Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

As the open enrollment deadline for Obamacare approaches, Obama has been on the social circuit desperately trying to convince mushy-headed Millenials to enroll in Obamacare to offset the increasing costs to manage this nightmarish clusterfudge.

A couple of weeks ago, Choom was also on the web-based comedy series, “Between Two Ferns” hosted by Zach Galifianakis, pushing Obamacare.  I’m not one who is necessarily of the opinion that Choom’s appearance demeans the office of the presidency. It wasn’t a good look and he shouldn’t have done it.  But Choom has done plenty to demean the office of the presidency many times over prior to his appearance on this web-based comedy show.  But more to the point, Choom was terribly unfunny in his appearance.  Actually, he was painfully unfunny.  His lines were awful.  Choom goes on a comedy show with terrible lines, as unfunny as he can be, to push a product that no one is buying for very good reasons?

Choom has looked bad before- many, many times, but the advisor(s) who convinced him this was a good idea didn’t think this through all the way.

Recently Choom was on Ellen DeGeneres’ program, “Ellen,” begging young folks in her audience to sign up for Obamacare before the deadline.  Unfortunately for Ellen, she destroyed her integrity by helping Obama publicize such an obvious policy disaster.  Ellen said that enrollment in Obamacare has been a “success” and that people were “grateful” Obama forced his legislation on the country.  Again, her credibility is shot.  Saying what she said, in light of the evidence- that Obamacare enrollment is a success- makes her a liar; if Ellen didn’t know how bad enrollment has been (how could she not?!) she shouldn’t have been promoting it. Either way it makes her look incredibly foolish and insincere.

This week, Choom was on ESPN filling out his version of the NCAA bracket.   He’s done this before, but this time he was desperately pitching Obamacare. I hate seeing the president in these situations because politics doesn’t need to permeate everything- especially bad politics.  Many people who watch the NCAA tournament specifically and ESPN in general shouldn’t have to be subjected to the sight and participation of an unpopular president pushing a failing policy like Obamacare. It’s an unneeded distraction and it undermines the entertainment value of scheduled programming.

Choom was also on Ryan Seacrest’s show joking about his “mom jeans” trying to sell Obamacare.  Again, he was pleading young people to enroll into the system by the March 31st deadline so the system can use the premiums paid by the young and healthy to cover the costs of those who have expensive health care needs.

In addition to this transparent pandering, the president and his administration have enlisted the services of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Geno Auriemma, Roy Williams, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, CC Sabathia and Victor Cruz in desperate attempts to convince young people to enroll in Obamacare.  And these fools are knowingly and foolishly attaching their names and credibility to a guy that said- promisedover thirty times, that if people liked their insurance or their doctor, they could keep them.


Employing people who’re financially able to insulate themselves from a terribly bad progressive policy to persuade those who aren’t (to join) is immoral.

If Obamacare could stand upon its own merits of intrinsic value, the president wouldn’t have to plead with the country to enroll; he wouldn’t have to solicit the services of the rich and famous to help him fleece the public.   If Millenials saw value in having health insurance, they would’ve had it prior to the enactment of Obamacare.  More so, if Obamacare truly were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Millenials would’ve already enrolled en masse. But Millenials haven’t enrolled because the reality of the law doesn’t equal what was promised of the law, and many Millenials can’t find work thanks to Choom’s so-called economic “recovery.”

The administration can claim (read, lie) as much as they deem necessary about having enrolled 5 million people, but a) the majority of the “five million” people were previously insured and lost coverage due to federal mandates (which means it didn’t do squat about reducing the numbers of “previously uninsured”); and b) those who have “enrolled” have yet to pay their premiums, which are set to double and triple in some states.

As it stands now- and has stood since being one-sidedly signed into law, Obamacare stinks.  It is inherently and pragmatically flawed, and is responsible for the cancellations of millions more Americans who were forced off of their previously held plans.

No amount of lying and begging the president and his famous pals do can change that.

Dog Campaign Minimizes Value of Human Life

As if we need another example of our cultural descent…

Example 4, 572 is the case of Kevin Vicente, a four-year-old Phoenix boy who was recently mauled by a friend’s pit bull.  According to reports, the boy- who was being cared for by a family friend- picked up a bone lying next to the dog, prompting the pit bull attack.

As a result, the family friend filed the petition to have the dog put down- and rightly so.  Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive for a reason.

But a Facebook page which has garnered over 45k ‘likes,’ pleading support for… the dog!- may prevent the pit bull from being euthanized.  This all started because the animal control and care center, which currently has the dog, wrote on the Facebook page that the dog was “going night night.”

Again, as it should.

Forty thousand likes may spare a violent dog despite what the dog did to a four-year-old boy.

The doctor who operated on Kevin said that the boy suffered a broken eye socket, broken jawbone and a broken cheekbone.  The doctor was able to repair the broken bones and the muscles that allow Kevin to open and close his eyes.   But, the doctor also said that Kevin would face reconstructive surgeries for years to come, including a reconstruction of the tear duct in his damaged eye- if his eye can tear.

And yet, there’s a chance that a judge could rule in favor of the pit bull.

John Schill represents the… dog… pro bono, for The Lexus Project- an organization that raises money to defend dogs considered for euthanasia.  This organization has set up a trust for the dog, which has raised $5600.

Fundraising for four-year-old Kevin, the victim, has raised $6000.

The reason this episode perfectly reflects a culture in decline is revealed in the statements made by Schill.  He says, “This is not Kevin versus Mickey. Having Mickey killed isn’t going to take away Kevin’s pain or injuries. The only thing this is going to do is kill a poor innocent dog.”

This is profoundly stupid, even for a lawyer.

First, Schill’s argument is a red herring.  Euthanizing the dog has nothing to do with improving the pain or removing the injuries suffered by a defenseless four-year-old.

Further, who said it did?

But that’s not the issue.  The issue is that euthanizing this pit bull has everything to do with preventing it from attacking and mauling someone else. Period.

Second, by definition, the dog isn’t innocent.  It attacked and severely injured a little boy.


Also notice the funds raised for both little Kevin and the pit bull- $6000 for Kevin, $5600 for the dog. Four hundred dollars is what differentiates the life of a four-year-old facing multiple reconstructive surgeries and an aggressive pit bull.

Four. Hundred. Dollars.

But this is exactly what happens in a society where people not only intentionally opt to raise dogs in lieu of having children but will treat these dogs as children.   That’s a sure and sad sign that the line between the sacred and profane, the holy and unholy, has been removed- to our detriment.

In saner times, human life > than animal life, and the pit bull would’ve been killed already- no lawyers and no sympathy-based Facebook pages, no judge having to “decide” the dog’s fate.  Keeping this dog alive is a threat to public safety and as such, public safety would (and should) have taken precedence over misplaced sympathy.  This pit bull has tasted human blood and apart from a long process of behavior modification- which in-and-of-itself is no guarantee, precisely because it’s an animal- the likelihood of this happening again is almost assured.

But in a culture that no longer understands or acknowledges the sanctity of human life and sees little to no difference between human life and animal life, this is the logical conclusion of what happens.  A Facebook page and a lawyer may facilitate this dog repeating this grisly scenario.

And because the line separating human life and animal life has been removed, our culture treats animals as if they have rights.  Animals don’t have rights; they have protections.  As stewards of the earth, people have an obligation to protect animals.

Until animals no longer deserve our protections.  Morally and ethically, animal protections don’t come at the expense of human life.  Again, in saner more religious and ethically relevant times, this didn’t have to be articulated; it was implicitly understood.

I think this points to another symptom of a morally confused culture.  Superficial public displays of social virtue characterized by sanctimony.  In our misguided, increasingly religion-less culture, it’s merely enough to feel good about doing something- anything- regardless of the outcome(s).  Intentions and how one looks in front of others, are all that matters.  These idiots are expressing sympathy for-and trying to save- a violent dog makes people feel good but inhibits them from experiencing sympathy for the actual victim.  It also blinds them to the fact that they’re facilitating the recurrence of the dog mauling again in the future.

Yes, by sparing the dog’s life, these people are authorizing it to maul again, with the potential of that mauling being deadly.  But it doesn’t matter.  They feel good now.

It’s axiomatic that the dog should be killed.  Again from a purely a-religious, commonsensical standpoint, this is an issue of public safety- preventing it from happening again.

Why?  Because we’re created in the image of God which results in the intrinsic worth of human life and because we posses reason and free will- the former being a religious perspective, the alter being either a religious or a-religious perspective.

But as of right now, none of it may matter in this case.  Culturally, it hasn’t mattered in a quite some time.

The Cowardly Ryan Has No Heart

Another example of why Republicans can’t maintain respectability came this past week when Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, walked back his statements regarding the culture of poverty that exists in the inner city.

Speaking on Bill Bennett’s show “Morning in America,” Ryan said– among other things- that there is a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work.”

The Congressional Black Caucus claims Ryan’s statement was “highly offensive.”  How the truth is offensive is anyone’s guess.  Everyone with eyes can point to any inner city in the country and clearly see the chaos and dysfunction that permeates it.

And black Democrats couldn’t pass up another chance to embarrass themselves and prove yet again, why no one takes blacks who vote Democrat- or black Democrat politicians- seriously.

Barbara Lee (D-CA) called Ryan’s statements a “thinly veiled racist attack” and added, “Let’s be clear, when Mr. Ryan says ‘inner city,’ when he says, ‘culture,’ these are simply code words for what he really means: ‘black.’”


Aside from whites and Latinos who also live in the inner city, whether Ryan meant “black” or not, isn’t important because it isn’t a racial issue.  But the merits of what he said are undeniably true.

More importantly, it’s NO coincidence that these same inner cities, which have been run and ruined by progressive politicians and suffer from a culture of moral, spiritual, and economic poverty, are all under the political leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus. So in essence, Paul Ryan was unintentionally calling the Congressional Black Clowns out on their lack of political leadership and influence upon the districts they represent.  That’s one reason why the CBC is calling Paul Ryan racist.  The CBC wants to deflect attention away from their contributions to this problem, which directly indicts their perpetual failures as political leaders.

But even more troubling is that Ryan- who went through the trouble of drafting a 200-pg report on the federal government’s fifty-year failure on the “War on Poverty,” detailing how welfare programs trap beneficiaries in poverty- is now apologizing for what he said, claiming his statements were “inarticulate.”  Ryan has also agreed to meet with the CBC, which means he’s volunteered to grovel as penance, hoping for absolution.

This is nothing more than another public example of black power (black grievance) leveraged with the manipulation of white guilt.

Sadly, in post-modern America the truth is now referred to as “inarticulate.”  When that truth is spoken, and people are “offended,” it’s apologized for.

With all due respect to Congressman Ryan, his retraction due to the CBC’s campaign of public intimidation shows that he’s a coward and he typifies the essence of today’s Republican party.  It’s one reason why so much effort is made by conservatives to distinguish themselves from Republicans.  Republicans have no courage, vigor, initiative, backbone or testicular fortitude to speak the truth and condemn those who would seek to silence them, regardless of the issue.  By acknowledging the CBC’s foolishness, Ryan gives these benefactors of affirmative action credibility in attributing his statements- and the party he represents- to racism.

Doing this also demonstrates that Ryan and the GOP, still aren’t ready to commence serious outreach to poor and minority communities.

Ryan shouldn’t be apologizing for the truth that data and common sense affirm.  What characterizes the inner cities- rightly called ghettos– is a culture of poverty which unproductive and inefficient welfare programs aid and abet.  This is why everyone who can do so, leaves the inner city as soon as they get the chance.  This should be said over and over and over.  What else do people call high rates of illegitimacy, fatherlessness, abortion, broken families, violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse that isn’t accompanied by any moral stigma, but funded by federal and state governments? It isn’t called the American Dream I can guarantee you that.

No one expects anything more from the CBC than the racial charade we see here; the bar really is that low- completely earned, by the way.  By acknowledging their empty cries of racism, congressman Ryan has allowed the CBC- emblematic of black Democrats and their white counterparts, everywhere- to excuse the inexcusable behaviors that characterize and contribute to the culture of poverty.  This is precisely why alleviating high rates of poverty in America will never happen.  Democrats need poor people as a constituency so they excuse their behaviors and Republicans are afraid of calling Democrats on it.

Paul Ryan should’ve ignored the CBC in the same manner the CBC ignores its constituents.  He also should’ve doubled down on what he said on Bennett’s program, standing firm on the truth.  Instead he gave the CBC unearned credibility and proved once again, that Republican leadership is just as gutless as Democrat leadership.

Is it any wonder why our country continues to proceed in the direction it is?