DePauw Professor Apologizes for being White, Straight & Middle Class


One of the most unserious places in the country is a college campus. For reasons that should be obvious to many, the college campus has become an outright incubator for liberal ideas- which means campuses are full of people whose emotions have been unchecked by the slightest hint of reason.

Case in point- at a multicultural campus gathering focusing on “diversity” and “microagressions” at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, a sociology professor (of course) apologized to students for being white, straight and middle class.

According to Campus Reform, Professor David Newman said,

I’m a white man. I’m a white middle-class man. I’m a white middle-class heterosexual man. I’m on the right side of the equation,” said Newman, a professor of Sociology, in a story first noticed by The Pundit Press. “This is my fault. I didn’t do anything directly, but this is my fault. My silence makes this my fault.”


If Newman didn’t do anything directly, what the hell is he apologizing for? His silence puts him at fault- for what, exactly? That blacks aren’t white? That gays aren’t straight? That the poor aren’t middle class? It’s his fault- indirectly?

To prove that DePauw is sensitive to the needs of its emotionally underdeveloped students, school administrators are now considering canceling classes- devoting the day to conversations about “inclusiveness.”

This. Is. Pathetic.

This particular display of (liberal) white guilt is humiliating and should embarrass all clear-thinking white people.

And this embarrassment is even before one discusses the insanity of ‘diversity’- which on a college campus means conformity, the exact opposite of ‘diversity,’ and microaggressions- the intentional searching out of conscious or subconscious behaviors- slights, really- that are assumed and taught to be subversive forms of racial discrimination.

White people- for the sake of your dignity, please don’t follow this stupid example of false humility and apologize for who you are (being white), for something you took no part in, or your silence when not taking part in what you weren’t taking part in. This is one of the DUMBEST examples of (faux) white guilt I’ve seen in a while.

Strengthen and stiffen your backs, white people!


no white guilt


University of Georgia Funds Student Trip to Planned Parenthood, Strip Club



What’s happening on the campus of the University of Georgia will make you shake your head in disgust.

Close to 20 students- members of the campus group SHAG (Sexual Health Advocacy Group)- along with the watchful, condoning eye of a campus administrator, traveled to Atlanta on a field trip to tour both a Planned Parenthood and a adult sex store that doubles as a strip club.

The purpose of the trip was so the students could learn “team-building activities” related to “reproductive justice.”

According to Campus Reform, via The College Fix, a SHAG email said-

[O]ur morning will start off with a regional cross dressers support group meeting … followed by a three-hour reproductive justice training at Planned Parenthood, and conclude with a stop at Inserection adult store.

When it comes to the sex shop Inserection, The College Fix notes-

Inserection is an adult sex shop that sells a wide variety of items, including vibrators, edible underwear, pornography, pipes and water bongs, and lingerie. At night, the downstairs portion of Inserection becomes a sex club complete with “gloryholes,” according to multiple YELP reviewers, with one noting “this is not for the faint at heart … This place is JUMPING on the weekend for all you freaks out there.”

Definitely sounds like hands-on training.

When asked about the questionable nature of this field trip- vice president of public affairs at UGA, Thomas Jackson said that the trip would prove beneficial to the futures of the attending students. Among other things, Jackson said, via email,

As future health educators and counselors, they study and learn about a wide range of matters so as to gain accurate information and learn best practices in providing health education and counseling to the public. The visit to Planned Parenthood and an adult store was chosen by the students so that they might get an understanding of the types of issues with which they’ll be working as future health educators and counselors.”

In addition to the “reproductive justice” learned at the most efficient abortion provider in the country- including the experiential value gleaned from a sex store/strip club, the SHAG students met with the Atlanta chapter of Sigma Epsilon– a “social organization for adult cross dressers.”

Sexual perversions and the “reproductive justice” of killing preborn children- both free from moral responsibility- are now considered and accepted as academically valuable on many of today’s college campuses.

All paid for by unwitting parents.