Melissa Harris-Perry Panel Mocks Black Romney Grandchild

MSNBC’s tampon-wearing Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel’s responses/reactions to the photograph depicting Mitt Romney’s family with their adopted grandchild should be shamed and held in contempt.   The grandchild, Kieran- adopted by Mitt’s son Ben and his wife Andelynne, who happens to be black- is surrounded by loving relatives who made the conscious decision to accept him into their family and treat him as one of their own- regardless of Kieran’s color.  The virtue of that decision and its implications- which should not only be celebrated but encouraged- was all but lost on this panel as these reprobates saw it more important and entertaining to ridicule and mock a white family- the Romney’s- for taking in a black child rather than appreciate the fact that a orphan was fortunate enough to be blessed with a loving home.

Furthermore this adoption almost certifies- considering the values the Romney’s hold- that Kieran won’t be one of the many “teens,” “youths,” “men” (or any other word intentionally used by the media to sanitize black delinquency of all ages) who possess self-destructive and delinquent tendencies which are currently terrorizing inner cities and innocent victims across the country.  These panelists have and would condescendingly excuse and justify these behaviors because to rightly judge and condemn them would be considered “racist.”

I would like to know- does this panel of bright lights deride all white families who willingly and lovingly adopt black children or is it just the Romneys?

These champions of “diversity” surely wouldn’t have said or done this if the adopting family was white and gay.

The irony of this incident is that president Obama- of whom this panel is guilty of being mindless acolytes, was also raised by his grandparents and in a predominately white environment.  Was he also a token? Is he also worthy of lyrical taunts such as “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other?”

The comments and behavior of Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests should be repudiated.  Kieran Romney shouldn’t be the object of ridicule nor used as a prop in a racist and unfunny segment by several talent-less and unfunny panelists in an attempt to deride or besmirch a political opponent.

Considering much of what’s been said recently- from Martin Bashir suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth and other insults, or Alec Baldwin’s anti-homophobic rants while trying to bully reporters; Al Sharpton’s mere presence and Michael Eric Dyson’s comments about love, Jesus and homo-eroticism, these comments are characteristic of the network.

Kieran’s adoption, Obama’s rearing by his grandparents and all other biracial adoptions are examples of love transcending color.   The many recent comments of MSNBC employees prove that talent transcends MSNBC, which is why none exists on that particular channel.

Jesse Jackson’s Foolish Statement Regarding Phil Robertson

Jesse Jackson couldn’t resist the temptation to vainly insert himself into a situation in which his presence wasn’t needed. Seeing another opportunity for Jesse to bring attention to Jesse, Jackson has offered his unsolicited opinion regarding Phil Robertson, A&E, and Cracker Barrel.

Always trying to resuscitate the segregated past- as well as his importance and relativity, Jackson inaccurately- saturated with hyperbole- likened Phil Robertson’s comments from a recent GQ article to that of Rosa Parks surrendering of her seat on a Montgomery bus in Alabama sixty years ago.

Just about every time Jackson opens his mouth, he continues to discredit himself, demonstrating exactly why he’s no longer taken seriously. Here he claims that Phil Robertson’s comments were “more offensive” than the personal humiliation and indignity that Rosa Parks and other blacks endured in a racially-tense Alabama in America’s past.  Aside from sheer and utter stupidity, Jackson trivializes the courage and sacrifice of Rosa Parks and all who participated in the tension-filled Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1959.

Jackson continues to prove why he shouldn’t be referred to neither as a “civil rights leader” and especially that of “reverend.”  Not only does he do immeasurable damage to the legacy of the civil rights movement, he vigorously undermines the integrity of all the good and sincere men and women holding the title of reverend who’ve genuinely been called to preach the word of God.

It is past time Jackson began removing the log from his own eye rather than trying to insert and remove the speck from his brother’s eye.  Matter of fact, considering Jackson’s inflammatory history, he has more than a log; he has a forest of Redwoods.

Faith Trumps Atheist Angst

This is the time of year when belligerent atheists enthusiastically corral fellow so-called “freethinkers” together in an attempt to legally disrupt displays of the Nativity.

Wherever these innocent — and usually welcomed — Christian religious displays are found, there’s often a bitter and hostile atheist complaining to local authorities and protesting for the media because a public display of the baby Jesus in a manger somehow offends their irreligious sensibilities.

And the atheist hand appears to be gaining strength as the “war on Christmas” seems to escalate each year.

But this is the only time of year when the angry evangelical atheists are courageously and arrogantly willing to present themselves in large numbers.

I’ve seen a few atheists plead their morally and intellectually empty cases during the Easter season, but it’s Christmastime when they are the most disgustingly belligerent.


After all, if atheism had inherent worth as a value system, these atheists would engage the wider culture at all points during the year based on the intrinsic merits of their belief system rather than attempting to offend and insult the devout by putting their collective finger in the eye of believers during Christmastime. Atheists intend to make those revering the religious aspect of Christmas as miserable as they seem to be.

It’s also interesting that it’s only the God worshipped by Christians with whom radical atheists take issue.  They don’t have the same religious fervor for challenging Ramadan or Passover.  I’ve said for some time- it’s much easier to bully into silence those whose religion admonishes them to “turn the other cheek” and to “love one’s enemy” than it is to bully those who are more forceful in defending their beliefs because they’re taught to “kill the infidel” or to “cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.”

In reality, atheists feel threatened because they have nothing to offer.  Religion- most religion, does.

Remember a year ago, when 26 children and school employees were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut?  Real feelings presented themselves during this tragedy.  People in the media, social networks and people across America sent prayers to Newtown — to the victims, their families and to the Newtown residents in general.  On Facebook and Twitter, people posted Bible verses and prayers in sincere and sympathetic efforts to provide comfort and understanding to those affected by the evil of what had occurred.  Articles were written about how clergy members scrapped prepared sermons to discuss how suffering and evil can be overcome.

Likewise, after that unspeakable tragedy, religious leaders were interviewed by the media about the nature of God, suffering, evil and justice and how people can make sense of it all.  Among the clergy were several Catholic priests, rabbis and the pastor of New Hope Community Church in Newtown. Local residents- in shock and struggling to understand what happened, gathered for a prayer vigil at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church.  It was one of many local vigils.

Yet, of all the vigils, there seemed to be no mention of any freethinkers or skeptics invited to soothe the shocked masses.  No vigils appeared to be totally devoid of religious or spiritual accoutrements.  There was good reason for that.

Atheism is an empty belief system that doesn’t offer its followers comfort, hope or emotional solace when the world goes bad.  Atheism doesn’t provide a notion of divine justice- reward and punishment or heaven and hell for acts of goodness or overwhelming evil.  Christianity does.  Atheism simply… is.

This isn’t to say there weren’t individual atheists who sympathized and had empathy for the city of Newtown, the victims of Hurricane Sandy and western wildfires or for those stricken by profound illness or accidents.

Similarly, there are those who don’t believe in God who still identify with those who celebrate Christmas.  I know some of them and we get along fine.

But, as a belief system represented by those whose motivation appears to offend, insult, demonize and bully- organized atheism as a value system, in my opinion, is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

I find it wanting.

The atheists who continue to insult Christians and others who appreciate the religious symbolism of Christmas do themselves absolutely no favors. Rather than endearing people into sincerely considering or at least respecting a God-less life through uninitiated acts of goodwill and kindness, atheist activists marginalize themselves into a parody and forfeit their opportunity to be taken seriously.

Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Indeed, He is.

God bless the Christmas season, and may He continue to bless those in need of His compassion, wisdom and solace and strength.

Merry Christmas.