Congressional Black Embarrassment


Once again, members of the Congressional Black Caucus has found a way to embarrass itself and their constituents.  During the Oversight Committee hearing regarding the “whistle blower” testimony on Benghazi, Elijah Cummings (D- Maryland) – the committee’s ranking member, no less- in an attempt to be…something, responded to the testimony of Gregory Hicks, that “death is a part of life.”

I have no idea what was going through Rep. Cunmmings’ mind, but whatever it was manifested itself in a very poor choice of words that made him look unsympathetic and foolish at the same time.

The congressman doubled-down on his foolishness by calling the attempt(s) to ascertain the truth about what happened during that fateful evening in Libya a “full-scale media campaign.”  He then went on to defend the administration’s response to the embassy attack (which included lying about the scope of the terror attack, the intel, as well as laying the blame on the producer of a YouTube video) that killed four American citizens and injured several more.


If that wasn’t bad enough- and it was- Cummings was joined in his foolishness by a fellow black Caucus member, William Lacy Clay, Jr., (D- Missouri).  He blamed the attack and the lack of credible response to the attack, on budgetary cuts. Of all places and times, Clay chose to play the immature and disgusting game of politics during a committee hearing that had the objective of finding and hearing the truth about an attack that led to the deaths of four people. 


Most politicians are shallow and suffer from lack of talent, but members of the CBC are by far the worst, period. Every time a member- any member- opens their mouth, embarrassment ensues and it’s a sure example of the continued existence of affirmative action.  After hearing any member talk, I ask myself if this is the best that black America can do; they’re that bad.

It’s past time to disband the Caucus and redraw their districts in the hopes that better quality Representatives are elected to serve the interests of the people they represent. And also to send these clowns back to their own circuses.