Fire in Ferguson

Ferguson, Missouri is on fire. Once again, a city is in chaos because of an “injustice” inflicted upon a black person at the hands of a (racist) white person. In this case, that white person happens to be- as of now- an unidentified cop.

Though the details are still sketchy, the narrative is something like this: two unarmed, black males were walking, minding their own business, when a cop approaches them and directs them to get out of the street. Words were exchanged between the cops and the two men, at which point- based on the testimony of the man who survived the incident- tensions escalated resulting in the cop hitting one of them with the door of his cruiser. More words were exchanged and a struggle ensued between the “victim,” Michael Brown and the unidentified cop resulting in the discharge of the officer’s firearm in the cabin of the vehicle. More struggle ensued; Michael Brown and his friend retreat, at which point Brown was shot numerous times which resulted in his death. The eyewitness account from the survivor claims that Brown had raised his hands in a position of surrender, when he was shot and killed. The officer involved, it’s reported, sustained facial abrasions that developed into a partially swollen face.

The only detail that seems to be an agreed upon regarding this situation was that Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed. Everything else is pure conjecture, especially considering that the officer involved in the shooting hasn’t been identified (to protect the safety of he and his family) and the details of his account, or the autopsy of Michael Brown, haven’t been released. The internal investigation is ongoing.

The parents of Michael Brown have hired- of all people qualified and available- former Trayvon Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, to represent them in inevitable criminal and civil lawsuits against the city of Ferguson. If that weren’t enough, the family asked Al $harpton to come to the city to “bring attention” to the case- as if the black criminality directly responsible for burned, looted and vandalized businesses- along with police confrontations- since Sunday, hadn’t brought enough attention to Ferguson.

The public may never know for sure what happened the night of Brown’s death. But it’s unfortunate that one of the results was Michael Brown’s death.

But facts apparently didn’t- and don’t- matter to the residents of Ferguson as they unleashed destruction, chaos and criminality upon their community. Soon after the shooting, people in Ferguson took to the streets in “protests” that quickly devolved into unjustified and out-of-control, over-emotional mayhem. A QuickTrip convenience store which was reported to be the place where the officer-involved confrontation began- was looted and burned. Angry “protestors” looted a Walmart, which scared employees into barricading themselves inside to protect themselves from the chaos. An AutoTire store had its windows broken where “protestors” made off with rims and tires. These are only a few examples of the egregious acts of vandalism that’s occurred over the last several days.

How does any of this criminality help bring closure or “justice” to Ferguson or to the Brown family?

These pathetic events lay bare the moral and civil dysfunction that continues to characterize the (inner) cities that are disproportionately populated by blacks. It’s no wonder why everyone who can, leaves areas that Ferguson represents, for socio-economically greener and safer pastures. No one in their natural mind desires to live around such maladjusted people and the dangerous environments they create.

Furthermore, the black criminality displayed since Sunday is inexcusable- period. Every single participant in these violent, non-peaceful “demonstrations” chooses to be there, intent to engage in raucous and (un)civil disobedience. Whether these are Ferguson residents or people who have been bussed in from other areas, as the claim goes, is of no concern. Black criminality is black criminality, regardless of residence or geographical importation.

Nothing that’s been said or written can sanely be used to justify blacks vandalizing their own community- particularly the businesses and other property that played no part in killing Michael Brown. Blacks constantly lament that businesses refuse to come into their neighborhoods, and the example of Ferguson, demonstrates why. There’s too much economic and physical risk involved in opening businesses in “economically disadvantaged” neighborhoods where violent crime disproportionally permeate the (areas). The hoodlums in Ferguson showed absolutely no regard for the owners and proprietors of these businesses, of the local residents these businesses employed, or other contributions of these businesses to the local economy. The result will be fewer businesses and higher prices for goods and services for the people of Ferguson.

This unjustified petulant reaction- and its corresponding calls for “justice”- to a situation where all the knowable facts haven’t been presented is embarrassing. Ferguson residents should be shamed and condemned for not comporting themselves in a civilized manner in which we would expect their white, Asian and Hispanic counterparts to act.

And speaking of “justice”- how is “justice” in this instance, specifically defined? I continue to hear cries for “justice” along with the tired and worn chant, “no justice; no peace.” But what does it mean, exactly?

For starters, these hooligans acting out and terrorizing their community surely aren’t doing “justice” to those folk who own and run businesses they’ve enthusiastically destroyed.

What do Ferguson residents mean when they claim they want justice- especially since the details surrounding the case haven’t been disseminated? Are these vague calls for “justice” for Michael Brown, who might have played a key role in his own death? “Justice” for the unidentified officer whose safety and the safety of his family are in danger by a reckless, hate-filled, vigilante mob? “Justice” for the members of the Ferguson community who refuse to take part in its destruction, but who will still suffer the economic consequences and threats to public safety? Is “justice” defined as the numerous rioters, looters and vandals who won’t be arrested for engaging in criminality? “Justice” for the police officers who’ve been unfairly tarnished and slandered, and physically attacked because of fragmented and incomplete information? What exactly is “justice” and how is it defined? No one knows- and ultimately, for the race rioters, looters “protestors” and “demonstrators”; the media and $harpton, it doesn’t really matter. For the lawless, it “justice” provides them justification and license for their abhorrent and condemnable behavior. For $harpton it provides international media attention and elevated platform that assures his agenda of future meddling and unfortunately, continuing relevance.

For the Brown family- I believe they want answers; and they deserve them. If those answers include an admission by the Ferguson Police Department of the wrongful death of their son, then they can- and should- seek justice.

It’s obvious that the media is exploiting this case in the same manner it exploited the Trayvon Martin case, for various and self-serving reasons- one of which is the pernicious exploitation of black Americans who always seem willing to be manipulated.

Regardless of how one thinks, this isn’t a national issue, but that will not stop the media from advancing the implicit narrative- that America is still virulently racist against blacks, which is tragically false; and the explicit narrative (proof of the implicit narrative) that racist cops are increasingly targeting blacks because black lives are worth less than white lives in the eyes of law enforcement. This is intentional race baiting, and it’s so stupid and untrue it’s almost not worth responding to.

Black-on-black violence (and black-on-white violence) including the effects it has on blacks and black communities across the country, is a national issue. Yet, it receives no rabid media providing pictures accompanied with stories for national coverage; there are no “protests,” no “demonstrations,” no cries for “justice”; no Al $harpton prayer vigils and demands for the violence to cease; no Obama press conferences or “If I had a son, he’d look like a kid who was killed by another black kid” inflammatory statements; no federal investigations by Eric Holder and the Justice Department; nothing.

The selective outrage reeks of hypocrisy. Stories of black violence aren’t told because they undermine the narrative of black victimhood, resulting in the inability of white guilt being exploited. Additionally, there’s no political capital in admonishing blacks to be accountable for their actions.

Also, in today’s America, it’s considered racist to demand blacks embrace personal responsibility and self-respect.

Again, though the Martin and the Michael Brown incidents- and other examples of white-on-black violence are unfortunate, they’re statistically rare. Black violence is much, much more common and is much more of a pressing concern that needs to be addressed, which includes some very frank and direct language- most of which would be aimed at blacks.

But we know that we are no closer to having that conversation to address that issue now than we were five and a half years ago when the election of Barack Obama was said to be accompanied with the promise of racial healing. As a result of not having this conversation, blacks continue to be active and wiling participants in their own destruction. Blacks will continue to kill themselves, destroy their communities and continue their descent into the moral and cultural abyss while the country moves on without them until the country is reluctantly forced to acknowledge the black plight- again- at which point, whites/the country/the system will be blamed for it.


* This morning the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown has been named as Officer Darren Wilson.

2 thoughts on “Fire in Ferguson

  1. Matt August 15, 2014 / 11:29 am

    What do you suppose happens when, as seems to be the trend, whites, and specifically white MALES are blamed. Do you think we’ll ever approach the point where Something Must Be Done in relation to whites and their ‘racism?’ I’m sort of thinking it will play a huge part in what seems to be an inevitable civil war…


    • derryckg August 18, 2014 / 10:37 am

      I suspect that white resentment, which has been escalating for some time- and has sharply increased during the last five-and-a-half years- will continue to increase. The dam is on the verge of bursting. The result will be loud and courageous pronouncements by self-identified white people that they will no longer allow white guilt to be exploited and seen as the all-encompassing explanation for the lack of black achievement which proves ‘racism’. Whites will then start asking- again, without fear of reproach- what is the black responsibility for their own success and achievement? Whites will also start pointing to the fact that ‘white racism’ doesn’t account for the disproportionate numbers of illegitimate births, low marriage rates among blacks; the disproportionately high rates of violent crime and murder among blacks; lack of educational success, economic success; the moral paralysis that characterizes inner city neighborhoods, etc., etc., etc. And when the media and the usual suspects (politicians, so-called “reverends” racial grievance industry) push back and cry ‘racism’, whites will stand firm on the truth of what they said, unlike they do now.

      As long as whites continue to allow themselves to be emotionally manipulated into cowering in the face of ideological demands (more affirmative action, social programs of ‘minorities’ etc.), we will continue to see these types of things continue.

      I think there is already a civil war happening; it’s still in its infancy stages though it won’t turn violent if whites find courage to say and do what I just articulated above. BUT, blacks will also have to re-embrace the notion of self-policing (which used to be prevalent in black communities across the country) and accountability. In other words, blacks need to begin distancing themselves from the dysfunctional, counterproductive, self-defeating behaviors of the disproportionate few that have been used to stigmatize the race as a whole. What we see in Ferguson (and what we saw in smaller scale in Sanford, Fl and elsewhere) are behaviors of an underclass. But they seem to occur so often that these behaviors- in addition to the pathologies that plague black communities- are seen and understood to apply to blacks as a whole. They don’t, which is more obvious to some than others, but until blacks begin to reject the preference to racial solidarity in favor of criticizing behaviors that pose a detriment to the entire community, the wider society will continue to believe that all blacks behave in manners unfit even for the animal kingdom. We as blacks need to embrace the sacrifices and contributions of people who came before us and embrace the opportunity that many of them bleed and died for.

      Otherwise, we will continue to be seen as a running joke and the country’s achilles heel.


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