Chicago Theological Seminary Associates Gay Sex With The Return Of Christ


You gotta love what ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ have wrought. The return of the Messiah equated with an orgasm- and done by a “Christian” “church,” no less.

Apparently, condoms- adorned with a rainbow flame and a religious/sexual double entendre- were handed out as party favors last week at the Wild Goose Festival– an annual progressive Christian festival, sponsored and or attended by people affiliated with the theologically liberal, Chicago Theological Seminary.

The logo is a flaming, rainbow-colored, LGBTQXYZ -friendly version of the logo associated with Chicago Theological Seminary. CTS is affiliated with the United Church of Christ- a politically-leftist, Protestant denomination, which focuses more on social justice than biblical justice.

The United Church of Christ approves of and endorses same-sex marriage, despite the clear absence of Biblical or theological-support of such “union.”  That a “church” and associated seminary would sanction the handing out of condoms that liken the Second Coming of Christ to a second orgasm, particularly one associated with gay sex (and thus, sex outside the bounds of normal marriage), says all one needs to know about the theological and biblical credibility (or lack thereof) regarding this denomination.

It also shows what little reverence they hold for a divinely promised event- an expectation that has influenced the lives of millions of Christians for almost 2,000 years.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the United Church of Christ is losing self-identified members, having fallen below one million members back in 2013. At this rate, the denomination will cease to exist in 30 years. I won’t be surprised if the UCC is absorbed into the equally liberal Episcopal Church- which is also loosing members at record pace- before then.

Those Christians who still take the Bible as the word of God and who continue to take church tradition seriously are obligated to “purge this evil from our midst,” and “expel the wicked from our church.” If and when we don’t, we’re tarnished with the stigma and perversion of evil, and guilty of taking God’s name in vain.