Ben Jealous’ Transgendering Defense Against Voter ID

As if on comedic cue, Ben Jealous of the continually-irrelevant NAACP proves once again why the NAACP is on life support.

I noted that last month the NAACP- with the help of the ACLU, sued Arizona in federal court to have the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 thrown out.  This law prohibits and criminalizes all race and sex-based abortions. Apparently, the NAACP sees nothing wrong with the disproportionate numbers of abortions happening among blacks and wants more babies aborted.

Now, they’re arguing against voter-id laws because it would “disadvantage” transgendered Americans.


This past Friday while speaking on a panel at the Netroots gathering in San Jose, Jealous insisted that voter ID laws shouldn’t be implemented because such laws are discriminatory to…the transgendered.

Using his (adopted) brother as an example, Jealous claimed that requiring identification to vote would put his brother at a disadvantage because his brother dresses differently when he’s on the prowl man-hunting in the streets of San Francisco than he does when he goes to work.  The result would be a visual discrepancy depending on when or where his brother – or any transgendered person- showed his/her id card. Therefore in Jealous’ mind- voter id requirements should be discarded.

But a study out of UCLA concluded that there are roughly 700,000 people- only .23 percent of the American population- that self-identify as transgendered.

Voter-id laws that prevent corruption and deception are like kryptonite to Democrats.

Only in the progressive mind can someone suggest- with a straight face- that voter id laws that intend to limit and discourage voter fraud should be avoided because it represents a fabricated notion of “discrimination” to such a statistically irrelevant demographic.

Had Jealous been speaking to a room full of people whose IQ was above room temperature, he would have been promptly ridiculed and laughed off of this “panel.” But he wasn’t; he was speaking to progressives.

Next we’ll hear the Ben Jealous and the NAACP arguing against voter-id laws because these laws would “discriminate” against people who suffer from multiple personality disorder, claiming the impossibility of predicting what personality would actually show up at the polling place attempting to vote.

The pulse of this organization is fading and the NAACP is close to flat line.


Immigration, Capitulation and the Death of the GOP

The Republicans in Congress are eagerly intent in participating in their own demise.  Since November, when the Republicans lost an election that was theirs for the taking, the so-called Grand Old Party has been listening to- and taking advice from- their political adversaries on how to make themselves more appealing to Hispanics.

I’ve said and written elsewhere before that the Republican party needs to employ a new generation of messengers to deliver their message if they’re to be successful in expanding the political influence of their party.  These messengers are preferably admitted conservatives and under the age of 50; they don’t wear check pants or wingtips, they’re not members of country clubs and aren’t pasty white fellows who reek condescension.

And though the Republican party has a number of people who fit that exact description, they purposely neglect to use them.

Instead, they’ve chosen- beyond comprehension- to listen to Democrats to formulate their strategy in expanding their appeal and influence to minorities (specifically Hispanics) and young people. What sense does it make to listen to one’s political opposition when creating and implementing a plan to expand political influence?  Only a party that lacks common sense, credible leadership, and who would rather play ‘not to lose’ than to actually win does something as noticeably and embarrassingly stupid as this.

How stupid?

Motivated by a combination of Democrat deception and the lack of testicular fortitude to practically engage this serious issue, Republicans in both houses are intent on passing a so-called comprehensive immigration bill that would have the effect of normalizing more than eleven million illegal immigrants. Though the devil lay in the details- in tandem with Democrat party credibility- the bill amounts to what many consider to be nothing short of amnesty prior to closing the borders, which would thwart more would-be illegals from taking advantage of congressional stupidity.

And increasing the numbers of Democrat voters.

In other words, Republicans- led by the Gang of Eight- foolishly believe that offering a relaxed path toward legality or citizenship to a group of people who willingly and knowingly broke the law will endear them to Hispanics, increasing Hispanic support come midterm elections in ’14 and in the presidential election in 2016.


How breathtakingly naive is the GOP in their foolish attempt at courting Hispanics?  According to Census Bureau data, Hispanics only accounted for 8.4 percent of the electorate in the 2012 election.  8.4 percent.

As a parenthetical, blacks accounted for 13.4 percent of the electorate. The fact that Republicans are willing to fall on their political swords for Hispanic amor when blacks represent a greater percentage of the electorate is indicative of the lack of political capital blacks have as a result of their unquestioning loyalty to Democrats (even at the expense of  their own self-interest).  It’s a major reason why Republicans won’t take the time to create a credible strategy to improve their messaging among black Americans.  They’ll simply continue their half-assed attempts in appealing to blacks, which many will argue is a justified course of action, considering.

Returning to the incompetency of congressional Republicans. They are willing to commit political suicide for 8.4 percent of the electorate.

One of the captains of the sinking ship Republicans refuse to abandon is Marco Rubio.  At one point, Rubio was seen by many as the potential (conservative) savior of the Republican party.  He’s bright, articulate, he’s an effective communicator and seemed to possess the necessary qualities of leadership.

Not anymore.

Rubio, either through political naivete’ or an inflated sense of importance from reading his own press, has allowed himself to be irrevocably attached to- and politically cornered by- this sham of an immigration bill.  As information began to leak regarding how bad this bill was becoming, Rubio chose to double down on his support for the bill rather than take a stand against the detrimental changes.

When more information became known regarding the infinitely flawed bill, rather than admitting the error of his ways and dropping his support for the bill- potentially salvaging his political future, he’s confusingly maintained his support for the bill further souring his name in the mouths of many of his previous supporters.

Whatever the case, Republicans are engaging in their party’s self-destruction by attempting to legitimize this bill.  I’m not sure if they’re bright enough or care enough to know that this bill isn’t meant to pass.  It’s simply a political tactic used by Democrats to expose their vulnerability (toward Hispanics) and politically neutralize them in the upcoming elections.

Since Republicans are complicit in their own self-destruction, I created a video to celebrate their achievement.

NAACP’s Pursuit of More Race-Based Abortions


Last month in Arizona, the Maricopa chapter of the NAACP- in tandem with the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) and represented by the ACLU- filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona to rescind a state law that criminalizes race and sex-based abortions.

The Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 makes illegal any and all abortions that are based on the race or sex of the mother or preborn child.  It also criminalizes anyone who knowingly performs an abortion that is the result of race or gender.  Lastly it criminalizes anyone who engages in physical or verbal coercion that leads to a race or sex-based abortion.

Further, the law stipulates that those who engage in or perform an abortion must sign an affidavit stating that the abortion being performed isn’t the result of the race or the sex of the preborn child.

We’re actually witnessing a black, so-called civil rights organization suing to allow more black babies to be aborted and a so-called women’s group suing to increase the numbers of preborn baby girls aborted.

Ah, the virtue of “choice.”

Daniel Pochoda, the legal director of the ACLU in Arizona claims that the law is “motivated by racist and discriminatory beliefs.”  He adds that the law encourages discrimination against Asian American women because of the cultural ideal that prefers boys to girls. In Pochoda’s opinion, he also believes that doctors would racially profile women of color who sought abortions simply because of their ethnic makeup.

Miriam Yeung, executive director of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, in defending the lawsuit adds that the law potentially “perpetuates ugly stereotypes about the Asian American community and contributes to anti-immigrant perceptions,” adding “we care about gender inequity and we care about women… The thing is, if these politicians really wanted to truly address the issue—and sex-selection is really a symptom of gender inequity—there are more effective ways of doing that. This bill is not that.”


Only on planet Democrat does a black organization sue to increase the deaths of preborn black babies.  Only on planet Democrat does an Asian American “women’s” group sue to increase the deaths of preborn Asian girls, claiming it’s a “symptom of gender inequity.”

And on planet Democrat, logic need not apply.

In the morally-absurd, upside-down world of progressive leftism do so-called civil rights groups sue to effectively preserve a “right” to kill babies based on race and sex.

The NAACP, the NAPAWF and the ACLU, claim that a state law in Arizona which criminalizes abortions based on race and sex is “discriminatory.”  They further claim the law violates “women’s rights” under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment by “stigmatizing their decision” to kill their babies.

First, the claim that the law singles out black and Asian women in regards to abortion, thereby making the law “unconstitutional” has no merit.  The law as it is written criminalizes anyone who seeks to have a race/sex-based abortion.  Had the law specified ethnicities or racial makeup of the mother seeking an abortion, or prohibited specific ethnicities from having abortions, the claim of unconstitutionality would have some merit.

But as it exists, the law is applicable to everyone.  In other words, it treats everybody equally under the law.  No one, regardless of race or ethnic makeup, can have an abortion if that abortion is predicated on race or gender.

This lawsuit — if successful — will ensure that more Asian baby girls in particular and black babies in general are easier to kill by the parents who don’t want them.  But it’s much more than that.  This law wasn’t written to single out Asians or blacks — but to save all babies that may be at risk because a couple wants a girl instead of a boy or when family pressures are exerted upon an expectant mother to abort her mixed-race baby for vanity or racism’s sake.

So quickly after the gruesome trial of late-term abortion doctor and infanticide practitioner Kermit Gosnell — who preyed on poor black and Asian women and of whom the NAACP appeared all too silent — the NAACP is now actively suing a state for seeking to prevent race and sex-based abortions.  The NAACP is effectively encouraging more abortions among blacks— a genocide that represents close to forty percent of all abortions performed and which claims more than 1,450 babies per day. Margret Sanger’s dream of exterminating the Negro population seems ever-closer to reality.

What other euphemism has been responsible for so many deaths, regardless of race?

Just as the Arizona law is clearly meant to save lives, the NAACP and the NAPAWF are essentially trying to end them by seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional.  These groups are the ones guilty of injecting the stigma of alleged discrimination into the debate.

More to the point, if a white person or a (predominately) white organization (especially if that organization had the word “Tea” or “party” in its designation) endeavored to sue a state in an attempt to rescind a law that prohibits race and sex-based abortions because they indeed wanted more black babies aborted, it would rightly be called racist and you can believe that the NAACP would waste no time in letting America know what was happening.

That the NAACP is itself engaged in the very same practice demonstrates their reprehensible hypocrisy because it is actively supporting a position through word and deed that will increase the genocidal numbers of abortion in the black community.  Doing so effectively undermines the association’s credibility when it comes to being an advocate against racism.  Who will take seriously any organization that protests and demonstrates against racism while at the same time advocating a form of racism itself?

Nathan Bedford Forest would be proud of what the NAACP has managed to accomplish.

It’s obvious that the NAACP no longer represents the best interests of black Americans and hasn’t for some time.

The significance of the NAACP taking part in this lawsuit against Arizona’s attempt to prevent race and sex-based abortions is the further tarnishing of the legacy of a once-respectable institution that fought for the rights and protections of those whose rights had been legally denied.

And by advocating the position that abortions should be allowed on the basis of race, the NAACP is publicly indicating their comfortability with black women killing more black children. It’s also, as I said earlier, engaging in a position that would be condemned if held by a “white” organization.  This association is dishonorably contributing to the plague of self-destruction that has afflicted black Americans since the sixties.

I urge the NAACP to courageously drop the pretense that it’s a civil rights organization.  Because of its position in favor of race-based abortions, in addition to many others, it should effectively reclassify their organization to reflect their progressive political disposition in their attempt to maintain relevancy.

And blacks should wake to the realization that the racism they seek to thwart isn’t an external but an internal reality.