Bowie State University Meets Obamacare


Bowie State University, a member of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities found out first hand the consequences of “affordable healthcare”.

The school, which had been able to offer its students healthcare at a reasonable cost of roughly $50 per semester, saw its costs rise to $900 as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As a result, they’ve suspended their coverage, leaving hundreds if not thousands of students on their own to find health insurance.

Now we can also count Bowie State University– a member of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities, as another institution that’s been negatively affected by Obamacare regulations.  Because of the consequences associated with mandated federal guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services, BSU can no longer afford to offer their students health insurance at a reasonable price.

As frustrating and disrupting as this may be for the BSU student body- particularly those students older than 26, this may be one of the most important lessons they learn while in college.

One lesson is that elections have consequences.  Considering the high level of support Obama maintains among black Americans (unfortunately), it’s safe to say that many at BSU- both students and administrators alike- voted for Obama and thus got exactly what they voted for.  Maybe this experience will motivate both students and administrators to critically think through the results of such grandiose progressive policies rather than the simplistic, well-meaning intentions.

Another lesson is that that BSU is learning first-hand that the president’s “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance” promise was a lie.


Still another lesson that BSU students are learning is that when government inserts itself into the relationship that exists between the consumer and that which is being consumed, it inevitably complicates and potentially ends that relationship.  In this case, government has priced BSU out of the insurance market forcing hundreds of students into Maryland’s state exchange.

Many lessons students learn in college are forgettable.  For BSU students, this lifelong lesson will prove to be invaluable.

NAACP Appeals Lawsuit to Stop Ban on Race-Based Abortions


The NAACP is at it again- they continue to try and make it easier for people to kill more black babies.


Last month, the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP, represented by the ACLU, had their lawsuit- which challenged an Arizona law that bans race and sex-based abortions- dismissed because the judge claimed the NAACP and the organization who co-filed the claim, the National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum, lacked legal standing.


Now, the NAACP is appealing the case to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which means they just might win this time around.


As a reminder, The Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act of 2011 criminalizes those individuals who perform or receive an abortion based on the race or sex of the preborn child (or the race of the parent).  It also criminalizes those who would coerce a person into performing or receiving a race or sex-based abortion.  Lastly, it requires that the woman seeking an abortion and the person performing the abortion sign an affidavit stating that the abortion isn’t race or sex based.


The basis of the NAACP’s lawsuit/ appeal is an unfounded notion of discrimination; they also claim the law is “unconstitutional.” The NAACP feels that the law unfairly singles out, stigmatizes and thus “discriminates” against black and Asian women who seek abortions.


The NAACP claim that the law is unconstitutional is simply an attempt to have the ban struck down quickly.  If one reads the law– it’s under two pages in length- one will see that this law doesn’t violate the constitution.


Last month, Justice David Campbell rightly said that the arguments presented to the court lacked the (legal) ability to prove the argument that specific minority groups- black and Asian women- would be denied equal treatment under the law.  Both groups of women will still have access to abortions, maintain their “right”.


The ACLU also claims that law perpetuates racial stereotypes to shame and discriminate against women who attempt to get abortions.




The Arizona law doesn’t perpetuate racial stereotypes; nor does it discriminate.  Again, when one reads the law it clearly states that the ban is applicable to everyone who seeks to have a race or sex-based abortion.  If the law specifically singled out people based on their race, color or ethnicity in prohibiting abortions, then the claim of unconstitutionality would hold some weight.


But, I will say this.  Any woman- I don’t care what her color, racial or ethnic makeup is- who attempts to have a sex-based abortion (primarily done when the preborn baby is a girl rather than a boy) or a race-based abortion, should be publicly shamed.


One can argue the political merits of abortion; I prefer to argue the morality of it.  There is absolutely no moral reason a woman or a couple should have an abortion simply because the baby is a girl rather than a boy.


There is no moral reason why a woman or a couple should have an abortion because of the race of the baby.  Period.


As reported by a Guttmacher Institute-led study, the black teenage abortion rates are more than twice as high as the national average.  Among black 15-19 year olds, of every 1000 pregnancies, 41 are aborted; the national average is 18 per every 1000.


Another Guttmacher study shows that black women account for more than thirty percent of all abortions. Blacks are only 13 percent of the population.


Since abortion was legalized in 1973, over 16 million black babies have been aborted.  According to, for every 100 live births in the black community, 77 are aborted.


Considering these statistics, that the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP is actually trying to get Arizona’s state ban rescinded, again– which would have the effect of increasing these numbers- proves them to be immoral and actively engaged in and facilitating fratricide.  It also demonstrates how unconcerned the NAACP is with the decimating effects abortion has on the community it purports to represent.


The precise words escape my ability to fully articulate the extent to which I loathe the NAACP.[1]  As I’ve remarked in an earlier post, the NAACP continues to defecate on its legacy by bringing this lawsuit- not once, but twice.  The work and conduct of the modern NAACP completely nullifies the virtuous and reputable heritage regarding civil rights and should no longer, in good faith, be referred to as a civil rights organization.


And how can they be when they refuse to fight for the rights and protections of the most vulnerable among us?  The NAACP is actively trying to minimize the protections of the most vulnerable.


It’s shameful, immoral and it’s sinful.   Led by a so-called reverend, Rev. Oscar Tillman, President Member, NAACP National Board Vice President, NAACP Arizona State Conference.




Once again, it needs to be said- with so-called shepherds like these who claim to represent or take seriously black interests, it’s no wonder why the black sheep are so wayward.


[1] I’m including the national NAACP in here because they have yet, through either filings of this lawsuit, issued a statement that distances themselves from the Maricopa chapter.  Further, the Maricopa chapter couldn’t proceed without the approval of the national chapter, further indicting them. 

Dave Wilson’s Black Strategy

A man in Houston, TX decided to run for a spot on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees in a predominately black district.  That man, Dave Wilson, a self-identified conservative Republican knew the odds of winning that particular race were slim-to-none, considering the district was black and by definition, Democrat.  So rather than concede the race to the 24-year incumbent whom Wilson was running against, he decided to get creative.

And that creativity won him the election by the narrowest of margins- twenty-six votes.

Wilson’s strategy- to lead voters into believing he was black.

Did Wilson deceive the public?  Yep. Did he lie? I don’t think so.

He didn’t, like president Obama, come out and promise Americans over three dozen times- that they could keep their health insurance, or their doctor- if they so desired, while knowing full well that wasn’t a realistic possibility.  That was a lie.

Wilson never claimed that he was black. He never released altered photos that made him appear black.  He simply- through creative ads and campaign messages- played on voters’ assumptions and insinuated that he was black so that black voters in a black district would vote for him.  In other words, Wilson used the racial emotions of potential voters to his political advantage in hopes that blacks would vote for him.

And they did.

Of course, his opponent wants a recount.

Here’s how Wilson won.  Wilson sent out direct mailers that assumed his blackness.  The mailers were adorned with pictures of smiling black faces which Wilson admits he found on the world wide web.  Under the pictures Wilson printed, “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”

He also printed an endorsement by “Ron Wilson,” hoping Houstonians would assume it to be  former state representative with the same name, who’s also black. But the Ron Wilson to whom Dave Wilson was referring is his cousin by the same name who lives in Iowa.

And that was enough to win.

The most important takeaway from this laughable yet pathetic episode is that it exposes the emotional embrace of race that blacks continue to have. As a white candidate, Wilson had no shot in hell; as a black candidate, he won.

Wilson’s strategy uncovered the folly of racial solidarity and racial politics. It also indicates precisely how and why Democrats take advantage of blacks.  Democrats know that as long as the candidate has a (D) next to their name (or in this case, assumed to be Democrat), blacks will come out in large numbers to support the candidate, even if the policies that the candidate supports are against the best interests of blacks and their community.

Look at the recent exit polling in Virginia regarding the gubernatorial election of Terry McAuliffe.

It’s also why the GOP, despite intentionally half-hearted articulations of “outreach” and “messaging” to minorities, all but ignores black outreach.  And rightfully so. The thought behind GOP inaction is that time and resources shouldn’t be wasted attempting to politically evangelize a community that will vote in lock step against people and policies the party represent – even if the policies being advanced will be immediately advantageous to black voters.

Republicans know that political outreach to blacks is a lost cause; blacks have proven themselves a stiff-necked people- unable to turn this way or that- and have been for more than fifty years. Blacks elect candidates who implement policies that directly contribute to the problems that plague their communities and yet turn around and complain about the very problems that they themselves and their candidates facilitate.

It makes no sense to actively contribute to the very problems that are the source of so many complaints and frustrations.  For example- how can blacks complain about the lack of quality education their children receive, particularly in the inner cities, when blacks continue to vote for the party that’s funded by the teachers unions which are culpable for the low-quality education?

More importantly, how do blacks think they will illicit any sympathy from the country at large (in regards to the numerous problems facing the black community) when they are complicit in the pathologies that afflict them?  Furthermore, lets put sympathy aside- do blacks who engage in racial politics, without pause, expect to have or gain any credibility in electoral matters?

Not only are blacks stiff-necked, they’re also blind to the inevitable consequences of their electoral behavior.

In any case, Dave Wilson’s sneaky strategy of using racial politics to his advantage, fooling race-worshiping blacks to win an election is an open mockery of the folly that racial politics have become.

Unfortunately, blacks won’t learn the obvious moral of the story.