Obama Is No Longer Black

To say the last month has been difficult for the president and his administration is an understatement.

It has been the epitome of a FUBAR.

Since October 1st, the president has been in damage control. The release of his signature legislation, the laughably-named Affordable Care Act- more commonly known as Obamacare- has been a disaster. The incompetence of government bureaucracy has been on full display as the websites were slow, suffered from constant freezing, eventually crashing, preventing millions of Americans from enrolling in Obama’s new entitlement program.

Then it was revealed that the president knowingly and intentionally lied to the American people regarding their healthcare even as his advisors warned and pleaded against him doing so.

Since 2009, when Obama began his campaign to persuade Americans about the benefits of his healthcare program, he’s consistently told … promised … Americans, no less than 36 times, that if Americans “liked their current healthcare plan, they could keep their healthcare plan”; and if they “liked their doctor, they could keep their doctor.”

On several occasions, Obama went so far as to add a verbal ‘period’ to both promises in an attempt to remove all ambivalence, doubt and or suspicion regarding the implementation of his program.

There was no asterisk, footnote, endnote, parenthetical or amendment to that promise.  It was as straightforward a promise as one could give.

The president also said, “No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Yet, as we’ve come to find out, it was all a lie.  And he knew it.

White House advisors knew the president was lying and advised against it. His advisors knew and he knew because it’s stated in the bill itself (Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act) where it’s estimated that up to sixty-seven percent of Americans would have to lose their healthcare plans forcing them to enroll in the exchanges to subsidize the newly ensured who had expensive, pre-existing conditions.

But Obama being Obama and thus- in his mind- the smartest man in the room, ignored their warnings and proceeded with his deceit.

This is bad.  But it gets worse.

Despite public knowledge that the president lied- against the advice of his brain trust- one would think that part of his damage control would be to apologize and ask for forgiveness or at the very least, spin an apology and attempt to rectify the damage.

One would think.

But not Obama.  Rather than apologize and admit his colossal public bed soiling, he doubled down on his lies… with even more lies.  Obama had the audacity to give a speech– and lie to Americans, again!  He said, with a lie-ridden, straight face, that what we thought we heard, we didn’t hear; what he said, he actually didn’t say.

Now of course, some of his supporters are saying he “misspoke”; others said he made a “mistake.”  Some are even saying that he didn’t lie at all.

But it’s what they’re not saying, so far, that got my attention.

Throughout his presidency every critique and disagreement leveled at Obama by his detractors has been labeled ‘racist’ by his supporters. Cries of ‘racism’ and the race card has been used to explain away his mistakes and his inadequacies, to distract the public away from warranted criticism of his policies and to defend questionable leadership unworthy of the office of the Presidency.

The race card has been used to intimidate and silence the president’s critics that stand between the president and the full implementation of his big government social vision for America.

One only need to YouTube anyone on MSNBC or Google the NAACP or the CBC, or ask virtually any black American or guilty white progressive and one will find more proof than needed.

Until now.  As of this writing- Obama’s supporters have (temporarily?) lost their race card.

Obama it appears is no longer… black.

Thank God.

That Obama lied to Americans- many of them his supporters- telling them that they could keep their health insurance when he knew many couldn’t is so serious, and such a cluster fudge, that the silly distraction of the race card can’t be used in his defense.

Obama’s lies have finally caught up to him and as a result, he’s no longer a black president above reproach.  He’s simply a president that deserves the criticism and condemnation that comes with impugning his character by intentionally lying and putting millions of Americans in economic and physical distress in the process.

And since he’s no longer protected by the soft bigotry of low expectations resulting from the race card, he will be held to the same standard of presidents past which is what most Americans wanted all along.

Millions of Americans will be relieved that the president and his supporters have been (temporarily?) racially disarmed and the race card has been revoked.

It’s just a shame that it had to come at the expense of his credibility and integrity and not because of it.

Eric Holder Should Resign, But Won’t

choom holder

The calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are not only increasing, they’re growing louder- and for good reason.  Holder has been an extremely divisive individual since his 2009 “nation of cowards” speech at a Justice Department event marking Black History Month.

Since then Eric Holder has-

-made a race-based decision and refused to prosecute Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson of the New Black Panther Party for its role in intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 elections;

-sued the state of Arizona in 2010 (and to a certain extent, was successful) to prevent the state from enforcing SB 1070, an anti-illegal immigration law that attempted to do at the state level with the federal government refuses to do at a national level;

-pressured the Defense Department to charge “soldier of Allah” Major Nidal Malik Hasan as a terrorist after he murdered 14 and wounded more than 30 at Fort Hood, while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Holder (and the Obama administration) characterized the massacre as an episode of “workplace violence” rather than one of domestic terrorism;

-announced that the DOJ would no longer  defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in court cases brought against the act, claiming that to do so was “unconstitutional”;

-implicated himself in the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal that led to the deaths of border patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata (not including the lives of Mexican citizens lost due to this program). As a result, Holder was held in contempt of Congress for obstruction- refusing to release information regarding the Fast and Furious operation which eventually led president Obama to invoke Executive Privilege regarding said documentation (and in the minds of many, implicated himself in the knowledge of such operation);

-possibly perjured himself by lying under oath during his testimony before the congressional committee investigating his involvement in acquiring a search warrant that allowed his department to search the email and phone records of a FOX News reporter.  Holder told the committee, under oath, that he wasn’t in any way involved only to have evidence surface shortly after that contradicted his sworn statement and confirmed his active involvement in obtaining that warrant.

That Eric Holder has steadfastly refused to resign considering these blatant infractions, or that the president hasn’t “accepted Holder’s resignation” (meaning forced him out) speaks tremendous volumes regarding the moral character of both men.

To be blunt, AG Holder is a rigid ideologue who is a prevaricator who purposely peddles deception; that his dishonesty is saturated in arrogance is particularly unpalatable.

But, as it pertains to president Obama, his silence and lack of public condemnation of Holder’s actions- up to and including the fact he hasn’t dismissed Eric Holder (or for starters, Lois Lerner and Doug Shulman [Steven Miller’s resignation was pre-planned] regarding the IRS’ specific targeting of conservatives and conservative organizations) may be indicative that Obama knew exactly what’s been ongoing at DOJ and the IRS.  Meaning, people in both departments were demonstrating ideological and personal loyalty to the president by following his orders- which is a glaring reason why Obama hasn’t fired them.

Or, it may imply that he didn’t know what was going on with the DOJ and IRS but doesn’t see much wrong in what Holder, Lerner, Shulman et.al have done and thus, his silence equates to passively supporting or condoning the actions and activities of those involved.

Either way, it’s an extremely poor but accurate reflection of the president’s character, personally, but also further discredits his administration when it comes to what they say and do.

A Fundamentally Transformed America

Last month, after forty-five months of unemployment near or above eight percent, record numbers of Americans on welfare and receiving food stamps; increasing numbers of Americans receiving federal disability and Medicaid; four straight years of record, trillion-dollar deficits which has led to four years of record-breaking debt levels due to record-breaking borrowing resulting from record-breaking spending, sparking a series of “relief measures” known as quantitative easing, which has devalued the dollar, increased food prices along with consistently high gas and energy prices, all of which (and more) has led to the economic stagnation and market uncertainty that has come to characterize the Obama presidency, roughly 51% of Americans who voted decided that we needed another four years of economic misery.

That some people would vote for a continuation of a government-controlled economy at the expense of the private sector is understandable and unfortunately, expected. Many of those who voted in favor of the continuance of these economic policies have something to gain from the prolongation of Democrat/progressive statism- be it the reception or maintenance of government-extended benefits or retention of power and influence.  That the majority of Americans decidedly voted for the policies which have been a clear disaster and a detriment to resurrecting the American, free-market economic machine is confusing and disheartening.

The day after the election, the stock market fell roughly 300 points.  Several days later, the heads of several major businesses and corporations revealed that they would be laying off hundreds and in some cases, thousands of employees.  Both of these unfortunate realities were said to be precautionary, the result of avoiding what many have termed “taxmageddon,” the significant increase of taxation due to expiring tax rates and as it relates to businesses complying with taxes and regulations associated with the implementation of Obamacare.   This was no coincidence and is but a small sample of what is still to come.

Aside from literally electing to continue the policies that have failed time and again- not only here but also overseas- both contemporarily and in the history of the late nineteenth and twentieth century, the result of the election is informative for a couple of reasons.  First, although President Obama received close to ten million fewer votes than he received in 2008, his re-election- which was predicated on a vision of big government and class warfare- is a triumph of fifty years of liberal miseducation. Only in a society that has forsaken its economic foundation of the free-market and has preferred to teach several generations of publicly-educated children- up to and through college- the benefit of government-induced, economic collectivism could create an environment where a president with such a demonstrably disastrous economic record could be taken serious enough to be re-elected.

The second reason, which is predicated on the first, is that America has now reached a point where it is comfortable making emotionally-reactive decisions at the expense of common sense and reason to the detriment of the country.  This is an essential characteristic of liberalism and the policies birthed from it. Whether Americans chose to re-elect the president because he was black (and many did) or they bought into the rhetoric of class warfare or because they felt entitled to the fruit of someone else’s labor through the immoral course of redistribution, these reasons are based on emotion.  Why?  Because color offers no recourse in determining a person’s ability and punitive taxation at the expense of the wealthy never solves deficit spending or justifies excessive entitlements; it’s also theft.  It may indeed feel good voting for a person based on their skin color and punishing the “rich” through disproportionate taxation, but feeling good at the expense of reason isn’t sound economic policy.

Unfortunately, the fundamental character of America has changed and fifty-one percent feels good about it.