Jesse Jackson’s Foolish Statement Regarding Phil Robertson

Jesse Jackson couldn’t resist the temptation to vainly insert himself into a situation in which his presence wasn’t needed. Seeing another opportunity for Jesse to bring attention to Jesse, Jackson has offered his unsolicited opinion regarding Phil Robertson, A&E, and Cracker Barrel.

Always trying to resuscitate the segregated past- as well as his importance and relativity, Jackson inaccurately- saturated with hyperbole- likened Phil Robertson’s comments from a recent GQ article to that of Rosa Parks surrendering of her seat on a Montgomery bus in Alabama sixty years ago.

Just about every time Jackson opens his mouth, he continues to discredit himself, demonstrating exactly why he’s no longer taken seriously. Here he claims that Phil Robertson’s comments were “more offensive” than the personal humiliation and indignity that Rosa Parks and other blacks endured in a racially-tense Alabama in America’s past.  Aside from sheer and utter stupidity, Jackson trivializes the courage and sacrifice of Rosa Parks and all who participated in the tension-filled Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1959.

Jackson continues to prove why he shouldn’t be referred to neither as a “civil rights leader” and especially that of “reverend.”  Not only does he do immeasurable damage to the legacy of the civil rights movement, he vigorously undermines the integrity of all the good and sincere men and women holding the title of reverend who’ve genuinely been called to preach the word of God.

It is past time Jackson began removing the log from his own eye rather than trying to insert and remove the speck from his brother’s eye.  Matter of fact, considering Jackson’s inflammatory history, he has more than a log; he has a forest of Redwoods.