The Knockout Game

First it was “flash mobs,” more accurately called “crash mobs” or “crime mobs,” where groups of teens would coordinate and descend on specific areas to steal merchandise and destroy private property, attack unwitting victims in the process while wreaking as much havoc as possible- simply for fun.

Then there was “apple picking” where teens of all colors- but primarily black, would steal Apple products such as IPhones, IPads or IPods of unsuspecting victims to be kept for personal use or sold for pure profit.

Now it’s the “knockout game” or “polar bear hunting” as it’s sometimes referred, and at its very core, is contemptible.  This aggressive and animalistic behavior by black youths is a shameful reflection of what’s happened in the black community.  Though this behavior is reflective of only a small subsection of black America- particularly the black underclass- black Americans in general will be implicated in this grotesque conduct, and that’s very unfortunate and wrong.

This behavior is also a violent illustration of two things- the effect of the disintegration of the traditional family structure and the degeneration of a sound moral value system (read, the degeneration of the black church in particular but the church in general), both of which continue to plague segments of black America. This is inarguable and undeniable.

More discouraging and to the point, blacks- regardless of political allegiances or professional affiliations- should be loudly, actively and aggressively condemning these unprovoked attacks by black delinquents.  That many “leaders” and those considered to be culturally influential- regardless of color- remain relatively silent in condemning such chaos is a sad reflection of their cowardice and lack of character.  It also gives clear insight to their lack of concern for the growing numbers of innocent victims- and public safety, from this so-called “game.”

The members of the Racial Grievance Industry (white and black) who’ve attempted to sanitize rather than denounce this chaotic behavior on the grounds that the offenders are black do so as an insult to all black Americans.  In their sanitation process, these people excuse the very behavior society doesn’t excuse- nor allow- from any other race.  In effect, members of the RGI are saying (admitting?) that blacks cannot and should not be expected to live up to society’s standards and must be excused. This, however one wants to justify it, is offensive.

Thank you to those blacks who stand courageously in condemnation of this behavior.  Equal thanks to white Americans who also courageously condemn this behavior, unaffected by the potential and false charges of racism for doing so.