career, still lingering in the period of childhood. I repeat, I am glad this is so. There is hope in the thought, and hope is much needed, under the dark clouds which lower above the horizon. The eye of the reformer is met with angry flashes, portending disastrous times; but his heart may well beat lighter at the thought that America is young, and that she is still in the impressible stage of her existence. May he not hope that high lessons of wisdom, of justice and of truth, will yet give direction to her destiny? Were the nation older, the patriot’s heart might be sadder, and the reformer’s brow heavier. Its future might be shrouded in gloom, and the hope of its prophets go out in sorrow. There is consolation in the thought that America is young. Great streams are not easily turned from channels, worn deep in the course of ages. They may sometimes rise in quiet and stately majesty, and inundate the land, refreshing and fertilizing the earth with their mysterious properties. They may also rise in wrath and fury, and bear away, on their angry waves, the accumulated wealth of years of toil and hardship. They, however, gradually flow back to the same old channel, and flow on as serenely as ever. But, while the river may not be turned aside, it may dry up, and leave nothing behind but the withered branch, and the unsightly rock, to howl in the abyss-sweeping wind, the sad tale of departed glory. As with rivers so with nations.

Fellow-citizens, I shall not presume to dwell at length on the associations that cluster about this day. The simple story of it is that, 76 years ago, the people of this country were British subjects. The style and title of your “sovereign people” (in which you now glory) was not then born. You were under the British Crown . Your fathers esteemed the English Government as the home government; and England as the fatherland. This home government, you know, although a considerable distance from your home, did, in the exercise of its parental prerogatives, impose upon its colonial children, such restraints, burdens and limitations, as, in its mature judgement, it deemed wise, right and proper.

But, your fathers, who had not adopted the fashionable idea of this day, of the infallibility of government, and the absolute character of its acts, presumed to differ from the home government in respect to the wisdom and the justice of some of those burdens and restraints. They went so far in their excitement as to pronounce the measures of government unjust, unreasonable, and oppressive, and altogether such as ought not to be quietly submitted to. I scarcely need say, fellow-citizens, that my opinion of those measures fully accords with that of your fathers. Such a declaration of agreement on my part would not be worth much to anybody. It would, certainly, prove nothing, as to what part I might have taken, had I lived during the great controversy of 1776. To say now that America was right, and England wrong, is exceedingly easy. Everybody can say it; the dastard, not less than the noble brave, can flippantly discant on the tyranny of England towards the American Colonies. It is fashionable to do so; but there was a time when to pronounce against England, and in favor of the cause of the colonies, tried men’s souls. They who did so were accounted in their day, plotters of mischief, agitators and rebels, dangerous men. To side with the right, against the wrong, with the weak against the strong, and with the oppressed against the oppressor! here lies the merit, and the one which, of all others, seems unfashionable in our day. The cause of liberty may be stabbed by the men who glory in the deeds of your fathers. But, to proceed.

Feeling themselves harshly and unjustly treated by the home government, your fathers, like men of honesty, and men of spirit, earnestly sought redress. They petitioned and remonstrated; they did so in a decorous, respectful, and loyal manner. Their conduct was wholly unexceptionable. This, however, did not answer the purpose. They saw themselves treated with sovereign indifference, coldness and scorn. Yet they persevered. They were not the men to look back.

As the sheet anchor takes a firmer hold, when the ship is tossed by the storm, so did the cause of your fathers grow stronger, as it breasted the chilling blasts of kingly displeasure. The greatest and best of British statesmen admitted its justice, and the loftiest eloquence of the British Senate came to its support. But, with that blindness which seems to be the unvarying characteristic of tyrants, since Pharaoh and his hosts were drowned in the Red Sea, the British Government persisted in the exactions complained of.

The madness of this course, we believe, is admitted now, even by England; but we fear the lesson is wholly lost on our present rulers.

Oppression makes a wise man mad. Your fathers were wise men, and if they did not go mad, they became restive under this treatment. They felt themselves the victims of grievous wrongs, wholly incurable in their colonial capacity. With brave men there is always a remedy for oppression. Just here, the idea of a total separation of the colonies from the crown was born! It was a startling idea, much more so, than we, at this distance of time, regard it. The timid and the prudent (as has been intimated) of that day, were, of course, shocked and alarmed by it.

Such people lived then, had lived before, and will, probably, ever have a place on this planet; and their course, in respect to any great change, (no matter how great the good to be attained, or the wrong to be redressed by it), may be calculated with as much precision as can be the course of the stars. They hate all changes, but silver, gold and copper change! Of this sort of change they are always strongly in favor.

These people were called tories in the days of your fathers; and the appellation, probably, conveyed the same idea that is meant by a more modern, though a somewhat less euphonious term, which we often find in our papers, applied to some of our old politicians.

Their opposition to the then dangerous thought was earnest and powerful; but, amid all their terror and affrighted vociferations against it, the alarming and revolutionary idea moved on, and the country with it.

On the 2d of July, 1776, the old Continental Congress, to the dismay of the lovers of ease, and the worshipers of property, clothed that dreadful idea with all the authority of national sanction. They did so in the form of a resolution; and as we seldom hit upon resolutions, drawn up in our day, whose transparency is at all equal to this, it may refresh your minds and help my story if I read it.

“Resolved, That these united colonies are, and of right, ought to be free and Independent States; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown; and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, dissolved.”

Citizens, your fathers made good that resolution. They succeeded; and to-day you reap the fruits of their success. The freedom gained is yours; and you, therefore, may properly celebrate this anniversary. The 4th of July is the first great fact in your nation’s history — the very ring-bolt in the chain of your yet undeveloped destiny.

Pride and patriotism, not less than gratitude, prompt you to celebrate and to hold it in perpetual remembrance. I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the ring-bolt to the chain of your nation’s destiny; so, indeed, I regard it. The principles contained in that instrument are saving principles. Stand by those principles, be true to them on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost.

From the round top of your ship of state, dark and threatening clouds may be seen. Heavy billows, like mountains in the distance, disclose to the leeward huge forms of flinty rocks! That bolt drawn, that chain broken, and all is lost. Cling to this day — cling to it, and to its principles, with the grasp of a storm-tossed mariner to a spar at midnight.

The coming into being of a nation, in any circumstances, is an interesting event. But, besides general considerations, there were peculiar circumstances which make the advent of this republic an event of special attractiveness.

The whole scene, as I look back to it, was simple, dignified and sublime.

The population of the country, at the time, stood at the insignificant number of three millions. The country was poor in the munitions of war. The population was weak and scattered, and the country a wilderness unsubdued. There were then no means of concert and combination, such as exist now. Neither steam nor lightning had then been reduced to order and discipline. From the Potomac to the Delaware was a journey of many days. Under these, and innumerable other disadvantages, your fathers declared for liberty and independence and triumphed.

Fellow Citizens, I am not wanting in respect for the fathers of this republic. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were brave men. They were great men too — great enough to give fame to a great age. It does not often happen to a nation to raise, at one time, such a number of truly great men. The point from which I am compelled to view them is not, certainly, the most favorable; and yet I cannot contemplate their great deeds with less than admiration. They were statesmen, patriots and heroes, and for the good they did, and the principles they contended for, I will unite with you to honor their memory.

They loved their country better than their own private interests; and, though this is not the highest form of human excellence, all will concede that it is a rare virtue, and that when it is exhibited, it ought to command respect. He who will, intelligently, lay down his life for his country, is a man whom it is not in human nature to despise. Your fathers staked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, on the cause of their country. In their admiration of liberty, they lost sight of all other interests.

They were peace men; but they preferred revolution to peaceful submission to bondage. They were quiet men; but they did not shrink from agitating against oppression. They showed forbearance; but that they knew its limits. They believed in order; but not in the order of tyranny. With them, nothing was “settled” that was not right. With them, justice, liberty and humanity were “final;” not slavery and oppression. You may well cherish the memory of such men. They were great in their day and generation. Their solid manhood stands out the more as we contrast it with these degenerate times.

How circumspect, exact and proportionate were all their movements! How unlike the politicians of an hour! Their statesmanship looked beyond the passing moment, and stretched away in strength into the distant future. They seized upon eternal principles, and set a glorious example in their defence. Mark them!

Fully appreciating the hardship to be encountered, firmly believing in the right of their cause, honorably inviting the scrutiny of an on-looking world, reverently appealing to heaven to attest their sincerity, soundly comprehending the solemn responsibility they were about to assume, wisely measuring the terrible odds against them, your fathers, the fathers of this republic, did, most deliberately, under the inspiration of a glorious patriotism, and with a sublime faith in the great principles of justice and freedom, lay deep the corner-stone of the national superstructure, which has risen and still rises in grandeur around you.

Of this fundamental work, this day is the anniversary. Our eyes are met with demonstrations of joyous enthusiasm. Banners and pennants wave exultingly on the breeze. The din of business, too, is hushed. Even Mammon seems to have quitted his grasp on this day. The ear-piercing fife and the stirring drum unite their accents with the ascending peal of a thousand church bells. Prayers are made, hymns are sung, and sermons are preached in honor of this day; while the quick martial tramp of a great and multitudinous nation, echoed back by all the hills, valleys and mountains of a vast continent, bespeak the occasion one of thrilling and universal interests nation’s jubilee.

Friends and citizens, I need not enter further into the causes which led to this anniversary. Many of you understand them better than I do. You could instruct me in regard to them. That is a branch of knowledge in which you feel, perhaps, a much deeper interest than your speaker. The causes which led to the separation of the colonies from the British crown have never lacked for a tongue. They have all been taught in your common schools, narrated at your firesides, unfolded from your pulpits, and thundered from your legislative halls, and are as familiar to you as household words. They form the staple of your national poetry and eloquence.

I remember, also, that, as a people, Americans are remarkably familiar with all facts which make in their own favor. This is esteemed by some as a national trait — perhaps a national weakness. It is a fact, that whatever makes for the wealth or for the reputation of Americans, and can be had cheap! will be found by Americans. I shall not be charged with slandering Americans, if I say I think the American side of any question may be safely left in American hands.

I leave, therefore, the great deeds of your fathers to other gentlemen whose claim to have been regularly descended will be less likely to be disputed than mine!



My business, if I have any here to-day, is with the present. The accepted time with God and his cause is the ever-living now.

“Trust no future, however pleasant,
Let the dead past bury its dead;
Act, act in the living present,
Heart within, and God overhead.”

We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and to the future. To all inspiring motives, to noble deeds which can be gained from the past, we are welcome. But now is the time, the important time. Your fathers have lived, died, and have done their work, and have done much of it well. You live and must die, and you must do your work. You have no right to enjoy a child’s share in the labor of your fathers, unless your children are to be blest by your labors. You have no right to wear out and waste the hard-earned fame of your fathers to cover your indolence. Sydney Smith tells us that men seldom eulogize the wisdom and virtues of their fathers, but to excuse some folly or wickedness of their own. This truth is not a doubtful one. There are illustrations of it near and remote, ancient and modern. It was fashionable, hundreds of years ago, for the children of Jacob to boast, we have “Abraham to our father,” when they had long lost Abraham’s faith and spirit. That people contented themselves under the shadow of Abraham’s great name, while they repudiated the deeds which made his name great. Need I remind you that a similar thing is being done all over this country to-day? Need I tell you that the Jews are not the only people who built the tombs of the prophets, and garnished the sepulchres of the righteous? Washington could not die till he had broken the chains of his slaves. Yet his monument is built up by the price of human blood, and the traders in the bodies and souls of men, shout — “We have Washington to our father.” Alas! that it should be so; yet so it is.

“The evil that men do, lives after them,
The good is oft’ interred with their bones.”

“What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence?”

Fellow-citizens, pardon me, allow me to ask, why am I called upon to speak here to-day? What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us? and am I, therefore, called upon to bring our humble offering to the national altar, and to confess the benefits and express devout gratitude for the blessings resulting from your independence to us?

Would to God, both for your sakes and ours, that an affirmative answer could be truthfully returned to these questions! Then would my task be light, and my burden easy and delightful. For who is there so cold, that a nation’s sympathy could not warm him? Who so obdurate and dead to the claims of gratitude, that would not thankfully acknowledge such priceless benefits? Who so stolid and selfish, that would not give his voice to swell the hallelujahs of a nation’s jubilee, when the chains of servitude had been torn from his limbs? I am not that man. In a case like that, the dumb might eloquently speak, and the “lame man leap as an hart.”

But, such is not the state of the case. I say it with a sad sense of the disparity between us. I am not included within the pale of this glorious anniversary! Your high independence only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you, this day, rejoice, are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought life and healing to you, has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth [of] July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn. To drag a man in fetters into the grand illuminated temple of liberty, and call upon him to join you in joyous anthems, were inhuman mockery and sacrilegious irony. Do you mean, citizens, to mock me, by asking me to speak to-day? If so, there is a parallel to your conduct. And let me warn you that it is dangerous to copy the example of a nation whose crimes, lowering up to heaven, were thrown down by the breath of the Almighty, burying that nation in irrecoverable ruin! I can to-day take up the plaintive lament of a peeled and woe-smitten people!

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. Yea! we wept when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. For there, they that carried us away captive, required of us a song; and they who wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.”

Fellow-citizens; above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mournful wail of millions! whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are, to-day, rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them. If I do forget, if I do not faithfully remember those bleeding children of sorrow this day, “may my right hand forget her cunning, and may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth!” To forget them, to pass lightly over their wrongs, and to chime in with the popular theme, would be treason most scandalous and shocking, and would make me a reproach before God and the world. My subject, then fellow-citizens, is AMERICAN SLAVERY. I shall see, this day, and its popular characteristics, from the slave’s point of view. Standing, there, identified with the American bondman, making his wrongs mine, I do not hesitate to declare, with all my soul, that the character and conduct of this nation never looked blacker to me than on this 4th of July! Whether we turn to the declarations of the past, or to the professions of the present, the conduct of the nation seems equally hideous and revolting. America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future. Standing with God and the crushed and bleeding slave on this occasion, I will, in the name of humanity which is outraged, in the name of liberty which is fettered, in the name of the constitution and the Bible, which are disregarded and trampled upon, dare to call in question and to denounce, with all the emphasis I can command, everything that serves to perpetuate slavery-the great sin and shame of America! “I will not equivocate; I will not excuse;” I will use the severest language I can command; and yet not one word shall escape me that any man, whose judgement is not blinded by prejudice, or who is not at heart a slaveholder, shall not confess to be right and just.

But I fancy I hear some one of my audience say, it is just in this circumstance that you and your brother abolitionists fail to make a favorable impression on the public mind. Would you argue more, and denounce less, would you persuade more, and rebuke less, your cause would be much more likely to succeed. But, I submit, where all is plain there is nothing to be argued. What point in the anti-slavery creed would you have me argue? On what branch of the subject do the people of this country need light? Must I undertake to prove that the slave is a man? That point is conceded already. Nobody doubts it. The slaveholders themselves acknowledge it in the enactment of laws for their government. They acknowledge it when they punish disobedience on the part of the slave. There are seventy-two crimes in the State of Virginia, which, if committed by a black man, (no matter how ignorant he be), subject him to the punishment of death; while only two of the same crimes will subject a white man to the like punishment. What is this but the acknowledgement that the slave is a moral, intellectual and responsible being? The manhood of the slave is conceded. It is admitted in the fact that Southern statute books are covered with enactments forbidding, under severe fines and penalties, the teaching of the slave to read or to write. When you can point to any such laws, in reference to the beasts of the field, then I may consent to argue the manhood of the slave. When the dogs in your streets, when the fowls of the air, when the cattle on your hills, when the fish of the sea, and the reptiles that crawl, shall be unable to distinguish the slave from a brute, there will I argue with you that the slave is a man!

For the present, it is enough to affirm the equal manhood of the negro race. Is it not astonishing that, while we are ploughing, planting and reaping, using all kinds of mechanical tools, erecting houses, constructing bridges, building ships, working in metals of brass, iron, copper, silver and gold; that, while we are reading, writing and cyphering, acting as clerks, merchants and secretaries, having among us lawyers, doctors, ministers, poets, authors, editors, orators and teachers; that, while we are engaged in all manner of enterprises common to other men, digging gold in California, capturing the whale in the Pacific, feeding sheep and cattle on the hill-side, living, moving, acting, thinking, planning, living in families as husbands, wives and children, and, above all, confessing and worshipping the Christian’s God, and looking hopefully for life and immortality beyond the grave, we are called upon to prove that we are men!

Would you have me argue that man is entitled to liberty? that he is the rightful owner of his own body? You have already declared it. Must I argue the wrongfulness of slavery? Is that a question for Republicans? Is it to be settled by the rules of logic and argumentation, as a matter beset with great difficulty, involving a doubtful application of the principle of justice, hard to be understood? How should I look to-day, in the presence of Americans, dividing, and subdividing a discourse, to show that men have a natural right to freedom? speaking of it relatively, and positively, negatively, and affirmatively. To do so, would be to make myself ridiculous, and lo offer an insult to your understanding. There is not a man beneath the canopy of heaven, that does not know that slavery is wrong for him.

What, am I to argue that it is wrong to make men brutes, to rob them of their liberty, to work them without wages, to keep them ignorant of their relations to their fellow men, to beat them with sticks, to flay their flesh with the lash, to load their limbs with irons, to hunt them with dogs, to sell them at auction, to sunder their families, to knock out their teeth, to burn their flesh, to starve them into obedience and submission to their masters? Must I argue that a system thus marked with blood, and stained with pollution, is wrong? No! I will not. I have better employments for my time and strength, than such arguments would imply.

What, then, remains to be argued? Is it that slavery is not divine; that God did not establish it; that our doctors of divinity are mistaken? There is blasphemy in the thought. That which is inhuman, cannot be divine! Who can reason on such a proposition? They that can, may; I cannot. The time for such argument is past.

At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. O! had I the ability, and could I reach the nation’s ear, I would, to-day, pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke. For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled; the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against God and man must be proclaimed and denounced.

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciations of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade, and solemnity, are, to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy — a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.

Go where you may, search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the old world, travel through South America, search out every abuse, and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me, that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.



Take the American slave-trade, which, we are told by the papers, is especially prosperous just now. Ex-Senator Benton tells us that the price of men was never higher than now. He mentions the fact to show that slavery is in no danger. This trade is one of the peculiarities of American institutions. It is carried on in all the large towns and cities in one-half of this confederacy; and millions are pocketed every year, by dealers in this horrid traffic. In several states, this trade is a chief source of wealth. It is called (in contradistinction to the foreign slave-trade) “the internal slave trade.” It is, probably, called so, too, in order to divert from it the horror with which the foreign slave-trade is contemplated. That trade has long since been denounced by this government, as piracy. It has been denounced with burning words, from the high places of the nation, as an execrable traffic. To arrest it, to put an end to it, this nation keeps a squadron, at immense cost, on the coast of Africa. Everywhere, in this country, it is safe to speak of this foreign slave-trade, as a most inhuman traffic, opposed alike to the laws of God and of man. The duty to extirpate and destroy it, is admitted even by our DOCTORS OF DIVINITY. In order to put an end to it, some of these last have consented that their colored brethren (nominally free) should leave this country, and establish themselves on the western coast of Africa! It is, however, a notable fact that, while so much execration is poured out by Americans upon those engaged in the foreign slave-trade, the men engaged in the slave-trade between the states pass without condemnation, and their business is deemed honorable.

Behold the practical operation of this internal slave-trade, the American slave-trade, sustained by American politics and American religion. Here you will see men and women reared like swine for the market. You know what is a swine-drover? I will show you a man-drover. They inhabit all our Southern States. They perambulate the country, and crowd the highways of the nation, with droves of human stock. You will see one of these human flesh-jobbers, armed with pistol, whip and bowie-knife, driving a company of a hundred men, women, and children, from the Potomac to the slave market at New Orleans. These wretched people are to be sold singly, or in lots, to suit purchasers. They are food for the cotton-field, and the deadly sugar-mill. Mark the sad procession, as it moves wearily along, and the inhuman wretch who drives them. Hear his savage yells and his blood-chilling oaths, as he hurries on his affrighted captives! There, see the old man, with locks thinned and gray. Cast one glance, if you please, upon that young mother, whose shoulders are bare to the scorching sun, her briny tears falling on the brow of the babe in her arms. See, too, that girl of thirteen, weeping, yes! weeping, as she thinks of the mother from whom she has been torn! The drove moves tardily. Heat and sorrow have nearly consumed their strength; suddenly you hear a quick snap, like the discharge of a rifle; the fetters clank, and the chain rattles simultaneously; your ears are saluted with a scream, that seems to have torn its way to the centre of your soul! The crack you heard, was the sound of the slave-whip; the scream you heard, was from the woman you saw with the babe. Her speed had faltered under the weight of her child and her chains! that gash on her shoulder tells her to move on. Follow this drove to New Orleans. Attend the auction; see men examined like horses; see the forms of women rudely and brutally exposed to the shocking gaze of American slave-buyers. See this drove sold and separated forever; and never forget the deep, sad sobs that arose from that scattered multitude. Tell me citizens, WHERE, under the sun, you can witness a spectacle more fiendish and shocking. Yet this is but a glance at the American slave-trade, as it exists, at this moment, in the ruling part of the United States.

I was born amid such sights and scenes. To me the American slave-trade is a terrible reality. When a child, my soul was often pierced with a sense of its horrors. I lived on Philpot Street, Fell’s Point, Baltimore, and have watched from the wharves, the slave ships in the Basin, anchored from the shore, with their cargoes of human flesh, waiting for favorable winds to waft them down the Chesapeake. There was, at that time, a grand slave mart kept at the head of Pratt Street, by Austin Woldfolk. His agents were sent into every town and county in Maryland, announcing their arrival, through the papers, and on flaming “hand-bills,” headed CASH FOR NEGROES. These men were generally well dressed men, and very captivating in their manners. Ever ready to drink, to treat, and to gamble. The fate of many a slave has depended upon the turn of a single card; and many a child has been snatched from the arms of its mother by bargains arranged in a state of brutal drunkenness.

The flesh-mongers gather up their victims by dozens, and drive them, chained, to the general depot at Baltimore. When a sufficient number have been collected here, a ship is chartered, for the purpose of conveying the forlorn crew to Mobile, or to New Orleans. From the slave prison to the ship, they are usually driven in the darkness of night; for since the antislavery agitation, a certain caution is observed.

In the deep still darkness of midnight, I have been often aroused by the dead heavy footsteps, and the piteous cries of the chained gangs that passed our door. The anguish of my boyish heart was intense; and I was often consoled, when speaking to my mistress in the morning, to hear her say that the custom was very wicked; that she hated to hear the rattle of the chains, and the heart-rending cries. I was glad to find one who sympathised with me in my horror.

Fellow-citizens, this murderous traffic is, to-day, in active operation in this boasted republic. In the solitude of my spirit, I see clouds of dust raised on the highways of the South; I see the bleeding footsteps; I hear the doleful wail of fettered humanity, on the way to the slave-markets, where the victims are to be sold like horses, sheep, and swine, knocked off to the highest bidder. There I see the tenderest ties ruthlessly broken, to gratify the lust, caprice and rapacity of the buyers and sellers of men. My soul sickens at the sight.
“ Is this the land your Fathers loved,
The freedom which they toiled to win?
Is this the earth whereon they moved?
Are these the graves they slumber in?”

But a still more inhuman, disgraceful, and scandalous state of things remains to be presented.

By an act of the American Congress, not yet two years old, slavery has been nationalized in its most horrible and revolting form. By that act, Mason & Dixon’s line has been obliterated; New York has become as Virginia; and the power to hold, hunt, and sell men, women, and children as slaves remains no longer a mere state institution, but is now an institution of the whole United States. The power is co-extensive with the star-spangled banner and American Christianity. Where these go, may also go the merciless slave-hunter. Where these are, man is not sacred. He is a bird for the sportsman’s gun. By that most foul and fiendish of all human decrees, the liberty and person of every man are put in peril. Your broad republican domain is hunting ground for men. Not for thieves and robbers, enemies of society, merely, but for men guilty of no crime. Your lawmakers have commanded all good citizens to engage in this hellish sport. Your President, your Secretary of State, your lords, nobles, and ecclesiastics, enforce, as a duty you owe to your free and glorious country, and to your God, that you do this accursed thing. Not fewer than forty Americans have, within the past two years, been hunted down and, without a moment’s warning, hurried away in chains, and consigned to slavery and excruciating torture. Some of these have had wives and children, dependent on them for bread; but of this, no account was made. The right of the hunter to his prey stands superior to the right of marriage, and to all rights in this republic, the rights of God included! For black men there are neither law, justice, humanity, not religion. The Fugitive Slave Law makes MERCY TO THEM, A CRIME; and bribes the judge who tries them. An American JUDGE GETS TEN DOLLARS FOR EVERY VICTIM HE CONSIGNS to slavery, and five, when he fails to do so.

The oath of any two villains is sufficient, under this hell-black enactment, to send the most pious and exemplary black man into the remorseless jaws of slavery! His own testimony is nothing. He can bring no witnesses for himself. The minister of American justice is bound by the law to hear but one side; and that side, is the side of the oppressor. Let this damning fact be perpetually told. Let it be thundered around the world, that, in tyrant-killing, king-hating, people-loving, democratic, Christian America, the seats of justice are filled with judges, who hold their offices under an open and palpable bribe, and are bound, in deciding in the case of a man’s liberty, hear only his accusers!

In glaring violation of justice, in shameless disregard of the forms of administering law, in cunning arrangement to entrap the defenceless, and in diabolical intent, this Fugitive Slave Law stands alone in the annals of tyrannical legislation. I doubt if there be another nation on the globe, having the brass and the baseness to put such a law on the statute-book. If any man in this assembly thinks differently from me in this matter, and feels able to disprove my statements, I will gladly confront him at any suitable time and place he may select.



I take this law to be one of the grossest infringements of Christian Liberty, and, if the churches and ministers of our country were not stupidly blind, or most wickedly indifferent, they, too, would so regard it.

At the very moment that they are thanking God for the enjoyment of civil and religious liberty, and for the right to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, they are utterly silent in respect to a law which robs religion of its chief significance, and makes it utterly worthless to a world lying in wickedness. Did this law concern the “mint, anise and cummin” — abridge the right to sing psalms, to partake of the sacrament, or to engage in any of the ceremonies of religion, it would be smitten by the thunder of a thousand pulpits. A general shout would go up from the church, demanding repeal, repeal, instant repeal! And it would go hard with that politician who presumed to solicit the votes of the people without inscribing this motto on his banner. Further, if this demand were not complied with, another Scotland would be added to the history of religious liberty, and the stern old Covenanters would be thrown into the shade. A John Knox would be seen at every church door, and heard from every pulpit, and Fillmore would have no more quarter than was shown by Knox, to the beautiful, but treacherous queen Mary of Scotland. The fact that the church of our country, (with fractional exceptions), does not esteem “the Fugitive Slave Law” as a declaration of war against religious liberty, implies that that church regards religion simply as a form of worship, an empty ceremony, and not a vital principle, requiring active benevolence, justice, love and good will towards man. It esteems sacrifice above mercy; psalm-singing above right doing; solemn meetings above practical righteousness. A worship that can be conducted by persons who refuse to give shelter to the houseless, to give bread to the hungry, clothing to the naked, and who enjoin obedience to a law forbidding these acts of mercy, is a curse, not a blessing to mankind. The Bible addresses all such persons as “scribes, pharisees, hypocrites, who pay tithe of mint, anise, and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgement, mercy and faith.”



But the church of this country is not only indifferent to the wrongs of the slave, it actually takes sides with the oppressors. It has made itself the bulwark of American slavery, and the shield of American slave-hunters. Many of its most eloquent Divines. who stand as the very lights of the church, have shamelessly given the sanction of religion and the Bible to the whole slave system. They have taught that man may, properly, be a slave; that the relation of master and slave is ordained of God; that to send back an escaped bondman to his master is clearly the duty of all the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; and this horrible blasphemy is palmed off upon the world for Christianity.

For my part, I would say, welcome infidelity! welcome atheism! welcome anything! in preference to the gospel, as preached by those Divines! They convert the very name of religion into an engine of tyranny, and barbarous cruelty, and serve to confirm more infidels, in this age, than all the infidel writings of Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and Bolingbroke, put together, have done! These ministers make religion a cold and flinty-hearted thing, having neither principles of right action, nor bowels of compassion. They strip the love of God of its beauty, and leave the throne of religion a huge, horrible, repulsive form. It is a religion for oppressors, tyrants, man-stealers, and thugs. It is not that “pure and undefiled religion” which is from above, and which is “first pure, then peaceable, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” But a religion which favors the rich against the poor; which exalts the proud above the humble; which divides mankind into two classes, tyrants and slaves; which says to the man in chains, stay there; and to the oppressor, oppress on; it is a religion which may be professed and enjoyed by all the robbers and enslavers of mankind; it makes God a respecter of persons, denies his fatherhood of the race, and tramples in the dust the great truth of the brotherhood of man. All this we affirm to be true of the popular church, and the popular worship of our land and nation — a religion, a church, and a worship which, on the authority of inspired wisdom, we pronounce to be an abomination in the sight of God. In the language of Isaiah, the American church might be well addressed, “Bring no more vain ablations; incense is an abomination unto me: the new moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting. Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth. They are a trouble to me; I am weary to bear them; and when ye spread forth your hands I will hide mine eyes from you. Yea! when ye make many prayers, I will not hear. YOUR HANDS ARE FULL OF BLOOD; cease to do evil, learn to do well; seek judgement; relieve the oppressed; judge for the fatherless; plead for the widow.”

The American church is guilty, when viewed in connection with what it is doing to uphold slavery; but it is superlatively guilty when viewed in connection with its ability to abolish slavery. The sin of which it is guilty is one of omission as well as of commission. Albert Barnes but uttered what the common sense of every man at all observant of the actual state of the case will receive as truth, when he declared that “There is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour, if it were not sustained in it.”

Let the religious press, the pulpit, the Sunday school, the conference meeting, the great ecclesiastical, missionary, Bible and tract associations of the land array their immense powers against slavery and slave-holding; and the whole system of crime and blood would be scattered to the winds; and that they do not do this involves them in the most awful responsibility of which the mind can conceive.

In prosecuting the anti-slavery enterprise, we have been asked to spare the church, to spare the ministry; but how, we ask, could such a thing be done? We are met on the threshold of our efforts for the redemption of the slave, by the church and ministry of the country, in battle arrayed against us; and we are compelled to fight or flee. From what quarter, I beg to know, has proceeded a fire so deadly upon our ranks, during the last two years, as from the Northern pulpit? As the champions of oppressors, the chosen men of American theology have appeared — men, honored for their so-called piety, and their real learning. The LORDS of Buffalo, the SPRINGS of New York, the LATHROPS of Auburn, the COXES and SPENCERS of Brooklyn, the GANNETS and SHARPS of Boston, the DEWEYS of Washington, and other great religious lights of the land, have, in utter denial of the authority of Him, by whom they professed to he called to the ministry, deliberately taught us, against the example of the Hebrews and against the remonstrance of the Apostles, they teach “that we ought to obey man’s law before the law of God.”

My spirit wearies of such blasphemy; and how such men can be supported, as the “standing types and representatives of Jesus Christ,” is a mystery which I leave others to penetrate. In speaking of the American church, however, let it be distinctly understood that I mean the great mass of the religious organizations of our land. There are exceptions, and I thank God that there are. Noble men may be found, scattered all over these Northern States, of whom Henry Ward Beecher of Brooklyn, Samuel J. May of Syracuse, and my esteemed friend* on the platform, are shining examples; and let me say further, that upon these men lies the duty to inspire our ranks with high religious faith and zeal, and to cheer us on in the great mission of the slave’s redemption from his chains.
[*Rev. R. R. Raymond]



One is struck with the difference between the attitude of the American church towards the anti-slavery movement, and that occupied by the churches in England towards a similar movement in that country. There, the church, true to its mission of ameliorating, elevating, and improving the condition of mankind, came forward promptly, bound up the wounds of the West Indian slave, and restored him to his liberty. There, the question of emancipation was a high[ly] religious question. It was demanded, in the name of humanity, and according to the law of the living God. The Sharps, the Clarksons, the Wilberforces, the Buxtons, and Burchells and the Knibbs, were alike famous for their piety, and for their philanthropy. The anti-slavery movement there was not an anti-church movement, for the reason that the church took its full share in prosecuting that movement: and the anti-slavery movement in this country will cease to be an anti-church movement, when the church of this country shall assume a favorable, instead of a hostile position towards that movement.

Americans! your republican politics, not less than your republican religion, are flagrantly inconsistent.

You boast of your love of liberty, your superior civilization, and your pure Christianity, while the whole political power of the nation (as embodied in the two great political parties), is solemnly pledged to support and perpetuate the enslavement of three millions of your countrymen.

You hurl your anathemas at the crowned headed tyrants of Russia and Austria, and pride yourselves on your Democratic institutions, while you yourselves consent to be the mere tools and bodyguards of the tyrants of Virginia and Carolina.

You invite to your shores fugitives of oppression from abroad, honor them with banquets, greet them with ovations, cheer them, toast them, salute them, protect them, and pour out your money to them like water; but the fugitives from your own land you advertise, hunt, arrest, shoot and kill.

You glory in your refinement and your universal education; yet you maintain a system as barbarous and dreadful as ever stained the character of a nation — a system begun in avarice, supported in pride, and perpetuated in cruelty.

You shed tears over fallen Hungary, and make the sad story of her wrongs the theme of your poets, statesmen and orators, till your gallant sons are ready to fly to arms to vindicate her cause against her oppressors; but, in regard to the ten thousand wrongs of the American slave, you would enforce the strictest silence, and would hail him as an enemy of the nation who dares to make those wrongs the subject of public discourse!

You are all on fire at the mention of liberty for France or for Ireland; but are as cold as an iceberg at the thought of liberty for the enslaved of America.

You discourse eloquently on the dignity of labor; yet, you sustain a system which, in its very essence, casts a stigma upon labor.

You can bare your bosom to the storm of British artillery to throw off a threepenny tax on tea; and yet wring the last hard-earned farthing from the grasp of the black laborers of your country.

You profess to believe “that, of one blood, God made all nations of men to dwell on the face of all the earth,” and hath commanded all men, everywhere to love one another; yet you notoriously hate, (and glory in your hatred), all men whose skins are not colored like your own.

You declare, before the world, and are understood by the world to declare, that you “hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal; and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and that, among these are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;” and yet, you hold securely, in a bondage which, according to your own Thomas Jefferson, “is worse than ages of that which your fathers rose in rebellion to oppose,” a seventh part of the inhabitants of your country.

Fellow-citizens! I will not enlarge further on your national inconsistencies. The existence of slavery in this country brands your republicanism as a sham, your humanity as a base pretence, and your Christianity as a lie. It destroys your moral power abroad; it corrupts your politicians at home. It saps the foundation of religion; it makes your name a hissing, and a by word to a mocking earth. It is the antagonistic force in your government, the only thing that seriously disturbs and endangers your Union. It fetters your progress; it is the enemy of improvement, the deadly foe of education; it fosters pride; it breeds insolence; it promotes vice; it shelters crime; it is a curse to the earth that supports it; and yet, you cling to it, as if it were the sheet anchor of all your hopes.

Oh! be warned! be warned! a horrible reptile is coiled up in your nation’s bosom; the venomous creature is nursing at the tender breast of your youthful republic; for the love of God, tear away, and fling from you the hideous monster, and let the weight of twenty millions crush and destroy it forever!



But it is answered in reply to all this, that precisely what I have now denounced is, in fact, guaranteed and sanctioned by the Constitution of the United States; that the right to hold and to hunt slaves is a part of that Constitution framed by the illustrious Fathers of this Republic.

Then, I dare to affirm, notwithstanding all I have said before, your fathers stooped, basely stooped
“ To palter with us in a double sense:
And keep the word of promise to the ear,
But break it to the heart.”

And instead of being the honest men I have before declared them to be, they were the veriest imposters that ever practised on mankind. This is the inevitable conclusion, and from it there is no escape. But I differ from those who charge this baseness on the framers of the Constitution of the United States. It is a slander upon their memory, at least, so I believe. There is not time now to argue the constitutional question at length — nor have I the ability to discuss it as it ought to be discussed. The subject has been handled with masterly power by Lysander Spooner, Esq., by William Goodell, by Samuel E. Sewall, Esq., and last, though not least, by Gerritt Smith, Esq. These gentlemen have, as I think, fully and clearly vindicated the Constitution from any design to support slavery for an hour.

“[L]et me ask, if it be not somewhat singular that, if the Constitution were intended to be, by its framers and adopters, a slave-holding instrument, why neither slavery, slaveholding, nor slave can anywhere be found in it.”

Fellow-citizens! there is no matter in respect to which, the people of the North have allowed themselves to be so ruinously imposed upon, as that of the pro-slavery character of the Constitution. In that instrument I hold there is neither warrant, license, nor sanction of the hateful thing; but, interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a GLORIOUS LIBERTY DOCUMENT. Read its preamble, consider its purposes. Is slavery among them? Is it at the gateway? or is it in the temple? It is neither.

While I do not intend to argue this question on the present occasion, let me ask, if it be not somewhat singular that, if the Constitution were intended to be, by its framers and adopters, a slave-holding instrument, why neither slavery, slaveholding, nor slave can anywhere be found in it. What would be thought of an instrument, drawn up, legally drawn up, for the purpose of entitling the city of Rochester to a tract of land, in which no mention of land was made? Now, there are certain rules of interpretation, for the proper understanding of all legal instruments. These rules are well established. They are plain, common-sense rules, such as you and I, and all of us, can understand and apply, without having passed years in the study of law. I scout the idea that the question of the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of slavery is not a question for the people. I hold that every American citizen has a right to form an opinion of the constitution, and to propagate that opinion, and to use all honorable means to make his opinion the prevailing one. Without this right, the liberty of an American citizen would be as insecure as that of a Frenchman. Ex-Vice-President Dallas tells us that the constitution is an object to which no American mind can be too attentive, and no American heart too devoted. He further says, the constitution, in its words, is plain and intelligible, and is meant for the home-bred, unsophisticated understandings of our fellow-citizens. Senator Berrien tell us that the Constitution is the fundamental law, that which controls all others. The charter of our liberties, which every citizen has a personal interest in understanding thoroughly. The testimony of Senator Breese, Lewis Cass, and many others that might be named, who are everywhere esteemed as sound lawyers, so regard the constitution. I take it, therefore, that it is not presumption in a private citizen to form an opinion of that instrument.

Now, take the constitution according to its plain reading, and I defy the presentation of a single pro-slavery clause in it. On the other hand it will be found to contain principles and purposes, entirely hostile to the existence of slavery.

I have detained my audience entirely too long already. At some future period I will gladly avail myself of an opportunity to give this subject a full and fair discussion.

“Allow me to say, in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have this day presented of the state of the nation,
I do not despair of this country.”

Allow me to say, in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have this day presented of the state of the nation, I do not despair of this country. There are forces in operation, which must inevitably work The downfall of slavery. “The arm of the Lord is not shortened,” and the doom of slavery is certain. I, therefore, leave off where I began, with hope. While drawing encouragement from the Declaration of Independence, the great principles it contains, and the genius of American Institutions, my spirit is also cheered by the obvious tendencies of the age. Nations do not now stand in the same relation to each other that they did ages ago. No nation can now shut itself up from the surrounding world, and trot round in the same old path of its fathers without interference. The time was when such could be done. Long established customs of hurtful character could formerly fence themselves in, and do their evil work with social impunity. Knowledge was then confined and enjoyed by the privileged few, and the multitude walked on in mental darkness. But a change has now come over the affairs of mankind. Walled cities and empires have become unfashionable. The arm of commerce has borne away the gates of the strong city. Intelligence is penetrating the darkest corners of the globe. It makes its pathway over and under the sea, as well as on the earth. Wind, steam, and lightning are its chartered agents.

Oceans no longer divide, but link nations together. From Boston to London is now a holiday excursion. Space is comparatively annihilated. Thoughts expressed on one side of the Atlantic are, distinctly heard on the other. The far off and almost fabulous Pacific rolls in grandeur at our feet.

The Celestial Empire, the mystery of ages, is being solved. The fiat of the Almighty, “Let there be Light,” has not yet spent its force. No abuse, no outrage whether in taste, sport or avarice, can now hide itself from the all-pervading light.

The iron shoe, and crippled foot of China must be seen, in contrast with nature.

Africa must rise and put on her yet unwoven garment.

“Ethiopia shall stretch out her hand unto God.”

In the fervent aspirations of William Lloyd Garrison, I say, and let every heart join in saying it:

God speed the year of jubilee
The wide world o’er!
When from their galling chains set free,
Th’ oppress’d shall vilely bend the knee,
And wear the yoke of tyranny
Like brutes no more.
That year will come, and freedom’s reign,
To man his plundered rights again

God speed the day when human blood
Shall cease to flow!
In every clime be understood,
The claims of human brotherhood,
And each return for evil, good,
Not blow for blow;
That day will come all feuds to end
And change into a faithful friend
Each foe.

God speed the hour, the glorious hour,
When none on earth
Shall exercise a lordly power,
Nor in a tyrant’s presence cower;
But all to manhood’s stature tower,
By equal birth!
THAT HOUR WILL, COME, to each, to all,
And from his prison-house, the thrall
Go forth.

Until that year, day, hour, arrive,
With head, and heart, and hand I’ll strive,
To break the rod, and rend the gyve,
The spoiler of his prey deprive-
So witness Heaven!
And never from my chosen post,
Whate’er the peril or the cost,
Be driven.


Illegal Immigrant Youths, Children of God; Preborn Babies, Not So Much

This past weekend, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opined about the growing crisis of unaccompanied, illegal immigrant children overwhelming our border.

In a purely cynical appeal to religious sensibilities, Pelosi said the inundation of illegal immigrants into our country isn’t a crisis but an opportunity to help because these are all God’s children.  She went on to say “If you believe as we do that every child, every person has a spark of divinity in them, and is therefore worthy of respect — what we saw in those [holding] rooms was a dazzling, sparkling array of God’s children, worthy of respect.”

Considering the source, this is one of the biggest loads of you-know-what Pelosi has offered to date.

First, she’s lying; period.

Second, who’s the “we” that believes everyone has the divine spark, worthy of respect? Catholics or Democrats? If Pelosi is including herself in with- and implying- Catholics, it’s an offense to all sincere Catholics who still revere the church, who read and believe the wisdom contained in the Bible. Pelosi rabidly advocates for abortion; she says her views on abortion are in line with the Catholic Church; she advocates for homosexual marriage; she wrote a letter to San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone suggesting that he rescind his support and participation for a recent March for Marriage in Washington D.C. Pelosi holds so many views contradictory to what the Catholic Church teaches that Cardinal Raymond Burke, the chief justice at the Vatican, recommended that she be denied communion- and rightly so.

Pelosi is as Catholic as I am a Nigerian goat herder. Hint: I’m neither Nigerian nor do I herd goats.

Now, if her “we” is implying Democrats, we know- again- Pelosi is full of it and she insults the intelligence of her audience. This is bad comedy, actually, because Democrats revere abortion (even late term abortion) and continually seek to silence religious objections to abortion. But more to the point, why are illegal immigrant children, “God’s children,” who deserve respect, but preborn children are not afforded the same classification and recognition as God’s children nor the honor of deserving the respect that comes with… life?

Anti-abortion religious believers continually make the same exact argument in defense of preborn life that Pelosi cynically makes here yet they are ridiculed and slandered as religious fanatics and fundamentalists who are wrongly or fascistically trying to force their religion onto other people. Why the double standard?

This woman has outright chutzpah using religion in an attempt to manipulate the religious sensibilities of the public as a political tool for her- and the Democrat- agenda?  Pure evil, this woman Pelosi.

The devil is not welcome, here.

Sanctimonious Whiteskins vs The Washington Redskins

This past week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (specifically, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) rescinded the trademark registration and protection of the Washington Redskins because it decided the name ‘Redskins’ was, or is, “disparaging to Native Americans.”  Clearly, this was another example of a federal organization going above and beyond its legal limitations to spread its politically corrected, socio-political gospel.


One should ask why is the politically-corrected Indian lobby (i.e, politically liberal whites who use Native Americans as political pawns)- with the help of the United States Patent and Trademark Office- going after the Washington Redskins with such indignation, and not going after, with similar moral vigor and indignation- the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves, the Florida State Seminoles, the North Dakota Fighting Sioux, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Utah Utes?  Why aren’t they persecuting Chrysler to force them stop making Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees and Comanches? Are these groups next or is this misguided and self-righteous crusade simply about the Redskins? And if so, why?


That this cadre of meddlesome fools aren’t going after similarly named mascots proves entirely how truly superficial, trivial, political, subjective and politically correct this entire non-issue is. Because a small minority of sanctimonious people (Harry Reid/Senate Democrats [who haven't passed a budget in six years, but this is a priority], Bob Costas, Pres. Obama, the Indian Lobby) claims ‘offense,’ the name of a private business must be changed.  Never mind that most Native Americans don’t care about the name. It’s the “sensibilities” of white, meddlesome liberals that should now trump private intellectual property rights and justify subjective, irrational decisions.  Again, why is this push for a name change just against the Redskins?  Why aren’t these thin-skinned, annoying white liberals as agitated not only by the names/mascots of other teams who use AmerIndians as mentioned above, but with the many schools- on Indian reservations or predominately attended by Indians- which have Indians as mascots? The mascot for Lodge Grass High School, in Montana are the ‘Indians’; Heart Butte High are the Warriors, and the Red Mesa High School, on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, are also the Redskins. Are self-identifying Native Americans being ‘insensitive’ and ‘discriminatory,’ or engaging in self-hate and ‘disparagement?’


Further, why isn’t the Indian Lobby as apoplectic regarding the names of the Comanche helicopter? The Apache helicopter? The Armed OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter?  The Black Hawk helicopter?  The Chinook helicopter?  The Iroquois helicopter? The Tomahawk missile?  Will the US military be the next target of this ‘moral’ crusade, or are the names of these military weapons off limits?  If so, why?  Are some Indian names and references more offensive than others?  If so, based on what criteria- and is that criteria subjective, as is with the case of the Washington Redskins or is the criteria objective? Again, why or why not?  Those who support the attempted, forced coercion of the Redskins name change should be able- and forced to- explain specifically why Dan Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, must change the name of his organization, but schools on Indian reservations, multiple colleges and universities, Chrysler and the military are exempt.


And if the Redskins deserve to lose their trademark protections because of the name being offensive, why aren’t these trademarks also rescinded?  Aren’t they equally offensive and ‘disparaging?’


The Indian Lobby misunderstands- or more accurately, doesn’t care- that the nature of having mascots is based on the affirming notion of a group/organization intentionally identifying with someone, or something, that the group recognizes as noble and admires for having characteristics in which the group believes are self-reflective, which is why Democrats are asses (see what I did there?). In other words, it’s intentionally self-identifying with that which is revered. The mascot inspires confidence within the group and, at least at one point in time, intimidation of those outside the group. Choosing to be identified as a Redskin, a Warrior, a Seminole, or a Fighting Sioux isn’t meant to disparage; people don’t choose to identify with mascots that are disparaging or that signify weakness.


Also, the term ‘Redskins’ isn’t ‘explicitly’ racial as it’s constantly claimed to be; it’s explicitly descriptive. Referring to the color of one’s skin isn’t explicitly or implicitly racial (the negative connotations of the term) by any stretch of the imagination. People refer to the color of other peoples’ skin all the time (unless it’s the media reporting on black criminality in which it goes out of its way to avoid mentioning the explicit racial description). When people reference race as an explicit description, are they being inherently racist for doing so?  Of course not.  And more to the point, who uses the term Redskin(s) as a pejorative racial epithet anyway?  Of course, white liberals claim it’s a racial epithet, but white liberals have a history and an embarrassingly long list of bad examples of saying many things that, while aren’t true in the least, serves the purposes of their agenda and its implementation.


Frankly, this trivial and insignificant non-issue of forcing the Redskins out of existence is about demonstrating the power and influence of a a very bored, vocal minority in the Indian lobby and the federal government. Never mind the history of the term, its creation and use by… Native Americans. The politically-correct Indian lobby would rather create and fight unserious problems like this while ignoring very real problems that negatively affect the quality of life among Native Americans.  For example, almost 30% of Native Americans live in poverty; the illegitimacy rate is 64%; the infant mortality rate is higher than the national average; the destructive affects of alcoholism and binge drinking affect Native Americans disproportionately; the high school graduation rates of Native Americans are lower than the national average; the use and abuse of smoking and other tobacco products are higher than their peers, etc.  These are real problems facing Native Americans and are summarily ignored in favor of the trivial, simply so the morally-confused can revel in their own sanctimony. Changing and NFL team’s mascot from the Redskins isn’t going to have any meaningful impact or change the standard of living of Native Americans, no matter how good it makes the Whiteskins feel.


This episode is perfectly reflective of blacks in the media, academia (for sure); politics, the irrelevant so-called civil rights groups, the Black and Racial Grievance Industry (again, many of whom are white liberals and part of the Indian Lobby) who waste enormous and disproportionate amounts of time worrying about insignificant figures like Cliven Bundy or Donald Sterling; or creating and reacting to ‘microaggressions,’ while intentionally ignoring the self-inflicted moral and cultural degradation of the people these so-called representatives claim to represent. Horrible schools, dissolved families, disproportionate representation in violent crime and the penitentiary system, high unemployment, high rates of poverty, etc. are all secondary (and ultimately, insignificant) to the primacy of some intentionally-created racial boogeyman that’s somehow indicative or characteristic of the culture as a whole.  Who cares about actual problems; maintaining the racial narrative is paramount.


So, I ask again, where does this crusade end?  And how is it justified?


It should be clear that this meaningless crusade is nothing more than out-of-control political correctness, which at its core, is fascism. Aside from the ginned-up non controversy, the fact that the government and its bureaucracy continually seeks to arbitrarily infringe on- and limit- the rights of its citizens w/o proper legal cause should be especially concerning to all.

Anemic Economic Recovery, Year Six

The bad news from the Veterans Affairs scandal, the tepid commencement speech at West Point- which was coldly received, and the extremely questionable decision to trade five high-level terrorists from Gitmo for “missing” soldier Bowe Bergdahl, in addition to several other presidential missteps has been a distraction from the ongoing bad news regarding the economy. But it won’t change the reality that a country dependent on liberal policies for wealth creation and economic growth, won’t create wealth and won’t grow.


Like ours.


According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, we are now into the sixth year of a supposed economic recovery. But the economy resembles anything but recovered.


The jobless rate remained at 6.3% in May. ADP says that 179k private sector jobs were added in May, compared to 217,000 jobs the BLS says were created, which was down from April. May was yet another month in which job creation didn’t keep up with population growth.


“Economic recovery.”


The labor force participation rate also remained unchanged at 62.8%, the third time the participation rate has been this low during the Obama presidency. If the current labor force participation rate was the same as it was at the start of this recovery in June 2009, (65.7%), the unemployment rate would be above 10%.


The number of “unemployed” people tallies 9.5 million people. The average length of unemployment is 34.5 weeks (almost six months). Thirty-five percent of unemployed people have been jobless for 27+ weeks. A third of the jobs created are in the low wage sector. The 2.1% wage increase doesn’t offset inflation. We just recovered all of the jobs lost prior to the recession (’07), but we’ve added an additional 10-plus million people to the labor force.  And over 92 million people aren’t in the labor force, 11.5 million more than when Obama took office.


“Economic Recovery.”


As it pertains to Hispanics and blacks, their jobless numbers were 7.7% and 11.5%, respectively. Black unemployment has a history of being roughly twice the national rate. Unfortunately, the black employment rate hasn’t “rallied” nearly as quickly as it has for the country overall. The reason- blacks have continued to diligently look for work longer than the national prospecting average, which means they’re counted as being part of the labor force for a longer period of time. The extended duration of prospecting is partially responsible for the perpetually a high unemployment rate including, the disparity between the black/white unemployment rates.


“Economic Recovery.”


This stellar job picture is in addition to news that the GDP’s first quarter growth was downgraded from .1% to -1%. This means the economy contracted last quarter. This is the second such economic contraction in three years, the other being the first quarter of 2011 was when the economy “grew” at -1.3%. Earlier this month when addressing the current economic contraction before the Joint Economic Committee, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen told lawmakers that she viewed the contraction as a “pause” in growth.” Pause in growth. A ‘pause’ would be zero growth; -1% isn’t a pause. Only a progressive can walk backwards while claiming s/he is moving forward.


In addition to the economic contraction, the Wall Street Journal reported that worker productivity also plunged 3.2% in the first quarter.  Economists continue to blame the ‘harsh winter’ for the drop in worker productivity and the contraction of the GDP, but drops like these, are due to much more than the weather.


“Economic Recovery.”


The sixth year of President Obama’s prosaic economic recovery also sees stagnant wages (2.1% increase over the last twelve months) and increased school loan debt, which now totals over a trillion dollars. People having increased debt are partially responsible for the low volume of mortgage applications. Many of those who can’t afford to purchase homes are the often-cited Millenials. With increasing school debt, less-than-perfect credit, tougher qualifications for lending approval- combined with the inability to find work, Millenials are being prevented from participating and contributing to the economy. That’s why a third of Millenials are currently living with their parents.  The present situation affecting Millenials doesn’t inspire much optimism for the future of our economy.


But it’s not just Millenials who are having a rough go at finding work. According to the Labor Department’s own statistics, more than 10 million men aren’t in the labor force- which means they’re not working nor looking for work. This is a record high. Additionally, there are 3 million men who’re counted as in the labor force but who aren’t employed: these are men would work if they could find a job. That’s 13 million men negatively affected by the recovery who would otherwise be participating and contributing to the economy. “War on women?”


Nope. “Economic Recovery.”


To give more insight into how bad the national apathy is regarding our current economic picture, a recent poll showed that 47% of unemployed people have completely given up the hope of finding a job. In another poll, 60% said that their version of the American Dream was unachievable.


And if you think that Obama may do something advantageous for the country to spur the economic engine, if only for optics, forget it. Obama’s new, congressionally circumventing EPA regulations that claim to reduce carbon emissions over the next fifteen years, will actually reduce the presence of the coal industry. It will also wipe out over 200,000 jobs, cost the economy upwards of $50 billion dollars a year and, increase electricity rates- that fulfills Obama’s promise that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”


This isn’t an “economic recovery” by any stretch of the progressive’s imagination.


The past six years have demonstrated a clear, unadulterated truth. From the moment Obama sat down in the Oval Office-, the economy wasn’t a priority of his domestic agenda. Instead, Obama eagerly sought to implement as much of his expensive ideology as he could. From the “stimulus bill,” to “investing in ‘green energy,’” to increasing taxes and nurturing class warfare; to increasing entitlements and government dependency, to his financial reform bill, to adding endless pages of EPA regulations, etc., the president never intended to resurrect the economy.


Don’t expect him to start now.


Sixty Years After Brown, Democrats Still Segregate Schools- By Class



The Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education in May of 1954, in my opinion, should be celebrated as a high point in American history. Deciding that state-sponsored segregation violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Justices ended legalized segregation in the nation’s public schools, which was a positive step toward acknowledging that black schoolchildren weren’t second-class citizens.

What should be lamented, however, is the current state of the nation’s public school system. De facto segregation has returned on the basis of class, which unfortunately, continues to disproportionately affect poor minorities, particularly black children. Today, the teachers’ unions and their fellow Educrats in political office have demonstrated its steadfast unwillingness to allow poor and minority children access to quality education of their parents’ choosing facilitated by school vouchers.

For example, President Barack Obama has continually sought to defund and end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides federal grant-based vouchers, or scholarships, to the parents of low-income black and minority children, which can be used to cover tuition costs and other expenses at private schools. For several years running, President Obama’s budget intentionally cut all funding for the program, even though that funding- per student- was less than what the Washington DC school system spends per student[2], but with far greater results.

In other words, it’s okay for he and his wife Michelle to choose what school their daughters attend- in their case, Sidwell Friends- that costs $37k per child, but it’s not okay for poor parents, particularly minorities, to choose the school(s) that their children attend.

Further, Obama- through Attorney General Eric Holder- sued Louisiana, attempting to end the state’s successful Louisiana Scholarship Program. Holder argued spuriously that engaging in school choice re-segregates public schools, violating the federal government’s court-ordered segregation plans. For Holder, school choice equals racial segregation. This argument is specious to say the least, primarily because empowering parents to choose which schools their children attend- or not attend- has nothing to do with racial segregation; it has everything to do with parents segregating themselves and their children from poor teachers and abysmally sub-standard education.

Then there’s New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio. Since being elected mayor, he’s zealously attempted to stop the expansion of the city’s successful charter school program that serves the city’s minority population. Here again is an example of an elected official preventing poor children access to better education, while his son attends Brooklyn Tech, an elite public high school. When de Blasio made his disgraceful and morally indefensible intentions known, concerned minority parents were begging to keep the schools open because the parents realized the incredible opportunity that was being taken away from their children all for ideological reasons.

Last year, Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, negotiated a new teachers’ contract with Chicago (costing the city an additional $74 million per year) knowing full well the Chicago Board of Education was intent on closing close to fifty schools (because of dying enrollment and near billion-dollar city deficit). This literally puts children’s lives at risk because many now have to cross gang-infested neighborhoods to attend new schools. That money didn’t go to schoolchildren; it went to the teachers. And Lewis is all for school choice if that choice is limited to the status quo schools, which are poorly managed by the politicized teachers’ unions.

Teachers win; poor schoolchildren lose. It’s wrong and it’s immoral, particularly when blacks and other minorities are heavily in favor of school vouchers that facilitate school choice.

When teachers’ unions- in combination with the politicians whose campaigns they fund- obstruct school choice, they’re perfectly emblematic of segregationist and former Alabama governor George Wallace defiantly standing in the schoolhouse door- upholding his promise of “segregation today, tomorrow and forever.”

Today’s segregation isn’t racial; it’s socio-economic. The so-called “haves” can and do choose the schools their children attend, giving them all of the foundational benefits which maximizes their academic potential for a brighter future. But these “haves” actively deny to poor parents and their children the same life-giving opportunities that inevitably limits the future potential and success for poor children.

It’s particularly shameful when these so-called “haves, ” these hypocrites, are politicians who tout the benefits of public education while not thinking twice about sending their children to elite publics schools or expensive private schools.

A despicable charade of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

It is of no coincidence that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Bill de Blasio, Karen Lewis, George Wallace, the teachers’ unions, and the majority of people who are against school choice are tied to- or members of- the Democrat party or outright socialists.

Which is the same thing as being a Democrat.


Our Flat Economic “Recovery”


President Obama uses the term as a pejorative against his critics when he calls opponents of his environmental regulations “flat-earthers.”

But “flat,” in the Obama universe, is — unfortunately — a term that can be better used to describe the way the President is handling the economy.

Other terms the mainstream media used just this week to assess the America’s current economic state of affairs included “crawl,” “stall,” “brutally slow” and “barely registers a pulse.”

These terms were included in reports about the unsettling news that the federal Bureau of Economic Advisors announced that the gross domestic product, widely considered to be the leading indicator of economic growth, grew by only 0.1 percent during the first quarter of 2014.

Almost flat.

It’s an abysmal showing for the economy, especially since the American people are consistently being assured by Obama and his supporters that we are in a period of recovery.

The Federal Reserve, in part, tried to blame the weather.  Think about that for a minute.  On one hand, people are causing global warming and need to have more regulation of their behavior.  On the other, the Fed is now claiming global cooling may have brought the gears of the nation’s economic engine to a slow grind.  Do they really believe they can have it both ways?

Obviously, they do.  And, while they seem to live in a fantasy world, the rest of America is left to suffer.

That’s where flat comes in again.

Flat also describes the national employment situation.  The official jobless rate for April, as determined by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, was an unacceptable 6.3 percent for April.

It looks like a significant drop of four-tenths of a point, but the labor force dropped in size in April by 806,000 workers.  A lethargic percentage of people are active in the workforce, and 2.2 million are considered “marginal” and 783,000 are considered “discouraged.”

All in all, it’s ultimately yet another month where there has been little change.  It was a push.  Flat.  Depressing.

What’s worse, the U-6 alternative rate that includes the same jobless numbers as the official rate does plus those people who are underemployed and those able-bodied individuals who are so despondent that they’ve stopped looking for a job (to end up with what some people consider to be the true unemployment rate) was still extremely high at an astronomical 12.3 percent.

Only 288,000 jobs were created in April.  The labor force participation rate was 62.8 percent.  That’s at Carter era levels.

It’s a travesty.

To make matters even more dire, things are also still flat for many of the key constituencies in the Obama coalition.  For example, the black unemployment rate for April was 11.6 percent.  Black teen unemployment, in particular was much worse.  It was a through-the-roof 36.8 percent — rising by seven-tenths of a point.  Overall unemployment for Hispanics was 7.3 percent.

What about the so-called conservative war on women?  There were almost 4.5 million jobless women in April.  How are the sloganeering policies of the Obama Administration such as “equal pay” and “minimum wage” — and even employer-supplied contraception — going to help women when they lose their job under this economy or cannot find one in the first place?

But it’s not just women having payroll problems.  Reports suggest there is diminishing American wage for all Americans.

For instance, a new report by the National Employment Law Project found that low-income jobs are the one sector of the labor market that gained a bit during the alleged period of recovery while mid-level and high-paying jobs disappeared in the Obama era.  NELP’s report notes, “the types of jobs available to unemployed workers, new labor market entrants and individuals looking to move up the career ladder are distinctly different than they were prior to the recession.”

Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that workers 40 years ago were making more than people are today.  In inflation-adjusted dollars, the median salary for men in 1973 was $51,670.  In 2012, the median was down to $49,398 — a 4.4 percent decrease.

In New York City, officials there are claiming that more people are working but earning a lot less.  The New York Times reported that, in 2011, 46 percent of New York City residents were at or under 150 percent of poverty level.  It was reported: “While more people were working, wages were lagging because most jobs were generated in lower-wage hospitality and retail fields.”  It was also suggested this trend and the despondency it caused was what got Mayor Bill de Blasio — a politician who is even further to the left of President Obama — elected last year.

There are jobs out there, but it seems Obama isn’t interested in them.  Hell, he’s not interested in the economy, period. Case in point: the Obama Administration once again delayed the approval and construction of the full Keystone XL pipeline that would bring crude oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and create thousands of jobs in construction and related industries and supportive businesses (thanks, Tom Steyer).  The Obama Administration, which has vetted the pipeline proposal for years and has thus far concluded there are no environmental hazards of merit, nonetheless delayed a final decision in a Good Friday announcement with announcing that still more consideration was being asked of eight more federal agencies.

The delay of the Keystone XL pipeline decision angers even Obama’s steadfast supporters at this point.  Terry O’Sullivan, the general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America — a union that supported both of Obama’s presidential campaigns — wrote in the Washington Post: “No one seriously believes that the administration’s nearly dark-of-night announcement [of the latest delay]… was anything by politically motivated.”

Similarly, shale production in Ohio is creating new jobs that are “growing [at a rate] faster than the job market as a whole.”  But, as a fossil fuel, it’s not really a job market that President Obama seems excited to champion.  Remember, the people who push for increased fossil fuel production and against Obama’s regulatory regime and risky alternative energy scheme are considered to be flat-earthers.

There are jobs out there.  From new reports, however, the quality of many of those jobs are unsatisfactory for the majority of Americans.  Those that are considered desirable do not appear to exist within the realm of Obama’s favor.  It’s an uncomfortable situation that is leaving the American job market and the American economy… flat.

Racism & Misplaced Priorities

The past couple of weeks the country has been in the midst of a media-prolonged, emotional orgasm over the “racist” statements of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the racial comments made in a private conversation that NBA franchise owner Donald Sterling had with his scheming mistress.


Black folk particularly have been hyperventilating over the incidents as “see, I told you so” moments that prove white racism is still an ever-present and relative evil that continually seeks to impede black progress.


Say what you will about Cliven Bundy’s “Lemme tell you one more thing I know about the Negro” comments, but his underlying point was spot-on. Yes, his comments were clumsy, his terminology- rudimentary; slavery was deplorable. But the essence of what he said can’t be overlooked precisely because blacks such as Thomas Sowell, Allen West and Walter E. Williams have offered similar statements on numerous occasions. Government intervention has successfully accomplished what slavery and Jim Crow-era discrimination failed to do- completely destroy the black family while undermining the nobility of work. This reality is extremely difficult to argue against considering the fifty years of accumulated and related data in combination with the product of what every inner city in America has become since the celebrated ‘war on poverty’ programs were instituted.

Sterling’s comments on their face, appear far worse than Bundy’s. I include that caveat because as of right now, we can’t eliminate the possibility that these comments were purposely edited in such a way as to intentionally damage Sterling’s character and reputation by an angry, gold-digging girlfriend who’s being sued by Sterling’s wife, Rochelle Sterling.


That said, we can speculate as to what Sterling was trying to convey to his mixed-race lover, but in my opinion, that isn’t the primary issue. The issue isn’t whether Donald Sterling is a racist; based on his history, he may very well be or he may simply be a bigot (even though the NAACP was to honor him again in May, which is ironic considering they will honor a preeminent racist, Al Sharpton, at this event).


But, so what? The issue is- what was supposed to be a private conversation between two people was deliberately recorded and released in an attempt to humiliate him publicly. Say what you will, but everyone says things in private conversations, to people whom we trust, that we would never- ever- dare mention in public, for obvious reasons. If private conversations were to be regularly aired, most people would lose respect, relationships, jobs, confidence, money, etc., which is precisely why we have these conversations behind closed doors rather than in the decency of public spaces.


More importantly, the twisted public revelry in “racism” once again demonstrates the confused priorities that blacks- and their sympathizers- still have regarding those things that should be important and relevant. It also shows why blacks continue to lose moral, cultural and political credibility. Bundy’s views on ‘the Negro’ or Sterling’s comments about blacks have absolutely no relevance or power over the lives of black Americans and are truly of very little importance.


While the racial sympathizers and instigators in the racial grievance and agitation industry were busy emotionally manipulating blacks, again, forty-three people where shot and five were killed just this weekend alone in Chicago. In addition to this nightmare, black unemployment is at 12.4%, black teen unemployment is over 36%; black women continue to have a disproportionate amount of abortions as recent stats in New York, Mississippi and Georgia demonstrate; black illegitimacy is 73%; black children are still subjected to substandard education in inner cities across the country, preventing them from building the academic foundation that will allow them to effectively compete against their white and Asian counterparts. Yet more time, voice, examination, importance and relevance were given to what two old white men say about blacks rather than focusing on the self-inflicted problems and pathologies that many blacks are in close proximity to address and rectify.


Damn shame. Again, priorities, people.


Cliven Bundy can use ‘colored’ and ‘Negro’ in reference to black people until the second coming while Donald Sterling laments the presence of black people on “the Instagram” of his mixed-race concubine and at the presence of his games, but these aren’t the problems that black folk should transfix themselves. As long as blacks continue to attribute more moral importance to trivial conversations about “racism” rather than the crucial issues that actually affect the daily lives of so many blacks across the country, much worse will be said about black people and their (lack of) credibility behind closed doors than ‘Negroes’ will ever want to hear.


And as usual, if those conversations are ever aired publicly, it will of course be “racist.”


He Has Risen



He is not here; for he is risen, just as he said.  Come and see the place where he lay.

- Matthew 28:6

Holy Friday, Crucifixion & Death


Jesus Dead

Who has believed what he has heard from us?

                                And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

                For he grew up before him like a young plant,

                                and like a root out of dry ground;

                he had no form or majesty that we should look at him,

                                and no beauty that we should desire him.

                He was despised and rejected by men;

                                a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief;

                and as one from whom men hide their faces

                                he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

                Surely he has borne our griefs

                                and carried our sorrows;

                yet we esteemed him stricken,

                                smitten by God, and afflicted.

                But he was pierced for our transgressions;

                                he was crushed for our iniquities;

                upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,

                                and with his wounds we are healed.

                All we like sheep have gone astray;

                                we have turned—every one—to his own way;

                and the LORD has laid on him

                                the iniquity of us all.

                He was oppressed, and he was afflicted,

                                yet he opened not his mouth;

                like a lamb that is led to the slaughter,

                                and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent,

                                so he opened not his mouth.

                By oppression and judgment he was taken away;

                                and as for his generation, who considered

                that he was cut off out of the land of the living,

                                stricken for the transgression of my people?

                And they made his grave with the wicked

                                and with a rich man in his death,

                although he had done no violence,

                                and there was no deceit in his mouth.

                Yet it was the will of the LORD to crush him;

                                he has put him to grief;

                when his soul makes an offering for guilt,

                                he shall see his offspring; he shall prolong his days;

                the will of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.

                Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied;

                by his knowledge shall the righteous one, my servant,

                                make many to be accounted righteous,

                                and he shall bear their iniquities.

                Therefore I will divide him a portion with the many,

                                and he shall divide the spoil with the strong,

                because he poured out his soul to death

                                and was numbered with the transgressors;

                yet he bore the sin of many,

                                and makes intercession for the transgressors.

(Isaiah 53 ESV)

Holy Friday



“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Messiah?” Pilate asked.  They all answered, “Crucify him!”

- Matthew 27:22

Booker T. Washington


A day late, but still…

Booker T. Washington, born April 5, 1856:

“I have always been made sad when I have heard members of any race claiming rights or privileges, or certain badges of distinction, on the ground simply that they were members of this or that race, regardless of their own individual worth or attainments.

I have been made to feel sad for such persons because I am conscious of the fact that mere connection with what is known as a superior race will not permanently carry an individual forward unless he has individual worth, and mere connection with what is regarded as an inferior race will not finally hold an individual back if he possess intrinsic, individual merit. 

Every persecuted individual and race should get much consolation out of the great human law, which is universal and eternal, that merit, no matter under what skin found, is, in the long run, recognized and rewarded. This I have said here, not to call attention to myself as an individual, but to the race to which I am proud to belong.”

–Up From Slavery



“The wisest among my race understand that agitations of social equality is the extremist folly, and that progress in the enjoyment of all privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing.”

–Up From Slavery

The Day The Dream Almost Died


Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. died on April 4, 1968 at the young age of 39 but his dream lives on…

March’s (Un)Employment Numbers

Economic Blog March Numbers

As another month passes, we continue to see the desired and intended economic realities of central planning, progressive idealists. This progressive ideal is diametrically opposed to what’s needed to recuperate the lost jobs, wages and capital- not to mention faith and optimism of the American people- during this “recovery.”

The unemployment rate is 6.7%; for blacks it’s 12.4% and for black teens, the rate is 36.1%. Over 20 million Americans (the unemployed, the long-term jobless, marginally attached to the labor force) still remain on the margins of the labor force, of which the participation rate is 63.2%. Only 192,000 jobs were added last month, but it doesn’t approach what’s needed to maintain pace with population growth.

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating. Despite what the unemployment rate is doctored to say- and how the Obama administration spins it, the country continues its descent into the murkiness of economic apathy and stifled productivity.

In regards to doctored data, not only has the unemployment data been intentionally manipulated to favor Obama- if one can call this information, favorable- but it appears that the Consumer Price Index may have also been falsified. The CPI- used to gauge several economic categories- measures the variation of prices for goods and services to determine the development and effect of inflation. It’s also responsible for affecting the increase of military pay and retiree benefits. The falsifying of CPI data would have costly effects to those whose income is dependent on the CPI’s report. The Obama administration has earnestly demonstrated its willingness to lie to the country regarding his healthcare promises and about the severity of the unemployment situation. That he would lie about inflation levels while cheating service members out of earned pay and the elderly out of benefits is no surprise at all.

But there is good news. Now that Obamacare has over “seven million” Americans “enrolled,” ‘we now pivot to job creation,” so says Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Now? Now?? That Obamacare was the focus when the country suffered through double-digit unemployment and then remained the focus as more and more Americans left the workforce confirms just how serious the progressive-minded, utopian fools are when it comes to the economy.

Consider this. Aside from jobless claims increasing last week:

-       Radio ShackStaplesSony, Office Depot, Sears Holding (which owns Sears and Kmart), JC Penney, and Disney – among many others- all announced plans to either close stores and or layoff employees in March;

-       Two million people more people were unemployed this past month that at the same time last year;

-       According to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, almost 17 million Americans wanted- but were unable to find full-time work in 2013;

-       The housing market remains weak;

-       The Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that though the Fed has decided to taper its bond-buying bailout to $55 billion per month (over $4 trillion total), it will continue for “some time” to combat sustained levels of unemployment;

These are real, tangible indicators that the economy hasn’t recovered. In addition, almost 45% of Americans feel they are no longer part of the middle class. Worse still, forty percent now self-identify with being lower middle or lower class, economically.

It’s bad news for an economy that urgently needs resuscitation, but it’s significantly worse for those who are poor, who lack basic job skills and who have a checkered work history. It’s remarkably bad when the lack of available jobs intensifies the competition to find work. This glaring realization, though evidenced in the country generally, characterizes the black economic and employment situation, specifically.

As mentioned above the unemployment rate for blacks and black teens is 12.4% and 36.1%, respectively. If not for a few voices, including Project 21, many Americans would be clueless to the economic struggle and anxiety felt by many black Americans.

According to Newsbusters, over the last year ABC, NBC and CBS gave a mere TEN SECONDS – combined- in reporting the exceedingly bleak black economic plight and the black unemployment. According to the Media Research Center’s Business and Media Institute, of the 145 jobs-related stories during the past year, the black unemployment rate was mentioned… twice.

Obama, ABC, NBC and CBS have continually ignored the fact that since January 2009- Obama’s first month in office- the black unemployment rate has been below 12% once; it’s been at or above 14% thirty-nine times, at or above 15% twenty-nine times, and at or above 16% eleven times. They have also continually ignored black teenage unemployment, which during the same period, has been below 35% only four times.

Yet Paul Ryan is the enemy…

This is inexcusable, but not surprising.

And nothing will change. Expect the Obama administration and his party to deliver practiced, sympathetic talking points about “putting America back to work” in solemn and determined tones, attached to concerned faces as they attempt to fleece the American public on the way toward the midterms in November.

What’s worse is that after all the destructive evidence resulting from the policies this administration advocates, that fleecing may prove convincing.



There Is No Truth In Him


“… for there is no truth in him.  When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”


John 8:44


Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

As the open enrollment deadline for Obamacare approaches, Obama has been on the social circuit desperately trying to convince mushy-headed Millenials to enroll in Obamacare to offset the increasing costs to manage this nightmarish clusterfudge.

A couple of weeks ago, Choom was also on the web-based comedy series, “Between Two Ferns” hosted by Zach Galifianakis, pushing Obamacare.  I’m not one who is necessarily of the opinion that Choom’s appearance demeans the office of the presidency. It wasn’t a good look and he shouldn’t have done it.  But Choom has done plenty to demean the office of the presidency many times over prior to his appearance on this web-based comedy show.  But more to the point, Choom was terribly unfunny in his appearance.  Actually, he was painfully unfunny.  His lines were awful.  Choom goes on a comedy show with terrible lines, as unfunny as he can be, to push a product that no one is buying for very good reasons?

Choom has looked bad before- many, many times, but the advisor(s) who convinced him this was a good idea didn’t think this through all the way.

Recently Choom was on Ellen DeGeneres’ program, “Ellen,” begging young folks in her audience to sign up for Obamacare before the deadline.  Unfortunately for Ellen, she destroyed her integrity by helping Obama publicize such an obvious policy disaster.  Ellen said that enrollment in Obamacare has been a “success” and that people were “grateful” Obama forced his legislation on the country.  Again, her credibility is shot.  Saying what she said, in light of the evidence- that Obamacare enrollment is a success- makes her a liar; if Ellen didn’t know how bad enrollment has been (how could she not?!) she shouldn’t have been promoting it. Either way it makes her look incredibly foolish and insincere.

This week, Choom was on ESPN filling out his version of the NCAA bracket.   He’s done this before, but this time he was desperately pitching Obamacare. I hate seeing the president in these situations because politics doesn’t need to permeate everything- especially bad politics.  Many people who watch the NCAA tournament specifically and ESPN in general shouldn’t have to be subjected to the sight and participation of an unpopular president pushing a failing policy like Obamacare. It’s an unneeded distraction and it undermines the entertainment value of scheduled programming.

Choom was also on Ryan Seacrest’s show joking about his “mom jeans” trying to sell Obamacare.  Again, he was pleading young people to enroll into the system by the March 31st deadline so the system can use the premiums paid by the young and healthy to cover the costs of those who have expensive health care needs.

In addition to this transparent pandering, the president and his administration have enlisted the services of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Geno Auriemma, Roy Williams, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, CC Sabathia and Victor Cruz in desperate attempts to convince young people to enroll in Obamacare.  And these fools are knowingly and foolishly attaching their names and credibility to a guy that said- promised- over thirty times, that if people liked their insurance or their doctor, they could keep them.


Employing people who’re financially able to insulate themselves from a terribly bad progressive policy to persuade those who aren’t (to join) is immoral.

If Obamacare could stand upon its own merits of intrinsic value, the president wouldn’t have to plead with the country to enroll; he wouldn’t have to solicit the services of the rich and famous to help him fleece the public.   If Millenials saw value in having health insurance, they would’ve had it prior to the enactment of Obamacare.  More so, if Obamacare truly were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Millenials would’ve already enrolled en masse. But Millenials haven’t enrolled because the reality of the law doesn’t equal what was promised of the law, and many Millenials can’t find work thanks to Choom’s so-called economic “recovery.”

The administration can claim (read, lie) as much as they deem necessary about having enrolled 5 million people, but a) the majority of the “five million” people were previously insured and lost coverage due to federal mandates (which means it didn’t do squat about reducing the numbers of “previously uninsured”); and b) those who have “enrolled” have yet to pay their premiums, which are set to double and triple in some states.

As it stands now- and has stood since being one-sidedly signed into law, Obamacare stinks.  It is inherently and pragmatically flawed, and is responsible for the cancellations of millions more Americans who were forced off of their previously held plans.

No amount of lying and begging the president and his famous pals do can change that.

Dog Campaign Minimizes Value of Human Life

As if we need another example of our cultural descent…

Example 4, 572 is the case of Kevin Vicente, a four-year-old Phoenix boy who was recently mauled by a friend’s pit bull.  According to reports, the boy- who was being cared for by a family friend- picked up a bone lying next to the dog, prompting the pit bull attack.

As a result, the family friend filed the petition to have the dog put down- and rightly so.  Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive for a reason.

But a Facebook page which has garnered over 45k ‘likes,’ pleading support for… the dog!- may prevent the pit bull from being euthanized.  This all started because the animal control and care center, which currently has the dog, wrote on the Facebook page that the dog was “going night night.”

Again, as it should.

Forty thousand likes may spare a violent dog despite what the dog did to a four-year-old boy.

The doctor who operated on Kevin said that the boy suffered a broken eye socket, broken jawbone and a broken cheekbone.  The doctor was able to repair the broken bones and the muscles that allow Kevin to open and close his eyes.   But, the doctor also said that Kevin would face reconstructive surgeries for years to come, including a reconstruction of the tear duct in his damaged eye- if his eye can tear.

And yet, there’s a chance that a judge could rule in favor of the pit bull.

John Schill represents the… dog… pro bono, for The Lexus Project- an organization that raises money to defend dogs considered for euthanasia.  This organization has set up a trust for the dog, which has raised $5600.

Fundraising for four-year-old Kevin, the victim, has raised $6000.

The reason this episode perfectly reflects a culture in decline is revealed in the statements made by Schill.  He says, “This is not Kevin versus Mickey. Having Mickey killed isn’t going to take away Kevin’s pain or injuries. The only thing this is going to do is kill a poor innocent dog.”

This is profoundly stupid, even for a lawyer.

First, Schill’s argument is a red herring.  Euthanizing the dog has nothing to do with improving the pain or removing the injuries suffered by a defenseless four-year-old.

Further, who said it did?

But that’s not the issue.  The issue is that euthanizing this pit bull has everything to do with preventing it from attacking and mauling someone else. Period.

Second, by definition, the dog isn’t innocent.  It attacked and severely injured a little boy.


Also notice the funds raised for both little Kevin and the pit bull- $6000 for Kevin, $5600 for the dog. Four hundred dollars is what differentiates the life of a four-year-old facing multiple reconstructive surgeries and an aggressive pit bull.

Four. Hundred. Dollars.

But this is exactly what happens in a society where people not only intentionally opt to raise dogs in lieu of having children but will treat these dogs as children.   That’s a sure and sad sign that the line between the sacred and profane, the holy and unholy, has been removed- to our detriment.

In saner times, human life > than animal life, and the pit bull would’ve been killed already- no lawyers and no sympathy-based Facebook pages, no judge having to “decide” the dog’s fate.  Keeping this dog alive is a threat to public safety and as such, public safety would (and should) have taken precedence over misplaced sympathy.  This pit bull has tasted human blood and apart from a long process of behavior modification- which in-and-of-itself is no guarantee, precisely because it’s an animal- the likelihood of this happening again is almost assured.

But in a culture that no longer understands or acknowledges the sanctity of human life and sees little to no difference between human life and animal life, this is the logical conclusion of what happens.  A Facebook page and a lawyer may facilitate this dog repeating this grisly scenario.

And because the line separating human life and animal life has been removed, our culture treats animals as if they have rights.  Animals don’t have rights; they have protections.  As stewards of the earth, people have an obligation to protect animals.

Until animals no longer deserve our protections.  Morally and ethically, animal protections don’t come at the expense of human life.  Again, in saner more religious and ethically relevant times, this didn’t have to be articulated; it was implicitly understood.

I think this points to another symptom of a morally confused culture.  Superficial public displays of social virtue characterized by sanctimony.  In our misguided, increasingly religion-less culture, it’s merely enough to feel good about doing something- anything- regardless of the outcome(s).  Intentions and how one looks in front of others, are all that matters.  These idiots are expressing sympathy for-and trying to save- a violent dog makes people feel good but inhibits them from experiencing sympathy for the actual victim.  It also blinds them to the fact that they’re facilitating the recurrence of the dog mauling again in the future.

Yes, by sparing the dog’s life, these people are authorizing it to maul again, with the potential of that mauling being deadly.  But it doesn’t matter.  They feel good now.

It’s axiomatic that the dog should be killed.  Again from a purely a-religious, commonsensical standpoint, this is an issue of public safety- preventing it from happening again.

Why?  Because we’re created in the image of God which results in the intrinsic worth of human life and because we posses reason and free will- the former being a religious perspective, the alter being either a religious or a-religious perspective.

But as of right now, none of it may matter in this case.  Culturally, it hasn’t mattered in a quite some time.

The Cowardly Ryan Has No Heart

Another example of why Republicans can’t maintain respectability came this past week when Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, walked back his statements regarding the culture of poverty that exists in the inner city.

Speaking on Bill Bennett’s show “Morning in America,” Ryan said- among other things- that there is a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work.”

The Congressional Black Caucus claims Ryan’s statement was “highly offensive.”  How the truth is offensive is anyone’s guess.  Everyone with eyes can point to any inner city in the country and clearly see the chaos and dysfunction that permeates it.

And black Democrats couldn’t pass up another chance to embarrass themselves and prove yet again, why no one takes blacks who vote Democrat- or black Democrat politicians- seriously.

Barbara Lee (D-CA) called Ryan’s statements a “thinly veiled racist attack” and added, “Let’s be clear, when Mr. Ryan says ‘inner city,’ when he says, ‘culture,’ these are simply code words for what he really means: ‘black.’”


Aside from whites and Latinos who also live in the inner city, whether Ryan meant “black” or not, isn’t important because it isn’t a racial issue.  But the merits of what he said are undeniably true.

More importantly, it’s NO coincidence that these same inner cities, which have been run and ruined by progressive politicians and suffer from a culture of moral, spiritual, and economic poverty, are all under the political leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus. So in essence, Paul Ryan was unintentionally calling the Congressional Black Clowns out on their lack of political leadership and influence upon the districts they represent.  That’s one reason why the CBC is calling Paul Ryan racist.  The CBC wants to deflect attention away from their contributions to this problem, which directly indicts their perpetual failures as political leaders.

But even more troubling is that Ryan- who went through the trouble of drafting a 200-pg report on the federal government’s fifty-year failure on the “War on Poverty,” detailing how welfare programs trap beneficiaries in poverty- is now apologizing for what he said, claiming his statements were “inarticulate.”  Ryan has also agreed to meet with the CBC, which means he’s volunteered to grovel as penance, hoping for absolution.

This is nothing more than another public example of black power (black grievance) leveraged with the manipulation of white guilt.

Sadly, in post-modern America the truth is now referred to as “inarticulate.”  When that truth is spoken, and people are “offended,” it’s apologized for.

With all due respect to Congressman Ryan, his retraction due to the CBC’s campaign of public intimidation shows that he’s a coward and he typifies the essence of today’s Republican party.  It’s one reason why so much effort is made by conservatives to distinguish themselves from Republicans.  Republicans have no courage, vigor, initiative, backbone or testicular fortitude to speak the truth and condemn those who would seek to silence them, regardless of the issue.  By acknowledging the CBC’s foolishness, Ryan gives these benefactors of affirmative action credibility in attributing his statements- and the party he represents- to racism.

Doing this also demonstrates that Ryan and the GOP, still aren’t ready to commence serious outreach to poor and minority communities.

Ryan shouldn’t be apologizing for the truth that data and common sense affirm.  What characterizes the inner cities- rightly called ghettos- is a culture of poverty which unproductive and inefficient welfare programs aid and abet.  This is why everyone who can do so, leaves the inner city as soon as they get the chance.  This should be said over and over and over.  What else do people call high rates of illegitimacy, fatherlessness, abortion, broken families, violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse that isn’t accompanied by any moral stigma, but funded by federal and state governments? It isn’t called the American Dream I can guarantee you that.

No one expects anything more from the CBC than the racial charade we see here; the bar really is that low- completely earned, by the way.  By acknowledging their empty cries of racism, congressman Ryan has allowed the CBC- emblematic of black Democrats and their white counterparts, everywhere- to excuse the inexcusable behaviors that characterize and contribute to the culture of poverty.  This is precisely why alleviating high rates of poverty in America will never happen.  Democrats need poor people as a constituency so they excuse their behaviors and Republicans are afraid of calling Democrats on it.

Paul Ryan should’ve ignored the CBC in the same manner the CBC ignores its constituents.  He also should’ve doubled down on what he said on Bennett’s program, standing firm on the truth.  Instead he gave the CBC unearned credibility and proved once again, that Republican leadership is just as gutless as Democrat leadership.

Is it any wonder why our country continues to proceed in the direction it is?

Roland Martin’s Support For Florida Boycott Against Stand Your Ground Law

On a recent episode of “NewsOneNow” on the TVOne network, Roland Martin and a panel of guests discussed the possibility of activists in Florida endeavoring to intimidate local businesses- including Tropicana and Disney- by threatening an economic boycott.  This potential boycott is an attempt to coerce state lawmakers into repealing the so-called controversial, “stand your ground” (SYG) law.

Martin played clips of the demonstration which included Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown- known for her big wigs and epic CNN meltdown, along with pastor Jamal Bryant, doing his best Je$$e Jack$on routine of trying to intimidate and shakedown Tropicana for not donating a portion of their profits to any “civil rights organizations.”

Martin’s panel- which included Shelby Emmett a lawyer and member of Project 21, Dru Ealons- a political commentator, and George Curry of NNPA News Service, discussed the potentiality of the economic boycotts, so-called “civil rights leaders,” and Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

Martin, Ealons and Curry defended this economic boycott because they oppose the “SYG” law.  Emmett argued- in my opinion, rightly- that economic boycotts have to be thought out to their logical conclusion(s) to avoid the unintentional consequences that could negatively affect working class families as activists try to advance a political agenda.  But Martin and others were undeterred in their support for this boycott because they aggressively want Florida’s law repealed.

Roland Martin is a funny guy; it’s unintentional, but still funny.  In his defense of this silly boycott, Martin, like Ealons and Curry, like so-called civil rights leaders, like Barack Obama; like self-deprecating, guilty white liberals and rabid progressives, like most blacks in general who were emotionally manipulated in the Trayvon Martin case and the recent Jordan Davis case- fault the “SYG” law saying it was the reason George Zimmerman wasn’t convicted of second-degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin, and why Michael Dunn- though convicted on three counts of attempted second-degree murder, wasn’t convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of Jordan Davis.

And Martin invoked the law with a straight face.

For the thousandth time, the “SYG” law wasn’t used as a defense in either case.  I repeat- the Florida statute that legalizes a “justifiable use of force” was not used in the defense of George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn.

As heartrending as these deaths may have been, both defendants- Zimmerman and Dunn- argued self-defense, not SYG.  Period. The people who continue to lament the evils of SYG and who continually call for its repeal, citing the deaths of both Martin and Davis are being intentionally dishonest as they engage in racial agitation. Plainly speaking, they’re liars. Roland Martin lied; Je$$e Jack$on lied; Al $harpton lied; Barack Obama lied.  Any black person- whether it’s a sorry-sack politician or the average citizen, knowingly lies when they claim that SYG is the reason why Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis were killed.

The second segment of this show wasn’t any better. Martin rants on about SYG allowing people “to act a fool when you have that gun.”  The law doesn’t do that, by the way.

Martin details what transpired the night that Michael Dunn shot Jordan Davis.  If you watch and listen closely, Dunn’s actions- based on Martin’s descriptions- are in no way associated with- nor defended by- the merits of the “SYG” law. Martin goes on to conflate people (hypothetically arguing) they should be able to shoot their guns whenever and wherever because it’s a protected right.

Roland Martin is serious.  Too bad he comes across as unserious.

Just like the recently vetoed, religious liberty bill in Arizona which most opponents couldn’t be bothered to read, most people who oppose the Florida SYG law haven’t read this law either.  Why should these people bother with facts when they have a political agenda to advance?

If Roland Martin, two of his panelists, any self-appointed (or anointed) so-called civil rights leader or politician who are in visible positions of influence and leadership can’t take the time to read legislation they oppose, injure their moral and intellectual credibility and forfeit the privilege of being taken seriously.  Liars deserve to be disregarded.  What else can be said about people who intentionally lie to advance an agenda- political or otherwise?

After another clip, in the second segment, Martin references a discussion between he and Emmett in which she – again, rightly in my opinion- acknowledges the differences of priorities between younger blacks and those blacks who lived during the civil rights era.

This segment encapsulates exactly what’s wrong with the black, so-called “leadership” that self-identifies with the “civil rights generation.” Here’s a newsflash to blacks and their “leaders”- we won our civil rights- fifty years ago in fact, this July. In the past fifty years, America has done its best to offer provisions and social policies to blacks- many times at the expense of blacks, in an (never-ending) effort of absolution- atoning for the sin of racial discrimination.  Any lack of progress of blacks is largely the result of self-inflicted shortcomings brought on by blacks themselves.

As a consequence, the civil rights establishment is dead.  Dead. These big-mouthed black “leaders” are the result of what was birthed by the civil rights movement- the racial grievance industry (enabled by white progressives) and the the black grievance industry- those who claim to be the progeny of civil rights “leadership” who’ve personally benefitted from the civil rights era, but who’re less than truthful in acknowledging black responsibility for black problems. For both industries, black problems continue to be whitey’s fault.

More to the point, black “leadership” still thinks it’s the 1960’s, evidenced by the language they still use (mobilize, organize, etc.), the continuation of “marches” in combination with threats of boycotts, accompanied by tired and retread slogans that were characteristic of the time.  All that damn energy wasted on symbolic marching (to nowhere) could be used trying to solve the crises that plague and dishonor blacks.

Emmett said, “Just because my generation doesn’t want to do things the same way that previous [civil rights] generations did does not mean we don’t care as much.  It just means we look at it differently.”


And this is the hope for blacks- and the country in general.  The hope is that a new quality of leadership isn’t fixated on the past, predicated on the dishonest and immoral tactics that characterizes those in the racial grievance and black grievance industries.  This new leadership recognizes the new challenges that face the country and are willing and eager to confront them earnestly.

Lackluster Jobs Report

Because of the administration perpetual damage control these days- attempting to manage the repercussions of the President’s ongoing and mounting missteps, the economy seems all but forgotten.

Domestically, these blunders include- but aren’t limited to- the continuing and unanswered questions surrounding the IRS’ political intimidation scandal. There’s also the man-made distraction that is Attorney General Eric Holder who encouraged his state-based counterparts to disregard their oaths to their respective state constitutions and not defend laws they personally disagree with.  He also tried to persuade states to lift bans that would allow convicted felons voting privileges.

And there’s yet another Obamacare implementation modification and two-year delay to the imposition of the individual mandate.

On the world stage these blunders include the repercussions of Syrian’s civil war and humanitarian disaster that occurred while Obama weakly endeavored to erase the red line he set in regards to Bashir Assad’s murdering of his own people.  Then there’s Iran’s disruption of Middle East politics and mocking of the president’s threat of military force to contain Iran.  And who can ignore Putin’s methodical attempt to expand the Russian empire into Ukraine.

Again, because of the President’s contribution to these distractions, the economy is the forgotten man.  The economy receives scant mention by the media and not taken seriously by the President or his economic advisors.

The national unemployment rate had a slight increase to 6.7%, (U-6 is 12.6%) representing 10.5 million Americans still looking for work.  The long term unemployed increased by 203k in February, bringing the total number of Americans unemployed 27-weeks or longer to 3.8 million.

The Obama administration will continue to spin this report as (more) evidence of and economy slowly gaining momentum even though the nation’s GDP was revised downward to a 2.4% annual growth pace in the fourth quarter, not the 3.2% that was initially reported.

Five years after the president’s celebrated $900 billion “stimulus package,” there are still more people out of the workforce today than when he took office in January 2009.  There are more people receiving food stamps and federal disability than when he took office as well.  The annual average labor force participation rate reached a 35-yr-low, averaging 63.2% for 2013. All of this is indicative of the fact that this “recovery”- if one still wants to call it that- is the weakest since the Second World War.

The CBO’s recently released report describes the reality in detail.  It notes that the sluggish recovery, the inverse relation of the unemployment rate drop to the high numbers of disaffected, potential employees who’ve left the labor force (including the high numbers of the long-term unemployed) and the low demand for goods and services that’s partially responsible for the slow growth of payrolls is expected to negatively affect the nation’s economy for at least a decade.

Month after month, the economic indicators have become increasingly ominous, yet very little has been done, let alone addressed. The country is in a vulnerable position and in need of leadership- particularly on this issue.  But it won’t be found in the person reclined in the Oval Office who disrespectfully puts his feet up on the Resolute Desk.

Consider the president’s recently released, $4 trillion dollar partisan budget that Democrats will use as a campaign platform for the midterm elections.  The president wants more tax increases with projected revenue of more than a trillion dollars; he wants to decrease the size and pay for members of our military (even though food stamp use among our soldiers has increased under Obama).

Obama also wants to create and fund more social programs like “universal preschool” and he wants to extend unemployment insurance.  There are even budget sub-topics such as ending homelessness, increasing minimum wage and immigration reform.

If that wasn’t unserious enough, the president’s budget also calls for a $1 billion-dollar, “resilience fund,” that would combat the negative effects of climate change.  This would give the EPA the money and power to impose the president’s regulation-heavy agenda on the country, causing energy costs to increase, cheating the economy of over $2 trillion over the next twenty-plus years.

Obama’s budget is in no way a sober attempt to deal with the economic difficulties facing the country, many he directly contributed to.  In other words, zero substance, which is perfectly reflective of its author.

The state of the nation’s economy matters very little to the president.  Obama hasn’t been held accountable for the country’s poor economic situation thus far and I suspect very little will change that fact in the near future.

Ash Wednesday

ashWear it with pride. 


I admitted my sin to you; I didn’t conceal my guilt. “I’ll confess my sins to the LORD,” is what I said. Then you removed the guilty of my sin (Ps. 32:5).

Come let’s worship and bow down! Let’s kneel before the LORD, our maker! He is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep in his hands. If only you would listen to his voice right now! “Don’t harden your hearts…” (Ps. 95:6-8).

If you kept track of sins, LORD – my Lord, who would stand a chance? But forgiveness is with you – that’s why you are honored (Ps. 130:3-4).

Listen to my prayer, LORD! Because of your faithfulness, hear my request for mercy! Because of your righteousness, answer me! Please don’t bring your servant to judgment, because no living thing is righteous before you (Ps. 143:1-2).

Seek good and not evil, that you may live; and so the LORD, the God of heavenly forces, will be with you just as you have said. Hate evil, love good, and establish justice at the city gate. Perhaps the LORD God of heavenly forces will be gracious to what is left of Joseph (Amos 5:14-15).

Let’s throw off any extra baggage, get rid of the sin that trips us up, and fix our eyes on Jesus, faith’s pioneer and perfecter. He endured the cross, ignoring the shame, for the sake of the joy that was laid out in front of him, and sat down at the right side of God’s throne (Hebrews 12:1-2).

…the tax collector stood at a distance. He wouldn’t even lift his eyes to look toward heaven. Rather, he struck his chest and said, ‘God, show mercy to me, a sinner.’ I tell you, this person went down to his home justified rather than the Pharisee. All who lift themselves up will be brought low, and those who make themselves low will be lifted up” (Luke 18:13-14).

Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 3:2).

Bear fruits in keeping with repentance (Luke 3:8).

Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord… (Acts 3:19-20). 


My Brother’s Keeper Won’t Keep

In my opinion, the president’s initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper”- an attempt to effectively target and positively influence the lives of young black men, may be too little too late.  This initiative should have been a priority five years ago, immediately after the president was inaugurated into office.  If not then, it definitely should’ve been implemented when blacks and some of their “leaders” were beseeching him to do something significant for his most faithful demographic.

Remember his response?  Obama said that he’s not just the president of black America; he’s the President of all America. The president made this statement having already signed and touted the Lily Ledbetter Act (pandering to women), the DREAM-Act executive order that granted a reprieve from deportation of illegals immigrants (pandering to Hispanics); repealing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy regarding gays in the military and “evolving” and promoting same-sex marriage, and verbally signaling that his administration would no longer defend DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act – a congressionally-passed law, in court (which panders to gays).

In other words, the president told blacks to beat it.  The president essentially told blacks that there wasn’t enough political capital to be gained by doing something for them.  In the president’s mind, there were more important things to do than to worry about black socio-economic pathologies- no matter how damaging they were/are to blacks and the country.

At that time the national unemployment rate was 8.1% (88,897,000 not in the labor force) but the black unemployment rate was 13.9% (11,588,000 not in the labor force) and for black teens it was 38.3%.*

Funny the difference presidential unpopularity polls make.

So in his endeavor to influence these polls and ward off the quack of “lame duck” status, the president turns his short attention span to the most loyal of political pawns- black America.

Many blacks agree with Raymond Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University, when he said, “It’s better late than never. We’ve been patient with President Obama.”

I’m sorry, but this initiative is a momentary nod- a fist-bump- to black Americans, as if to say, “Here you go… I didn’t forget about you. Don’t say I never did anything for you.  Now run along and continue to support me- from over there.”

And sadly, blacks will be filled with pride from this better-late-than-never gesture because the black President has finally looked their way- regardless of how shallow, insincere and fleeting this public relations pandering is.**

Watch Don Lemon.

Don’t get me wrong; something qualitative needs to be done to address the moral, social and economic calamities plaguing black communities across the country.  And the name of this initiative works.

Indeed we are our brother’s keeper, but not necessarily through the vehicle of government.

But the content and conversation surrounding the initiative that doesn’t.

I think the noble-sounding intentions of this program are obvious- they have to be for President Obama to significantly influence and increase his likeability among Americans.  Again, no matter how the BS is spun coming from the WH pressroom, the president pays attention to poll numbers.

But what will the results be?  That’s what ultimately defines and gives integrity to intentions- the results they produce.  And if history is our guide regarding government programs, the results will be terrible.

Doesn’t matter though; this program will be forgotten by next week.  Why?  Because the conversation that needs to be had, won’t.

The president talking about the ills of marijuana is good start- as are imploring people to recognize that the negative statistics coming from black communities represent real people; so was the president identifying with the young men present as also coming from a single-parent home.  But in reality, Obama’s personal experience was FAR removed from the inner cities, and for good reason.  But these gestures only go so far.  

The real conversation is discussing why these pathologies are plaguing black communities in the first place.  It’s a very painful conversation, saturated with tough love and accepting personal responsibility.  Nevertheless, blacks desperately need to have and hear this conversation, though very few people are willing to engage it.

The president is right when he says that the reality of life for young black men is an outrage, and that taking the necessary steps in redeeming that life is a moral issue.

But what needs to be said is that- it’s a moral issue that black children be born within the consecrated bounds of marriage.  As it stands now, black women- who are at most 6% of the population, represent 30% of all abortions performed.  It’s shockingly worse in places like New York and Mississippi.  Of the children lucky enough to be carried to term, 73% of them are born illegitimately.  Of that 73%, almost forty percent will live in poverty.

The stigma and shame associated with having illegitimate children needs to be resurrected.  Now- like yesterday, now.

It’s a moral issue that blacks create and provide nurturing environments for themselves and their children.  As it stands now blacks create and perpetuate some of the most violent homes and communities in the country, which encourages and breeds violence, resulting in innocent children being killed in the midst of such violence.  In addition, the black-on-black crime that this violence represents is a self-evident existential and national embarrassment.

It’s a moral issue that children be allowed an opportunity to receive access to quality education. As it stands now, not only do blacks lack the familial foundation, which contributes to the academic stagnation seen from first through twelfth grades, but black parents also support the very political party- funded by teacher’s unions- that assiduously delivers the substandard education that nourishes bad habits and poor character to black children.  Yes- the Democrat party stands as a proud and defiant obstacle between poor parents and quality education reform.

As a friend recently observed, blacks seem like a suicidal people in many ways.  Not only will they not raise a voice or lift a finger to change their self-immolating ways but they will verbally- and sometimes physically- attack and fight anyone who does.

Woefully, this seems to be nothing short of the truth.

There truly is NO dysfunction- both external in social, moral and economic pathologies, and internally for the virtually debilitating nature of rejecting change- like that which continues to contaminate black America. It’s sad, pathetic and angering. Nothing short of a religious/spiritual awakening can redeem this situation.

The president has promised that his newly created task force will report back to him when assessing “the impact of Federal [state and local] policies, regulations and programs…” to see what works, what doesn’t and what can be created and developed to have positive impacts on black youth.

Please understand, this will be a colossal waste of time.  Since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs, blacks have been inundated with federally-funded social programs, provisions, set asides and the like which have essentially abetted the very same problems the government claimed to have wanted to fix.  Fifty years of ineffective government programs offering assistance which has robbed blacks of their self-dignity, the nobility of work and self-sufficiency- and suddenly this initiative will be the one that will open the eyes of the socio-political do-gooders, making them realize that… they’re part of the problem?

I doubt it. So does the reader.

Blacks need help, period.  No one denies this, but another government program? We’ve used crutches for so long that our legs have atrophied.  We remember standing and walking, but we don’t remember how it feels.  We need to accept and do our part in self-rehabilitation. We need to return to prayer so that God will “break the bars of our yoke that we may walk with our heads held high” (Lev. 26:13b). It will be a difficult process; it will take some time and yes, it will hurt.  But unless we can first prove to ourselves, and then to others, that we possess the internal fortitude and disposition to embrace inevitable pain and overcome it, we can forget about crutches, or a wheelchair.

We’ll need a cemetery.

Again, this initiative sounds good, but it simply amounts to more window dressing. Until the country- beginning with blacks- is prepared to seriously and sincerely address the destructive issues encompassing black Americans- in other words, culture change- we will see more of the same half-hearted initiatives and government handouts that we’ve seen for the last fifty years.  The symptoms are reflective of the illness, so let’s cure the illness and the symptoms disappear.

* Keep in mind- these numbers were probably doctored, according to the story found in the NY post -and never recanted- to reflect a better economic picture to aide the president’s re-election effort.

** I think it was a distraction and in poor taste to have the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis at the president’s speech. Though this initiative has a determined racial focus, obviously, the presence and distraction of these parents- particularly the Martins considering how President Obama manipulated that situation by twice injecting himself into it, excessively politicized and racialized the event in a manner in which it wasn’t needed.

Blacks Must Become Multilingual

This isn’t a call for blacks to learn an additional language to communicate alongside the English we speak now.  Even though Hispanics are an increasing percentage of the population- displacing blacks as the largest minority in the process- I’m not advocating the need to learn Spanish; though that may indeed prove helpful.

What I’m advocating here is something quite different and I believe more practical and much more pressing.  Blacks are monolingual- we only speak one language and oftentimes it’s at our own expense.

The language isn’t English… it’s race.  On occasion, we speak it very well and considering the historical presence of blacks in America, it’s understandable.  From slavery to the Emancipation, from Reconstruction through Jim Crow segregation; from the Civil Rights Movement to the present day- our historical reality in America forced blacks to develop a polished articulation of racial language.

But in twenty-first century America, the language of race is no longer as welcomed or as understandable to hearers as it once was.  The old black/white paradigm of racial semantics is no longer the reality as it used to be.  The presences of Asians, Hispanics- and yes Africans, including other races and ethnicities have drastically changed the vocabulary of racial language.  More and more, mainstream America is closing its ears when blacks speak the language of race- particularly when it’s spoken in the narrative of accusatory victimization.

If blacks continue the delay in conceding this new reality, and stubbornly refuse to adapt and learn other languages, they will become culturally and politically irrelevant.

Some argue that this irrelevancy has already set upon us.

Politically, black irrelevance is already a distressing, self-imposed reality.  It’s the reason that one political party- very intentionally- takes black for granted, while the other political party ignores them altogether.  It’s why both political parties are creating deliberate yet incoherent and destructive strategies of Hispanic outreach and capitulation, even though blacks represented a greater percentage of the electorate in 2008 (12.3%) and 2012 (13.4%) than did Hispanics (7.4% & 8.4%, respectively).

Both parties are fully aware that blacks are self-limiting, one-dimensional racial linguists and that language only goes so far.  It recycles itself but doesn’t create anything of value.

If blacks want to avoid becoming a cultural and political afterthought, and I believe we do, then it is an existential imperative that we become multilingual.

Blacks must learn to speak the language of education- specifically education reform. It’s not simply enough for blacks to mouth empty platitudes about supporting quality education for black children.  It’s even harder when blacks support a political party that steadfastly refuses to deliver meaningful quality education to black children.  The education establishment has intently provided substandard education to black children for generations and will continue to do so until blacks speak the language of education reform so loudly and defiantly that it would be impossible to ignore.  At one point in American history it was illegal to educate blacks and as such, many blacks risked their lives to be educated.  Now that it’s legal, risk isn’t involved but sacrifice is.

Blacks must learn to speak the language of economics.  The past five years, black unemployment has been at or above 15%, twenty-nine times, and at or above 16%, eleven times. Black teen unemployment has been much worse, falling below 35% only three times and reaching 40% or higher, thirty times.  These are catastrophic statistics, and no amount of government handouts is going to rectify this bleak reality in any qualitative way.  In combination with the language of educational reform, blacks need to instruct and expose themselves to the virtue, dignity and incentives of work and entrepreneurship.  From this comes self-sufficiency, respect and greater wealth accumulation.

Blacks must also relearn the language of love- of self and of others.  Blacks accounted for thirty-six percent of all abortions between 2007-2010.  In 2012, 80% of black pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion.  In Mississippi between 1995 and 2010, 72% of black pregnancies ended in abortion.  The sad reality is that abortions are responsible for roughly 1400 deaths of preborn black babies each year.  Those children lucky enough to escape the womb unharmed have a very high likelihood of being killed by another black who was also lucky enough to have been born. Or they have the disproportionate probability of engaging in delinquency and experiencing the correctional system.  This dysfunction is all too pervasive.  Blacks must learn the language of love that: resuscitates the stigma and shame of having illegitimate children and thus, encourages the virtue of marriage prior to having children; that motivates a man to demonstrate a responsible masculinity for his son and an archetype of a future husband for his daughter.  To waste what our antecedents fought and died for is inexcusable.

Blacks must relearn the language of morality and faith. The self-destructive, immoral behavior categorized by a lack of self-discipline exhibited by blacks is enough to make our ancestors weep.  It also gives reason to question if our predecessors struggled and died in vain.  We’ve discarded this language and the effects are undeniable, noticeable to all.  Though blacks continue- in theory- to be the most religious demographic in the country, many blacks do their best to conduct themselves as if they are allergic to dignity, incapable of impulse control, and immune to morality.  We act as if public and personal rules of civility, etiquette, and the rule of law are applicable to everyone except us.  We engage in this imprudence proudly, centered in the many pathologies plaguing black America, characterized by the excessive participation in violence and criminality, the disrespect shown to authority, the disregard we have for ourselves and our families; the production, consumption and romanticizing of sexually explicit and vile images, the indifference shown to the values that guarantee success and the crutch-like dependence on guilt-ridden, racial shakedowns leveraged against white guilt to assert a perverted notion of power – done without sense of shame or a hint of guilt.  It’s not only a slap in the face to those who came before us; it’s offensive and threatening to those who are affected by it.

Blacks used to speak the language of faith and morality well, but you wouldn’t know that today.  We descend from a cultural heritage that was once saturated with a spirit-filled religiosity, grounded in biblical Christianity.  This faith nourished the strength and resiliency that buttressed the spirit against the evils, pain and anguish associated with slavery, segregation and the successful fight for civil rights.  This same faith was the foundation upon which our forefathers molded the integrity of their character and the dignity of their humanity, despite the doubts and difficulties they faced.  If they could do it, considering what the many obstacles they faced, I know for certain we can do it.

These are but a few of the languages that blacks must learn to ensure cultural respectability, moral legitimacy and political relevance.  Again, developing the talent of multilingualism isn’t a suggestion; it’s a prerequisite for self-preservation.  The once obligatory language of race, spoken with a specific articulation, sincerity and urgency in American history, has virtually become obsolete. Our failure to adapt to the changing linguistic landscape will result in blacks being completely left behind in a reality only they recognize.

And it will be our fault.

Smearing “Uncle” Thomas

Over twenty years after being nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas still raises the ire of the Left.  No sooner did he finish his speech lamenting that society has grown more race conscious and too sensitive regarding racial identities, the liberal mentality he identified as being the source of such racism validated his point.

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D- Montgomery expressed his dislike for Clarence Thomas simply because “he’s married to a white woman.”  Holmes then “backtracked” his original statement, saying it was “misinterpreted,” Holmes “clarified” his position regarding Thomas saying, “ I don’t like him at all because he’s an Uncle Tom.”

Well, I’m glad Holmes cleared that up.

That Justice Thomas has been charged with being an “Uncle Tom,” a “sell out,” a “house slave,” and worse, isn’t new.  Simply search Google and see what Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, Spike Lee, Julianne Malveaux and many self-identified Democrat liberals have said in disparaging Justice Thomas.  But the denigration of Justice Thomas points to something more sinister and ugly.

Think about what Rep. Holmes said about Justice Thomas, what so-called “reverend” William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP recently said about Senator Tim Scott; what black Democrats and others have said about Lt. Col. Allen West, what the racial provocateurs on MSNBC has said about Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain (here, here and here) and what many other self-identifying liberals and progressives have said about the aforementioned… what does it represent?

These examples illuminate the continued emotional dysfunction of many blacks caused by perpetually embracing a racial identity that incorporates the silly, archaic and destructive notion of black “authenticity.”  Blacks are the only group who willingly canabalizes their own members for independent thinking and behavior that deviates from the accepted narrative of black victimization.  Truly a self-defeating, tribal mentality.

But it also illustrates the only acceptable form of racism that’s encouraged and applauded is that against black conservatives. And it always originates from the left.  Always. Democrat racism is good; Republican or conservative racism is bad. This intentional double standard and narrative is used as an effective strategy to intimidate more blacks away from thinking for themselves and toward intellectual and political freedom.  In other words, keeping blacks in their place.

And blacks suffer as a result.

The life and achievements of Justice Clarence Thomas should be held as an example for all Americans to follow.  He transcended poverty, embraced the values of hard work, self-discipline and determination and reached the jurisprudential heights of the Supreme Court of The United States.  By all accounts, Justice Thomas is a decent and honorable man.

But none of that matters to those who only see “race.”

The Economy Worsens

For those that suffered through the President’s SOTU speech last month, few may have been deceived into believing the pretty picture painted by the President regarding the state of our economy.  The attentive were not.  That the economy is doing anything positive and worth commending in this anemic, so-called recovery has more to do with the strength and resiliency of the American people- despite the President’s stewardship, not because of it.


The President’s administration appears to welcome the expanding welfare state. Today’s jobless report once again showed that the continued drop in the unemployment rate- both national (6.6%; U-6 rate, 12.7%) and in respective demographics (blacks-12.1%, black teens-38%, Hispanics- 8.4%)- isn’t the result of the economy making the progress desperately needed, but rather the result of more Americans giving up hope and leaving the workforce.  However dishonestly the administration attempts to spin the news as good coming from the Labor Department, the stats don’t lie.


Consider the following-

            – Real median household income continues to fall;

            – The civilian labor force who have Bachelor’s degrees, older than 35 continues its historic fall;

            – The labor force participation rate of men between the ages of 25 and 54- men in their prime- continues to drop.  It’s estimated that close to 10.5 million men, aged 25 to 54 don’t have work.  This should be kept in mind the next time one hears about a so-called war on women;

            – Hours worked continues to decrease;

            – Fifty million Americans now live below the poverty level a number exacerbated during Obama’s presidency.  This is why many feel that the current strategy used in the “war on poverty” has failed;

            – According to the Corporation for Enterprise Development, half of Americans are living in what they call “persistent economic insecurity… making it difficult to look beyond immediate needs and plan for a more secure future.”  In other words, half of Americans are unfortunately living paycheck to paycheck.

All of this presents serious causes of concern for the economy now, and its effects on the future. Sadly, the news concerning the economy continues to grow more worrisome.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report Wednesday stating unemployment remains historically high as a result of the slowest recovery following a recession since 1975.  Further, the report affirmed that despite the projections of decreasing unemployment rates in the future, the labor force participation rate would continue to drop (13-14).

The report also stipulates that as a result of the Obamacare’s subsidized provisions- provisions that decline with increased income- people will inevitably determine that there exists a considerable financial incentive (subsidies in combination with the current marginal tax rates) to work less, if at all (pg.14).  This negatively affects the labor force participation rate.  CBO analysts estimate that those responding to the incentive not to work could reflect upwards of 2.5 million jobs over the next ten years.  The report goes on to state that though total employment will increase, it will do so at a slower rate resulting from the Obamacare’s adverse affects  (p.117).

This job-loss projection doesn’t include the full impact of the employer mandate, which doesn’t go into effect until 2015.  Millions more jobs will be forfeited when employers calculate that penalties, layoffs, and reducing employee hours are preferable than increasing their labor costs and or going out of business. As the CBO report states, “[T]he costs of the penalty eventually will be borne primarily by workers in the form of reductions in wages or other compensation […] Because the supply of labor is responsive to changes in compensation, the employer penalty will ultimately induce some workers to supply less labor.”

In other words, Obamacare is the job-killer many knew it to be and over the next couple of years that truth will be laid bare for the country to see.

The response from Democrat lawmakers, and the President’s administration is expectedly, cartoonish spin and serves as more proof that they aren’t taking the economic situation seriously.

According to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.), it’s a blessing as he says more Americans will have the freedom to “choose to work less or not at all” because the government has provided them with health insurance. 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said that the report “rightfully says that people shouldn’t have job lock.  We live in a country where we should be free agents. People can do what they want.”

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman said, “This is not businesses cutting back on jobs.  This is people having new choices.”  Furman went on to say that this new freedom would create a dynamic marketplace that magically encourages entrepreneurship.

Jay Carney simply disagreed with the report because he didn’t like what it had to say. 

Job lock?” “Free agents?” “New choices?”  This is Alice in Wonderland.

The situation is so bad that the President finally acknowledged his unpopularity to Senate Democrats.   The President should try telling people something they don’t already know.

Unpardonably, the President and his party are idiotically embracing the job losses anticipated by the CBO report.  In a sane world, politicians, upon hearing such bad news, would pass legislation, reduce taxes and regulations, etc. to try and counter such bad economic news.

Not on Planet Progressive.

On Planet Progressive, projected and actualized job losses are celebrated and touted, asserting that the impending unemployment millions of Americans will face is a good thing because these Americans will be able to “choose” to work less hours and “choose” to be unemployed because they’re able to receive health insurance.  On Planet Progressive, unemployment is a good thing because the unemployed have health insurance even though they lack a consistent paycheck.  In what sensible way does this fantasy balance itself out?

I applaud and commend the determination of Americans who stubbornly attempt to persevere despite the odds.

But neither applause or “free” health insurance is enough for the American worker to pay his/her bills or overcome expanding government headed by a chief executive so stuck on stupid that our nation’s economy careens out of control.

Forty-One Years of Roe v. Wade

Today marks the 41st year since Roe v. Wade decision, which said that women not only have a right to abortion, but it it’s protected by the Constitution.

Since that decision, it is estimated that over 57 million babies in America have been put to death.

Abortion has had a devastating effect on the nation both morally and culturally, but the idea of having a “choice” to end (kill) a preborn baby’s life has had a devastatingly disproportionate impact on the black community.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s position was, according to his father: “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.”  I believe that.

It is estimated by the Guttmacher Institute that black women account for 30 percent of abortions performed. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that 40 percent of all black pregnancies end in abortion, and it is also reported that abortion is responsible for more black deaths than heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, accidents, homicides, suicide, HIV and cancer combined.

The so-called “choice” or “right” of an abortion is said to have claimed over 17 million black babies since 1973.  It’s estimated that roughly 1200 babies are aborted each day.  With these ungodly statistics, one may come to the conclusion that – through abortion – blacks are willingly participating in killing their own people.  This was underscored by the Census Bureau report that said the black population “grew at a slower rate than most other major race and ethnic groups in the country.”  Blacks are, in the process of accomplishing what the KKK could have only dreamed of achieving.

Blacks are only 13.1% of the population with black women obviously comprising much less.

To make matters worse, a black so-called civil rights organization- the NAACP, with help from the ACLU- has actively sought to overturn an Arizona state law that prohibits race and sex-based abortions.  Calling the law- among other things, “discriminatory,” the NAACP claims that the law violates “women’s rights” under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment by “stigmatizing their decision” to kill their preborn babies.

Even after their initial suit was thrown out, the NAACP is appealing the case to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which means they just might win this time around.

Again a so-called civil rights organization that purports to represent the best interests of its constituents is suing to overturn a law that would increase the numbers of abortions, which is already decimating the black community.

The so-called leader of the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP is Rev. Oscar Tillman, who’s also a member of the NAACP National Board.


And this is after what baby-butcher Kermit Gosnell was accused and found guilty of doing- particularly to poor, black women- in his abortion practice in May, 2013.

Worse still, America’s first black president has whole-heartedly endorsed this practice up to and including abortions performed during the third trimester.

Not only does this paint a sad picture of reality, but it’s unjust as well.  The notion that abortion is a “choice” is purposely misleading.  The aborted baby didn’t choose to be killed.  Furthermore, what about the rights of the preborn children who are murdered by abortion?  All of the politically progressive talk of “justice” and “rights” is nothing more than a charade when it’s not also applied to the preborn – for they are the most defenseless amongst us.

For those of us who are pro-life, it’s best that we forget about arguing about the legalities of abortion.  Instead, we should be concerned with discussing the immorality of abortion and the resulting consequences on the lives of the mothers who have them, the families in which these women belong, the communities where these women live and the nation as a whole.  The immorality of abortion, arbitrarily choosing when life ends- particularly when that decision is based on the convenience of the mother at the expense of the father, the preborn child, and the respective families- disrupts and destroys the cooperative act between God and man in creating new life in God’s image.

Even if one doesn’t believe in God, the immorality of abortion can still be sincerely and intelligently debated and defended from an ethical and moral position.  Most Americans view abortion as morally wrong.  Most of these same Americans believe that life begins at conception, which basic biology teaches.  Again, all the incessant talk about “rights” and “protections” ring extremely hollow if they’re not extended to those who need them the most. It’s impossible  to- with any sincerity or intellectual credibility- literally create “rights” out of thin air that redefines marriage on emotional qualifications, or that guarantees a constitutional protection for abortion, while ignoring the fact that a preborn child containing forty-six chromosomes is somehow immune from protection.

The moral disintegration that accompanies abortion enables men like Kermit Gosnell, Douglas Karpen, Leroy Carhart, Warren Hern, and women like Shelley Sella, and Susan Robinson to continue their gruesome barbarity against preborn children.

Jeremiah 1:5 says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” Additionally, Psalm 139:13-14 reads: “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

We should all remember this every time we hear the euphemisms “choice,” “woman’s right” and “a woman’s body” used in conjunctions with abortion.


MLK’s Birthday

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve been 85 years old today.  As we reflect on his life, his speeches, sermons and writings; his ministry of public service, and what more he may have accomplished had he lived, or whether or not his dream has become a nightmare, we would do well to keep a few things in mind.

First, Reverend King was indeed that- a reverend. For many reasons obvious and not so obvious, the fact that King was indeed a minister of the gospel has been ignored in reference to him and his accomplishments.  He wasn’t simply “Doctor” King, he was also “Reverend” King. He was a pastor before receiving his doctorate and I would suggest that the movement associated with him would not have been as successful without the employing Christian principles and religiosity. The Christian message and symbolism was peppered through everything he said and did in regards to his public ministry of civil rights activism.  As such, referring to him only as ‘Dr. King’ rather than ‘Rev. King’ minimizes the impact and influence the Christian message had on changing American hearts and minds while achieving long sought civil rights protections and equality.

Second, we must resist the temptation to descend into partisan debates, arguing whether King was a Democrat or a Republican.  Though I don’t believe he was a Democrat, I can’t say for sure if he was a Republican (though his father was); he might have been a political Independent.  Ultimately, none of this matters.  What matters is that he was a proud, self-identified Christian minister who used the Bible as the foundation in his attempts to secure the civil rights of black Americans.  As Ross Douthat has said, the civil rights movement was the last great moral movement in America.  It was so because of Judeo-Christian religious values and Christian theology- in pursuit of liberty, and not because of political partisanship.

Third, when discussing the realization of the dream or whether the dream has become a nightmare, we should answer in the affirmative.  The dream in which King envisioned a country that embraced racial reconciliation predicated on character rather than color, for the most part, has been realized.  The country in which King dreamed that blacks would be accepted into the socio-economic mainstream, has been realized.  Forced segregation is a relic of the past; America for fifty years has attempted to undo her past sins against blacks by implementing countless social and economic policies- even at the expense of liberty- to facilitate upward progress and mobility for blacks (and Mexicans, the poor- regardless of color, etc.). Condensing King’s dream, it has become a reality.

But, the nightmare- of which so many speak- is found in the fact that several generations of blacks haven’t taken advantage of the sacrifices of those, like King, who came before them. Freedom and equality under the law isn’t a guarantee of success or equality of outcome.  Those who believe this have been misguided.  The freedom that King and other antecedents fought and died for, in hopes that we could experience freedom of economic access and social acceptance, doesn’t absolve us of our responsibility to take (positive) advantage of the fruit of their labor.  The convoluted understanding of equality on the front end to guarantee equality on the back end has been disastrous for black America.

It’s time for Americans as a whole to move beyond the silly, unconstructive and time-wasting discussions of Rev. King’s legacy. Honesty obligates us to acknowledge that though America remains imperfect, the progress she has made in a mere fifty years has been extraordinary.  It’s actually historical.  Obviously, we’re still a work in progress; and hopefully, we always will be.  This should be celebrated and shouldn’t be condemned or mourned by those who have a vested interest in maintaining racial and cultural animosity.  Those folks, members of the Racial Grievance Industry and the Black Grievance Industry, should be thoroughly, loudly and boldly shamed and condemned.

Another Episode of Atheists Gone Wild

The University of Wisconsin-Extension in Madison has removed close to 140 Gideon Bibles from all of its guest rooms thanks to an offended guest, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the cowardice of management (Bill Mann, director) at The Lowell Center Conference & Lodging.


Rather than tell the guest to act like an adult and put the Bible out of sight, the Lowell Center decided to act- in response and in favor to the offended guest and FFRF intimidation.


But, Bill Mann said, “We reviewed the concern raised about the placement of Bibles in our guest rooms and decided to remove them. We want to make sure all guests are comfortable in our lodging.”


All guests?  No, just the one atheist who complained.


Ray Cross, chancellor of UW Colleges and UW-Extension NS UW System president, said that after reviewing the complaint, all Bibles would be removed by December 1, 2013.


Get it? One offended guest can now dictate to a business or organization, who can and can’t read the Bible, and who shouldn’t have to see a Bible.


Doubt we’ll hear any mention regarding the potential guests of The Lowell Center Conference & Lodging who’re Christian being offended by the irrationality of removing Bibles.


Annie Laurie Gaylor, president of the FFRF said, “Society has changed… there are more non-believers and more non-Christians to be offended.”


This is rubbish. Pure, unadulterated rubbish. Who cares if there are more non-believers and more non-Christians today to be offended?  They’re still the minority when compared to “believers” and Christians.


Attorney Patrick Elliot, who represents the FFRF, said in a statement, “While private hotels may choose to put any type of literature they want in their guest rooms, state-run colleges have a constitutional obligation to remain neutral toward religion.”


Ah, yes- the “constitutional obligation” appeal which they think means- freedom from religion.  Funny how these snakes- these acrimonious atheists and their legal co-conspirators- especially the ACLU, never, ever mention the free exercise clause.  They simply distort the original meaning and intent of the amendment with help from various and erroneous judicial interpretations.  In their twisted and irreligious minds- for nefarious reasons- the First Amendment, commonly and inaccurately known as “separation of church and state” (not found in the Constitution, by the way), has come to mean any public institution who accepts public funds, represents or is seen as an extension- however arbitrarily- of some form of government, can’t be involved in religious activities, however oblique.




Again, slimy lawyers like this are the reason(s) why the legal community can’t shake its well-deserved, sullied reputation. And as for these atheists, they do themselves and their belief system absolutely no favors being this belligerent and obnoxious.


The First Amendment states, in part, that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  In the truest meaning and understanding of the amendment, until Congress legislates the adherence and reverence of one religion above- and to the exclusion of all others, the Constitution hasn’t been violated, period.  Congress as a body, or congressional members on their own, can even promote a religion of their choice so long as they don’t attempt to legalize and nationalize a specific religion.


So public schools that allow prayers during lunch or at sporting events haven’t violated the Constitution nor are public properties that have Nativity scenes in violation either; the cross in the Mojave Desert- a memorial constructed to recognize the soldiers of our country lost in war- is legal, as is the cross on Mt. Soledad in San Diego.  Again, promotion of religion- which even the Founders and Framers did, does not amount to a de facto, legalized or nationalized religion.


FFRF Co-President Dan Barker says, “We atheists and agnostics do not appreciate paying high prices for lodging, only to find Gideon bibles in our hotel rooms, sometimes prominently displayed, knowing they contain instructions, for instance, to kill ‘infidels’ and ‘blasphemers,’ among other primitive and dangerous teachings,” he asserted.”


Then go somewhere else. No one is preventing any atheist from finding lodging, regardless of cost, that doesn’t place Bibles in their rooms.  There are plenty of them.

But kill the infidels? Kill the Blasphemers?  This is embarrassing both of Baker and the spineless management of the Lowell Center.


First, kill the infidel? Please; nice try.


Kill the blasphemers… aside from referring to this outside of its historical and theological context- yes it’s in the Bible, but what example of a Christian or Jew (specifically Jews, since the punishment for blasphemy is in the Levitical code in the Old Testament) who is actively internalizing these passages and killing infidels or blasphemers today? Or adulterers, for that matter?


There is only one prominent religion today who is actively engaging in infidel killing, the killing of apostates and of blasphemers and they’re ironically referred to as “the religion of peace.”


So this comes down to two things.  The first is that a single guest, along with the increasingly powerful atheist lobby, was “offended” that Bibles were available in public rooms and they didn’t like it.


The second is that as usual, the atheist lobby is perfecting the art of public intimidation- bullying- of those with whom they religiously disagree, specifically Christians, their religion and their Bible. (Yes, I said religiously because atheism is a religion, they just simply lack a common deity.)  And Bill Mann, the director of Extension conference centers, cowardly and quickly acquiesced to their threats, rewarding negative and corrupting behavior which serves to embolden the atheist mafia.


It’s ironic that a group of people who- with absolute certainty, claim that God doesn’t exist, spends such an inordinate amount of time publicly arguing, intimidating, and inconveniencing those who do. If God truly doesn’t exist, then shut up; go live your lives in peace.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.


But the FFRF, the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, make the continual and emotional fuss of trying to remove every single public display, mention or acknowledgment of a deity that “isn’t provable” and who “doesn’t exist.”


I don’t believe aliens exist, so I spend absolutely zero time in trying to prove it. Nor do I attempt to prevent those who do believe in them from… believing.


The idea that atheists are “free thinkers” is an unfunny joke.


Based on numerous past and current examples, this won’t be the last time a person, business, group or organization cowers to emotional atheists (who’re a minority) at the expense of common sense and decency.


First Black President Bad For Black America

In the 2008 election cycle, America proceeded to elect her first black president.  Predictably, blacks euphorically voted for Barack Obama in hopes of seeing what many considered a dream, become reality. The historicity and symbolism of that election were things that most blacks wanted to participate in, evidenced by ninety-six percent of blacks casting their votes in favor of Obama. The significance of his election on the psyche of black America couldn’t be minimized nor ignored.  Many anticipated that the implications of such an historical event would be- and could be- channeled by millions of individual black Americans for their socio-economic benefit.

Four years later, with most of his self-created and externally-projected veneer having worn off, Barack Obama won his re-election bid to the presidency.  Even considering his poor economic stewardship and socially-divisive record, particularly the constant level of high unemployment and its impact on black America, exit polls showed that ninety-three percent of blacks voted for Obama anyway.

That blacks voted for Obama in 2008 was understandable; in 2012 it was inexcusable, an example of irrationality.


Because the economic situation for black Americans under the country’s first black president has been nothing short of atrocious.

Since January 2009, the first month of Obama’s first term in office, the black unemployment rate was 12.7%.  It wasn’t until December’s 2013 unemployment numbers were released that we saw black unemployment fall below twelve percent. The black unemployment rate was been at or above 13%, fifty-five times; at or above 14%, thirty-nine times; at or above 15%, twenty-nine times and at or above 16%, eleven times. Black unemployment hit its peak under Obama at 16.9% in March, 2010.

Black teen unemployment has been worse- much worse. It’s been below thirty-five percent only twice during Obama’s reign- August, 2009 and February 2012. It’s been at or above 40%, thirty times. Black teen unemployment hit a high of 49% in September, 2010. This is a catastrophic look into the socio-economic future of black America.

And no one says “boo” about it.

Last month, the overall unemployment rate for blacks and black teens was 11.9% and 35.5%, respectively.

As we know, the drop in the unemployment rate among blacks isn’t the result of a growing and expanding economy but because, like the national unemployment rate, blacks are leaving the workforce as hope of finding work continues to fade.

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, December 2013 saw the overall black labor participation dip .3% to 60.2%.  This reflected the lowest rate in thirty-seven years (December, 1977). For black men specifically, the rate fell .7% to 65.6%, which is the lowest record to date.

Sentier Research reported that between June 2009 and June 2012, median annual household income for blacks fell 11.1 percent to $32,498 (from $36,567). The drop for whites was 5.2 percent; for Hispanics, it dropped 4.1 percent.

The Census Bureau reports (2010), via CNN Money, whites ($110,729) had twenty-two times more wealth than their black counterparts ($4,995).

Also, according to the same report, of all the homes that report receiving food stamps, 26.4 percent are black; yet blacks are only 13 percent of the total population. For the record, forty-seven million Americans representing twenty-three million households now receive assistance through SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

And this year, black homeownership has hit an eighteen-year low.

With these kinds of stats, it’s no surprise that the black poverty rate now stands at twenty-eight percent, compared to just ten percent for whites.

And yet, the Congressional Black Caucus is still not marching around the White House. Actually, they’re not doing much of anything noteworthy. 

This bleak economic picture and outlook is sad and at one point in time would’ve stimulated a quantifiable amount of sympathy for- or toward- blacks.

But, not anymore because it’s very difficult to inspire sympathy when blacks intentionally contribute to that which ails them.

It’s awful but it’s also inexcusable.

Blacks that voted for Obama did so at the expense of their own best interests, period. Again, voting for Obama in 2008 was understandable- disagreeable, but understandable.

But for blacks to vote for him again in 2012 and then continue to support him and his legislation that has set blacks back a generation, socio-economically, is simply indefensible. Blacks need to think about how they look when they overwhelmingly support a man (and party) who, when questioned about his lack of attention to the economic plight of millions of black Americans- his most unquestioningly loyal demographic, responded by saying “I’m not the president of black America.”

Blacks supported this president in word and deed to the point of embarrassment- again, at the expense of their socio-economic well-being and credibility- and he says, in essence, “Take a hike!”

The sad reality is that Obama got exactly what he needed from blacks- electoral support and continued racial defenses of his increasing number of inadequacies, mistakes and lies. Blacks are also getting exactly what they voted for in Barack Obama- a black mascot, and nothing more.  Barack Obama is a false god, a symbol of a projected but poor representation of black power who has turned out to be power-less, not only for black America, but America as a whole, openly ridiculed both here and abroad.

Continued support of Barack Obama by blacks demonstrates to the country that blacks still prioritize and commodify race at the expense of all else that’s important. If worshipping at the altar of racial pride and solidarity is what blacks want, choose and continue to do, they are responsible participants of their own reality while sacrificing their future.  Blacks also severely undermine the future of their children, resigning them to a life of substandard living, government dependency or both. These are painful truths, but blacks must face them nonetheless.

Is “race” still that important?


Shame On You, Oprah

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