Lee Habeeb’s Thoughts Regarding The Violent Deaths of Black Men

The War Against Black Men By Lee Habeeb


Lee Habeeb is vice president of content at Salem Radio Network and in this commentary, he delivers an honest look at the devastating reality regarding the gun violence currently taking place on the streets of Chicago and the cause of it.  Sadly, this cause doesn’t carry the political weight needed to generate the attention it deserves.  Definitely a must read.

Chicago police at a crime scene, April 8, 2011
Chicago police at a crime scene, April 8, 2011

“The date was January 12, 2013. You probably didn’t hear about this tragedy involving guns and two teenage boys. But this was the headline in the Chicago Tribune: “Boys, 14 and 15, killed in separate shootings Friday.” You didn’t hear about it because such events aren’t news in Chicago. They’re ordinary daily occurrences. As we continue to hear calls for ever-tightening gun laws from the Obama administration, and from states such as New York, it is worth thinking about those headlines in Chicago. And in inner cities all around America, places where strict gun laws are already in place. Places where the weapon of choice isn’t an AR-15 but a semiautomatic handgun — the same kind of weapon most Americans use reasonably, and safely, to secure their most precious assets: their loved ones and their property…”