Michael Sam Gets GQ Award for Being Gay

Michael Sam, GQ

Michael Sam was recently awarded one of GQ’s “Men of the Year,” and is one of six people who were selected for the cover celebrating the award.

Michael Sam- the most celebrated seventh-round pick in professional football history, became the first openly-gay player drafted into the NFL when the St. Louis Rams chose him with the 249th overall pick.

Though Sam was the SEC co-defensive player of the year while playing for Missouri, he was seen by many football analysts as too short and too slow to play defensive end or linebacker in the NFL. Sam was subsequently cut by the St. Louis Rams but was signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad.

The dreams of Sam being the first openly-gay football player on an active roster came to an prolonged end when Dallas released Sam from the practice squad in October.

Which brings us to question why Sam was chosen as a GQ ‘man of the year’ recipient. What notable things has Sam done to be one of several ‘men of the year?’ Sam never made it onto an active NFL roster. He hasn’t recorded a single minute in an NFL game. Sure he was drafted… but is that significant enough to be seen as a man of the year?

With no professional accomplishments, it’s a very reasonable assumption that GQ’s award is nothing more than a celebration of Sam’s homosexuality.


All it takes in today’s culture to be revered by the enlightened glitterati of the Left is to be one of their social causes or to espouse any of the (inverted) social virtues of the Left.

Sam’s gay, got drafted, was cut twice… but he’s still gay and for that, he must be praised.

Sad really.

The cause of Michael Sam was nothing more than another transparent example of politicized affirmative action and more proof that the Left cares more about intentions rather than results. In this case, the Left cared more that a gay player was drafted than it did about the gay player’s talent keeping him on an active NFL roster. The Left got what it wanted- a “first”- or the first. The first openly-gay player drafted into the NFL. Yet the Left gave no thought that this- because of the constant and disproportionate attention Sam received (none for his talent)- could be the last or at least the only for quite some time.

But it doesn’t matter.  Sam is still gay and that’s all that matters.