People Mock Blacks In Response to DoJ’s Decision in Martin Case

Attorney Gen. Eric Holder Delivers Statement On Supreme Court Voting Rights Act

The U.S. Dept. of Justice announced today that there would be no civil rights charges filed against George Zimmerman who was acquitted of criminal charges for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin- or as blacks have treated him, St. Trayvon of The Blessed Hoodie.

It took three years to come to this decision and close this case. The fact that no charges will be filed is of no surprise to anyone who dispassionately read and engaged the evidence presented at trial.

A statement released by Eric Holder said, “Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man’s premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface. We, as a nation, must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.”

“Continue the dialogue.”

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Eric Holder, Barack Obama and every proud member of the black and racial grievance industries want nothing to do with a serious dialogue regarding race or black criminality and the criminal justice system. There are some very uncomfortable truths regarding the abdication of black responsibility in regards to black conduct that most blacks consciously would rather not to hear. What Eric Holder- and by extension, the grievance industries- means by “dialogue” is the one-sided, unproductive, resentment creating and nurturing lectures that disproportionately blame whites for racism while manipulating white guilt to obtain socio-economic concessions under the guise of social and economic justice. There’s much more political capital and it’s much easier to continually cry racism than doing the hard work of rehabilitating and redeeming black lives.

The reactions to the Dept. of Justice’s decision highlights the low opinion people have of black people, brought on by the disruptive and disreputable behavior of black people which is too often justified and excused by black people. Everywhere the story is posted, regardless of political affiliations and biases, people are asking when the looting, riots, “protests” and “demonstrations” will commence. Whether these questions are sarcastically rhetorical or (partially) serious in nature, however few- it all points to the same reality. Blacks have conditioned themselves that a proper and acceptable response to not getting their way is to throw public, destructive tempter tantrums, which at the same time has conditioned the public to expect such lowbrow, vulgar behavior.

It’s extremely disheartening and demoralizing to those of us who know blacks can do and be better.

Ehh, why bother. The more time goes on the more I realize that fewer and fewer blacks care, regardless of how childish and self-destructive they appear to the wider world. Most blacks appear to be very content with taking for granted and forfeiting numerous opportunities to prove their moral and cultural legitimacy. Worse still are those blacks that recognize the repugnant, stigma-laden attitudes and behaviors but choose to remain silent out of some misguided and embarrassingly naïve sense of racial solidarity because of the consequences of being labeled or associated with a so-called sell-out.

The irony is that those who engage in disgraceful and unsympathetic behaviors and those who passively excuse them by not vociferously speaking out to condemn and reject them are the real sellouts. They’re selling out members of their race in the course of racial solidarity.

Isn’t that something? Doggone shame.

Black Grievance Crowd Is Offended Again

The black grievance crowd made its appearance again this past weekend.

That’s right.  The black grievance crowd (BGC) was aghast when photos surfaced detailing Julianne Hough’s choice of costume for a Halloween party this past weekend.  She decided to impersonate the character “Crazy Eyes,” played by Uzo Aduba, from the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.”

Blacks are also outraged regarding other photos that show white college students who decided to dress as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for their Halloween costumes. The picture has gone viral, detailing the costumes and those who donned them.

In any case, the overly-sensitive BGC is predictably “outraged” and “offended”. Their responses, of course, are saturated with claims of ‘racism’ against Hough while the college students are guilty of being “racially insensitive.”

Was Hough’s decision to dress as “Crazy Eyes” racist?  No.

Hell no.

Can she be labeled “insensitive?” No.

Hough didn’t decide to dress in blackface to be intentionally provocative; she wasn’t intending to reflect a Stepin’ Fetchit, minstrel-like character to denigrate blacks.  She’s not Ted Danson (who was demonized after the fact by self-righteous, racially-moral whites, by the way…).  She and a group of friends simply decided to dress up as characters from a hit TV show.

I mean, that is what Halloween is about, no?

And yet, the blacks who were “offended” by Hough immediately went and played the race card- of course.

Joan Duvall-Flynn, the president of the Media Area Unit of NAACP of Pennsylvania said “The current racial tensions in the United States require careful reflection as we relate to each other. If her behavior is a political statement, she should explain that,” she said. “If her behavior is an act of impulsive insensitivity, she needs, as a public figure, to be more responsible. And, an apology for such insensitivity is appropriate.”

Political statement? Impulsive insensitivity?

Again, Hough and her friends simply dressed as characters from a popular television show.  There is no political statement to be made!  The fact that she was part of an ensemble in costume to reflect the cast of a show indicates neither impulsivity nor insensitivity.

But none of that will impede black members of the racial grievance industry from playing the victim and bullying week-kneed whites into public submission using ‘white guilt’, emotionally-coerced apologies and the like.

And Hough did- because of the public pressure- apologize.  But she shouldn’t have.  She had absolutely no obligation to apologize to the BGC for their feigned outrage.  She’s not responsible for the lack of humor and overly-sensitive disposition of members of the BGC.

What about the college-aged kids dressed as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman… was that racist?

Maybe a case can be made here.  But I think it can be qualified more as thoughtless, classless and in very bad taste; even insensitive.  But racist?  In my opinion, I don’t think so.

Dressing up as Martin and Zimmerman was in poor taste for two reasons.  The first reason is- regardless of how one feels about the verdict, a family lost their son. That sucks, period.

The second reason is that the trial was intentionally used by racial provocateurs to emotionally manipulate blacks and to deliberately divide the country along racial lines.  This was done in an attempt to give credibility to the played-out and false narrative that America continues to be an irredeemably racist country bent on racially assaulting blacks, preventing them from living lives based on equality and justice.

To don those costumes in light of the fact and so soon, isn’t very smart.

Interestingly enough, none of these offended members of the black grievance crowd had the same outrage when four “teens” (that euphemistic, non-descript word always used by “journalists” in reference to young, criminally-violent black suspects) robbed and killed 87-year-old WWII veteran Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton in his own driveway.

Aside from the senseless stupidity of the crime and the moral outrage that should necessarily flow from it, why was there no outrage from the grievance crowd toward the criminally-engaged element of black culture that continues to do their level best to saddle law-abiding, morally-upright blacks with destructive stereotypes?

Where was the outrage toward what happened in Brooklyn earlier this month when a group of ten black “youths” (another morally-neutral term used to white-wash [pun-intended] young black criminals) surrounded a white couple’s car in Brooklyn and viciously beat the husband while yanking the wife to the pavement by her hair?


And while committing their acts of criminality and terror, these “youths” referred to their victims as “crackers,” the husband as a “white motherf****r, and referred to the wife as a “white whore.”


Believe me, example after example can be found where these so-called “teens” or “youths” inflict terror, pain, physical and emotional damage on innocent victims- particularly white- and there are no claims of “racial insensitivity” on the part of the offenders.

And as these numerous examples continue in repetition, no one from the black grievance crowd is “offended” by such immoral- and yes, racist– behavior; no calls for ‘careful reflection’; no moral indignation toward these black criminals for giving credibility to destructive stereotypes that afflict black America.

(As a side note, I loathe the BGC.  I also loathe the fact that these black criminals continue to give bad reputations and undeserved, negative attention to morally upright, law-abiding blacks.)

But when college kids do something tasteless and stupid, you can’t get the BGC (black grievance crowd) to shut up and go away.

The fact that there’s more attention given to the Halloween costumes of Hough and moronic college kids as opposed to the immoral behavior that has mastered, enslaved and plagued parts of black America is indicative of the morally-inverted priorities of the BGC (and their guilty white enablers).

This is precisely why black America is in both moral and socio-economic complacency and will continue to be, at least for the near future.  When condemning Halloween costumes are given more of a moral priority than redeeming generations of black Americans from criminality, racial hatred and self-destructive behavior, unfortunately, there’s no wonder why blacks are in the position they’re in.

Condemning blackface > than condemning those blacks who denigrate the black face.

Race Fatigue

It’s been a week since the jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin.  And it’s been that long since America has been unmercifully subjected to non–stop coverage of false indignation manifesting itself in “demonstrations,” self-righteous laments about the verdict’s implication, continued emotional manipulation of black Americans for political gain ($harpton, Jack$on, M$NBC, the NAACP, the president, Eric Holder, etc.) and so-called discussions about race and what it means to be “a black man in America.”

As a parenthetical, president Obama injecting himself- again- on Friday was particularly and expectedly disappointing.  Rather than saying something constructive, seeking to extend a sense of calm regarding the situation, he did the exact opposite.  But what else can one expect from a community organizer.

Now to be honest, all this “talk” about race is intentionally shortsighted, disingenuous to those who actually need to hear the tough talk surrounding race- namely black Americans, and self-serving of those who would benefit most- specifically the dishonest and soulless profiteers of the racial grievance industry.

And because of the proliferation of media attention regarding the “discussions about race” and its implications- especially in such a short period of time, I’m suffering from a diagnosed case of acute racial fatigue.

I’m sick and tired of hearing superficial “discussions” about race.  Especially when such talk implicates whites and infantilizes blacks.

Actually I’m sick of “race,” period.

I’m tired of Trayvon Martin being compared to Emmett Till- which by extension projects upon contemporary America a racial ethos similar to that of 1955. Martin was no Till, period.

I’m tired of hearing that Martin sacrificed his life or that he was some kind of martyr.  Please, already. Those making these comments deserved to be slapped and or openly ridiculed.

I’m tired of seeing the Rev. Martin Luther King photoshopped into a hoodie.  This is nothing short of repulsive and it denigrates the memory of Rev. King’s contribution to racial justice.  Our country shall forever be in debt to Rev. King; the same cannot and should not be said nor insinuated about Trayvon Martin.

I’m especially exhausted of hearing talk from condescending white progressives who enable and encourage blacks into maintaining their embrace (revelry) of the false narrative of victimization at the hands of “the system,” the amorphous, undefinable organism whose sole purpose is keeping blacks from “getting ahead.”

These embarrassing “demonstrations” happening across the county increase racial fatigue because those engaging in them do so at the expense of their dignity and credibility.  These people have willingly ignored the facts and evidence of this case in a grandstanding attempt to keep whites responsible (guilty) for perpetuating racial discrimination and at the same time obligated to perform penance of indeterminate length- defined by the racial grievance industry- with no assurance of absolution.

And they do all of this in light of the black-on-black crime that is much more destructive and prevalent in America than a “white Hispanic” killing a black male.

The whole charade is disgusting.

And I’m tired of it.

This trial wasn’t about race. Martin’s family and attorney admitted it; so did the defense.  The FBI’s investigation of this incident last year, which saw at least forty-five people interviewed, found absolutely no evidence of racial bias, further reinforcing the fact that Zimmerman’s actions- and this case- weren’t about race.

Martin wasn’t racially profiled; he was criminally profiled.  In the previous fourteen months prior to Zimmerman’s confrontation with Martin, the Retreat at Twin Lakes apartment complex had been burglarized eight times with all suspects being roughly the same height, build and color as Trayvon Martin.

Thus Martin wasn’t stalked or “hunted down like a rabid dog” because he was black.  Suspicion was raised because of his questionable behavior and because he fit a very specific criminal profile, evidenced by testimony given under oath.

The verdict isn’t an indictment of America being racist toward blacks in general or black males specifically.  All insinuations or outright declarations made by “demonstrators,” the media, so-called public intellectuals or the president himself are bull$#!t.

Blacks aren’t helpless victims abused by “the system” and the facts point that out.  The reason that blacks-specifically black males- are disproportionally represented in the criminal justice system is because we commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime.  Period.

According to FBI statistics in 2011, of the 2,938 murder offenders counted that year, 1803 were black.

The total number of black murders regardless of age in 2011 was 2695. Of that number, 2447 were committed by blacks.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, of all homicides committed between 1980 and 2008, 47.4 percent of the victims were black while 52.5 percent of all offenders were black. Of all felony murders during the same time period, blacks accounted for 44.1 percent of those murdered while accounting for 59.9 percent of the offenders.  Blacks accounted for 56.9 percent of all gun homicides.

And this violent, self-inflicted destruction doesn’t include the high rates of abortion in the black community, either.

Blacks are complicit in their own demise.  The “system” that blacks “fear” which they claim is out to get them are in reality, blacks themselves.

Not whites.

In other words, there are too many black and progressive fingers pointed out and not enough pointed inward.

But you won’t hear any of this mentioned by the proprietors of the racial grievance industry because there’s no political capital to be gained, no emotions to be exploited and no whites to morally indict as racists.

And it’s a damn shame.

Does racism exist?  Yes, of course.  Especially among blacks.

Does racial discrimination exist?  Yes and both will continue to do so on this side of heaven.

But for blacks and their enablers to continue to foment this notion that racism is America’s number one problem is self-defeating, it’s immoral and it’s a lie.

Especially in light of a recent Gallup poll that says otherwise.

Blacks have no idea how irresponsible and embarrassing they look in regards to their behavior.  And I fear very soon, they will be called on their Dream-killing, commodification and idolization of race.

And by then, I hope I’ve recovered from race fatigue.