George Zimmerman Verdict

The jury has ruled- considering the evidence presented, and rightly in my opinion- that George Zimmerman is innocent.  Despite the considerable emotion surrounding this case, justice has been served.  Not “justice for Trayvon” and not “justice for George”; but simply justice.

To celebrate justice rendered in this case is not an admission or an articulation that Trayvon Martin deserved what happened to him that fateful night in February of 2012. As most will acknowledge, it’s a sad and unfortunate thing that Trayvon Martin lost his life resulting in his parents having to bury their son.

At the same time, George Zimmerman also did not deserve what has happened to him either.   The death threats, the editing of the 9-1-1 tapes to make him appear as a zealous racial profiler; the releasing of his Social Security number, the tweeting of an address thought to be his by Spike Lee, the violent bounty offered by the New Black Panther Party, the dishonest projection onto him that he hunted Trayvon “down like a dog” simply because Trayvon was black, was simply unwarranted and unjustified.

It’s also a travesty that some self-seeking, infamously, well-known people would seek to emotionally and politically manipulate this incident for their own selfish benefit, regardless of the damage caused.  They have objectified Trayvon Martin, making him a mascot for all things racial, real or imagined, and that’s a shame.

More to the point, the sad reality is that Trayvon Martin was just as much a victim of the lawlessness of the black suspects who criminalized the apartment complex as he was of George Zimmerman’s gun.  And yet, there’s a lack of indignation regarding that.

It’s also especially shameful considering that very, very few people who profess anger regarding this incident and trial have shown no emotion and have given no attention to the very real fact that in the inner cities across America, there is an epidemic of violence that sees Trayvons killing other Trayvons at an embarrassing rate which gives credibility to the belief that the only black lives that are of value are the ones taken by white suspects.

My prayers continue to be with the Martin family as they attempt to move on from this ordeal in hopes of finding closure and a sense of peace.

My prayers are also with the Zimmerman family that they too find closure and can move on with their lives, in the safety and security they deserve after the unfair treatment they’ve received.

Lastly I pray that the usual suspects who find a perverted sustenance in inflaming racial animus resist the impulse to incite violence among the city of Sanford and that ordinary Americans resist the temptation to participate in violence, destruction and vigilantism.”

Eric Holder Should Resign, But Won’t

choom holder

The calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are not only increasing, they’re growing louder- and for good reason.  Holder has been an extremely divisive individual since his 2009 “nation of cowards” speech at a Justice Department event marking Black History Month.

Since then Eric Holder has-

-made a race-based decision and refused to prosecute Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson of the New Black Panther Party for its role in intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 elections;

-sued the state of Arizona in 2010 (and to a certain extent, was successful) to prevent the state from enforcing SB 1070, an anti-illegal immigration law that attempted to do at the state level with the federal government refuses to do at a national level;

-pressured the Defense Department to charge “soldier of Allah” Major Nidal Malik Hasan as a terrorist after he murdered 14 and wounded more than 30 at Fort Hood, while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Holder (and the Obama administration) characterized the massacre as an episode of “workplace violence” rather than one of domestic terrorism;

-announced that the DOJ would no longer  defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in court cases brought against the act, claiming that to do so was “unconstitutional”;

-implicated himself in the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal that led to the deaths of border patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata (not including the lives of Mexican citizens lost due to this program). As a result, Holder was held in contempt of Congress for obstruction- refusing to release information regarding the Fast and Furious operation which eventually led president Obama to invoke Executive Privilege regarding said documentation (and in the minds of many, implicated himself in the knowledge of such operation);

-possibly perjured himself by lying under oath during his testimony before the congressional committee investigating his involvement in acquiring a search warrant that allowed his department to search the email and phone records of a FOX News reporter.  Holder told the committee, under oath, that he wasn’t in any way involved only to have evidence surface shortly after that contradicted his sworn statement and confirmed his active involvement in obtaining that warrant.

That Eric Holder has steadfastly refused to resign considering these blatant infractions, or that the president hasn’t “accepted Holder’s resignation” (meaning forced him out) speaks tremendous volumes regarding the moral character of both men.

To be blunt, AG Holder is a rigid ideologue who is a prevaricator who purposely peddles deception; that his dishonesty is saturated in arrogance is particularly unpalatable.

But, as it pertains to president Obama, his silence and lack of public condemnation of Holder’s actions- up to and including the fact he hasn’t dismissed Eric Holder (or for starters, Lois Lerner and Doug Shulman [Steven Miller’s resignation was pre-planned] regarding the IRS’ specific targeting of conservatives and conservative organizations) may be indicative that Obama knew exactly what’s been ongoing at DOJ and the IRS.  Meaning, people in both departments were demonstrating ideological and personal loyalty to the president by following his orders- which is a glaring reason why Obama hasn’t fired them.

Or, it may imply that he didn’t know what was going on with the DOJ and IRS but doesn’t see much wrong in what Holder, Lerner, Shulman have done and thus, his silence equates to passively supporting or condoning the actions and activities of those involved.

Either way, it’s an extremely poor but accurate reflection of the president’s character, personally, but also further discredits his administration when it comes to what they say and do.